Terry Jones Makes New Militia Friend

Once again, Pastor Terry Jones forces himself into the news; the New York Times reports:

…Terry Jones… played the recording — which he said was made on Sept. 9 on his assistant’s iPhone — of a conversation between him and Imam Muhammad Musri, an Islamic leader in Florida. At the time, Mr. Musri was trying to persuade Mr. Jones not to burn the Korans as part of a demonstration on Sept. 11.After the Sept. 9 meeting, Mr. Jones announced that as part of a deal brokered by Mr. Musri to relocate a proposed Islamic center near ground zero in New York, he would not burn the 200 Korans. But almost immediately after the announcement, Mr. Musri, who had attended a news conference with Mr. Jones, told reporters that he had made no such deal and no such promise. The pastor, he said, had backed down because of pressure from President Obama and the rest of the world.

“This does definitely prove he lied to the news media and has lied the whole time,” Mr. Jones said from behind his desk, on which rested a pistol, a Bible and a rental copy of the film “Se7en.”

Musri insists that the recording is a fake, although it sounds real enough.

Jones announced the existence of the recording a couple of days ago while being interviewed by Jim Stach (or Jim Stachowiak), a rather alarming gentleman who styles himself as “the Michael Savage of Internet Radio” and who runs a website called Freedom Fighter Radio. Stach is a militia enthusiast (although from a bit of googling he seems to be a controversial figure even in those circles), and he appears from time to time as an interviewee on Russia Today. Stach’s posting of his chat with Jones is illustrated with a “Nuke Mecca” logo (1), and Stach is known to wear t-shirts bearing the same message.

Let’s hope that Jones’ new friendship with Stach pans out better than was the case with Prince Shannon Carson, a self-described militia leader who briefly offered Jones protection last August (blogged here, including a must-hear audio between Prince Shannon and Gen JC Christian).

However, the usual pattern is that Jones makes a link with some group or individual for mutual publicity-seeking purposes, but shortly afterwards there is a falling out. This was the case with the English Defence League back in December, and the same has now happened with a group that recently invited Jones to join a protest at a mosque in Dearborn. The Dearborn Patch reports:

Order of the Dragon President Frank Fiorello and Vice President Jammie Bothwell met with local religious leaders Saturday morning, but said that they had already decided before that meeting to cancel the protest, which would have been held on Good Friday.

…Fiorello explained Saturday that the Order’s decision to allow Jones to join them was made before he burned the Quran. After the act, the group took steps to distance themselves from the pastor–including publicly denouncing him.

“He’s a little off his rocker,” Fiorello said of Jones. “My honest opinion is that he’s going to hate gays, he’s going to hate Jews, he’s going to hate Muslims, he’s going to hate anybody until somebody realizes what he’s saying and they focus on it, then he’s going to do it all the more.”


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