When Madonna Met Turkish Creationist Adnan Oktar

The singer Madonna’s recent visit to Turkey apparently included a chat with Adnan Oktar, the well-known Turkish Creationist. Oktar has discussed his encounter on Turkish television (for some reason, in conversation with what appear to be several young models), explaining that she is

“someone who is awaiting the Madhi… she is striving for, and has a huge desire for world peace, world brotherhood, for everyone to believe in the one Allah, for an end to war and for an end to hunger.”

Oktar states that the meeting was arranged by Yehuda Berg of the Kabbalah Centre; “He has come to be with me here many times and we have had long talks”.

Oktar has also previously held meetings with conservative religious figures from Israel, including members of the self-styled “Sanhedrin”, in order to form an alliance against the theory of evolution and to discuss peace. Otkar is a prolific author of religious books, although he is most famous for his Atlas of Creation, which declares that “Darwinism and materialism”, rather than extremist religion, is responsible for contemporary terrorism. The book was sent to thousands of scientists, including Richard Dawkins (who gave his assessment here).

Oktar has also been interviewed by Joel Richardson, who claims that the Bible predicts that the Muslim world will come under the control of a Muslim Anti-Christ.

In 2007, I noted Madonna’s involvement in a plan to bring Kabbalah to Malawian schoolchildren; in 2011, it was reported that managers of the charity overseeing the project had been ousted after a “damning audit”, and a revised plan to build 10 schools was met with scepticism in Malawi earlier this year.

UPDATE: Yahya has responded to a query from a viewer on “Why is it that there are ladies present in Mr. Adnan Oktar’s Live Conversations?” He explains on his TV show (via live interpreter into English):

The women are the ornaments of the world. Loving women comes from faith in Allah. They asked Prophet Muhammad what he loves the most. He says “I love three things in the world the most.” And first, bismillah, he says, “I love the most, believer women”… So Prophet Muhammad was in love with women. He says the second is beautiful fragrance, and the third is doing salat.

…Fragrance is not something you can handle; you can’t feel it, but women you can feel with five senses, and I love women the most, too. Look, I’m surrounded by these beautiful ladies and they’re all in love with me, they are deeply in love with me, and I’m in love with them, and all of them are full of holy light, they’re all very beautiful, all very wise, very well educated. They have a very strong faith in Allah. And my beautiful here too, she loves me very much. You can ask her if you want, if she loves me. You love me. There, you see, of course… 

It’s a manifestation of Allah’s beauty. It’s a blessing from Allah… Look at the beauties here, they’re full of holy light, they’re incredibly beautiful, and the unbelievers can’t believe that they’re so beautiful. They are so jealous.

By contrast, radicals look “like gorillas”.

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  1. this is pure MK ultra. Madonna is a whore of the NWO she is sexually immoral to the caore and proud of it and a hypocrite. the women look like monach mind control zombies. they are dressed like prostitutes and have empty expresions as if they are mimiking humour laughter. This man is a fake a shill. madonna is a zionist(who are very close to muslim extremists also behind the scenes. this is creepy to the core.

    • Nice self control. You managed that whole screed without using the word “jew” once. You did use zionist, but that’s only a half-point loss.

  2. madonna is a shill for the nwo banksters the guy is just letting the turks know what the new religion of the world will be. a christian jewish-islamic budist everything-ist mish mash. No one says a word as he speaks but listen very intently. madonna if you watch the in bed with maddona video and her subsequent sex book. is the opposite of what he describes. perhaps the young ladies are amazed he could lie so convincingly.(que their weird expressions

  3. In Bed with Madonna (I prefer Truth or Dare) was 1991, Sex Bk was 1992. Madonna began studying Kabbalah in late’97. In her 15 years of study she has clearly got rid of much anger and demons – the result of losing her mother to cancer when she, Madonna was only 5. Kabbalah teaches you to strive to become the best version of yourself. I believe she is well on her way to that. However, you, my friend, appear to have a long way to go to rid yourself of your pointless reactionary nature. You have judgment nit mercy. You refer to events from 20 years ago. Some people have evolved. It is time for you to take responsibility for your actions and begin to restrict. Why be a reactionary bystander when you can be a pro-active participant?

  4. Personally, I’m waiting for the Yahya-Gaga interview.

  5. I think if Oktar ever praised me, I’d take my own life. It sickens me whenever I see intelligent Muslims taken in by his risible creationist polemic. The difference between Oktar and OBL is that Oktar flies hijacked rubbish into people’s heads.

  6. Adnan oktar is just a simple sexist mind who enjoys women and men around him.I could and I still can built the best sexist cult pretending to be some kind of believer.its just a love in a love con

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