London Mayor’s “Muslim Engagement” Expert “Likes” Thug’s Abuse

Added “Like” to comments calling me a “fat cunt” and boasting of harassment

Yesterday, I noted in passing that Allegra Mostyn-Owen, who a few days ago was reportedly chosen by her ex-husband Boris Johnson to join a London Mayoral “Muslim Engagement Task Force” (she teaches art at a mosque in east London and is married to a Muslim), had recently chaired a debate organised by Charlie Flowers, the on-line thug who has subjected me, and others, to on-going campaigns of abuse and attempted intimidation. I didn’t make a meal of it: it seemed to me that Mostyn-Owen was probably unaware of Flowers’ unpleasant behaviour, or had been fobbed off with an excuse of some sort.

Alas, it seems I was being unduly optimistic: Mostyn-Owen (who also uses the contraction “Allegra Mowen”) is fully aware of Flowers’ behaviour and character, and she apparently endorses both. Late last night she linked to my post on the Facebook page of Flowers’ “Cheerleaders Against Everything” group, and she has expressed her approval (via the “Like” button) of comments following from Flowers and another crony. As ever, Flowers abuses me as a “fat cunt” (“cunt” being one of his favourite words), and he accuses me of being in league with MPAC (I’m not). A screen-shot can be seen here; for extra measure, Flowers also throws in his usual “stalker” lie against Tim Ireland, borrowed from Nadine Dorries MP – in 2009, Flowers was manipulated by Dominic Wightman into harassing Tim, and to save face when he realised the truth he then bandwagoned on Dorries’ accusations.

Of course, what Flowers and Mostyn-Owen think of me is not particularly of wider public interest. However, what is alarming is that someone who supposedly is soon to be advising the Mayor of London on Islam is so quick to approve and encourage a man who is so obviously vicious and dishonest – and, for that matter, who comes with so many unanswered questions around him. In 2010, as a friend of Alan Lake, Flowers held the megaphone at an EDL rally in Westminster in support of Geert Wilders; while we can accept his claim that this was at a time when he hoped that elements in the EDL would remain focused on Islamic extremism rather than becoming generally anti-Muslim (it’s a mistake to call Flowers “Islamophobic” – the problem is rather that he’s a vigilante rather than that he’s anti-Muslim), his role at the rally remains somewhat odd. Later that year he was arrested, although no charges followed.

It should be noted that Flowers continually forces himself into my awareness. It was he who first contacted me, at the end of 2008, boasting of his links to Dominic Wightman’s VIGIL organisation (through which Flowers is also linked to Glen Jenvey), and he continues to contact me with abusive and taunting messages. The most recent batch came through on 22 May.

UPDATE: Flowers has now progressed from making crudely abusive comments to boasting of actual harassment – and once again, Mostyn-Owen is giggling along:

To add a bit of commentary on this: Bukhari is not my “friend”, and I’ve never had any contact with him. Flowers knows he’s lying. In 2009 I contacted MPAC to get details about potential bogus postings being made to the MPAC discussion forum by Glen Jenvey; of course Flowers didn’t like me doing that, since making bogus postings is one of the main things that he thinks constitutes activism. It hardly follows from that that I’m in league with MPAC, or even a supporter. I don’t know the details of what he did to Bukhari, but it may perhaps be related to Flowers’ (apparently botched) arrest at the end of 2010.

As for Tim – he’s not a “womanstalker”, or any kind of stalker. As noted above, Dorries complained about him, but as has been amply demonstrated, this because she doesn’t like scrutiny of her conduct as a MP and she’s unscrupulous when it comes to discouraging critics. Also, Tim is not “on meds”, although a malicious photoshopped image has been created which purports to show a box of anti-psychotic medicine made out in Tim’s name. The image was emailed it to various hostile individuals, including Harry Cole and, as a form of harassment, to Tim himself.

Flowers published Tim’s ex-directory home address on-line, shortly after Jenvey had made postings of his own accusing Tim of being a paedophile. Flowers’ stated intention was that Tim should be forced to “go back to Australia”, and Flowers promised that his details would be given to everyone he’d “ever pissed off”; if Flowers was true to his word, that would have included a UK-based Nigerian herbalist who had recently threatened a woman journalist with oral rape, and the BNP.

This is the viciousness which Allegra Mostyn-Owen “Likes”. She is clearly not a fit person to be advising the mayor on anything. However, it’s unlikely to worry Boris Johnson; Tim has previous knowledge of Johnson ignoring a paedo-smear complaint, and we all remember Johnson in 1990 promising to help his friend Darius Guppy track down a journalist whom Guppy wished to give “a couple of black eyes and a … a cracked rib or something”.

(Footnote: As an aside, Boris Watch notes that Mostyn-Owen has recently discussed on Facebook the possibility of getting her current husband “some kind of diplomatic visa thru’ strings” to visit Pakistan. Clearly someone used to getting her own way.)

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  1. Richard, this is but part of a mch greater whole.

    In his first term Boris was anxious to play the centrist, in the knowledge that he could only get re-elected against his Party.

    Now he doesn’t want a third term: he is anxious to appeal to his Party’s base, its membership: he reckons that when – not if – Cameron finally collapses, he is the only man to stand between England and a Labour Government. But first he must persuade his Party to vote for him. So there’ll be lots of dog-whistles.

  2. The stuff you and Tim Ireland dig up is so shocking at times I find it scarcely believable, but the evidence you post always looks strong. I can’t believe the thuggery that’s so close to mainstream politics.

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