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Last month, Jim Bakker wrote on his blog:

On New Year’s Eve 2010, God showed me that the coming month of March would be a “Major March”.  A time of major upheaval but also a time of extreme answers to prayers and blessing for Gods people. In addition to the New Year’s Eve warning, God again brought a warning  while taping  our television broadcast, that a 9.0 magnitude earthquake was coming, this was a week before the earthquake hit Japan. We are now witnessing the apocalyptic events in Japan that were undoubtedly a part of both of those warnings.  More earthquakes and major events are coming to Japan very soon. California and the area from Illinois and Missouri to Arkansas will have major events in the future.  Keep you eyes on the Ring of Fire.

On July 12, 2005, God showed me New Orleans under water.  Forty-one days later, on August 29, 2005, hurricane Katrina hit.

In 1999, God showed me 31 things that will come to pass shortly and most already have.

Then, weirdly:

…I do not claim to be a prophet…

Bakker, of course, is to most people simply a figure of fun: an archetypal Elmer Gantry, forever discredited by his sexual indiscretion, lavish lifestyle, and conviction and imprisonment for fraud (not to mention his kitschy religious aesthetic). However, he has been making something of a comeback with help from Rick Joyner. In a blog entry from last week, Bakker discussed his TV show:

…Rick Joyner is with us this week, and he emphasized that even in God’s judgment, He always desires to show His mercy.

…Rick went on to say there will be a shaking first.  The economic unraveling is the grace from God to give us a reset where we can start again.  There will be a period of time when our dollar won’t be worth anything, but we have another source.  We have a kingdom that is above all of our natural circumstances and every Christian is going to  have to come to the kingdom.

Rick said he talked to Bob Jones (another Prophet) the Sunday after the big quake hit in Japan, and Bob said  “it’s coming to California.”  This confirms what the Lord showed me in the “31 Things” he gave me in 1999.  When the Lord speaks something like that, He will usually confirm it with two or three witnesses.

Joyner, in turn, has been promoting Bakker in a series of fear-mongering and apocalyptic videos, as noted by Right Wing Watch.

Their alliance is actually long-standing; Joyner’s Morningstar Ministries also runs Heritage International Ministries, which controls the Heritage Grand Hotel at the site of Bakker’s ruined Heritage USA project. The hotel was recently the location for an investiture ceremony of a strange “chivalric order” of which Joyner is a member, along with William “Jerry” Boykin.

Of course, if you’re constantly firing off general prophecies of doom, you’re bound to score the occasional hit. The misses can be filed away: in 1998 Bakker published Prosperity and the Coming Apocalypse, in which he warned that the millennium bug (Y2K) may well “be a highly plausible explanation for what the Bible refers to as the black horse of famine and economic chaos”.

And speaking of dodgy prophecies, it’s now more than two years since David Wilkerson last promised us “fires raging through New York City” that “will engulf the whole megaplex, including areas of New Jersey and Connecticut” as God destroys “the secular foundations”.

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  1. I’d find Bakker’s maunderings rather more impressive had he thought to mention his ‘vision’ before the Japan earthquake and not two days afterwards.

    Guess there’s no fraud like an old fraud.

    • Did you miss the article? It states that Bakker mentioned his vision on New Years Eve. So, I would say he got that one right. Also, I remember reading that he told of another vision of seeing New Orleans under water, on national television, 6 weeks prior to Katrina devistating that area. Sounds like he got that one right too.

    • Are you living under a rock? I saw Jim’s predictions when he shared them on his program well in advance of the events happening. I watch Jim now for the most part to receive predictions for the future. Japan will be hit again and Tokyo flattened, then later the west coast, could be Washington state first, then Calif. Exact days and times are never given. It s a warning to those who do not believe in God, and for believers to be prepared for the worst. I love Prophecy! At least I will know that God loves me enough to warn me.

    • Sir, I saw the telecast with my own two eyes and ears, the day he said in January 2010, that March would be a Major month and God had given him a vision of a Japanese earthquake coming real soon, that would be over 9 points. and then in March he reminded the people of the earthquake again , and 1 1/2 weeks later it took place. He did the same thing with the New Orleans Hurricane. He saw it under water 2 or 3 months before it hit. I saw him say it. So God is using this man whether you want to admit it or not. Blessing to you!

  2. Yes, he’s a shameless old fraud all right. How on earth did his son Jay turn out so well?

    • Mr. Jim Bakker has repented of his sins. God has been restoring back to Jim all that he lost in his downfall. He is very much loved by many Christian leaders who stayed with him as he went thru the valley of his life. True friends do that, they help to restore the fallen as God instructs the Believer to do. Jim’s Son is doing very well with a ministery in Ney York.

    • Mr. Jim Bakker has repented of his sins. God has been restoring back to Jim all that he lost in his downfall. He is very much loved by many Christian leaders who stayed with him as he went thru the valley of his life. True friends do that, they help to restore the fallen as God instructs the Believer to do. Jim’s Son is doing very well with a ministery in New York. Jim is on the Christian channels every day at different times.

  3. […] This is a talking point that has come directly from Rick Joyner; Joyner is a neo-Pentecostal evangelist, and the Oak Initiative is his vehicle for  increasing his prominence as a player on the Christian Right. Last month, Joyner warned that the Japanese earthquake would herald the economic collapse of the USA, and that a huge earthquake was imminent in California. As evidence, Joyner cites messages given by God to Jim Bakker. […]

  4. […] the site previously formed part of Jim Bakker’s doomed Heritage USA project, and Bakker is a friend of Joyner. Joyner has also featured on Papanicolaou on his religious TV […]

  5. After Jim was released from prison, he resided in Hendersonville NC. My son, at that time, was a high school student and worked part-time in a Hendersonville drug store. He said that Jim along with two females frequently visited the drug store and bought condoms at every visit. I have personally met Jim and believe that he should have been wearing a condom over his head to stem his flow of BS. I watch him on his TV program and can’t believe that the IRS provides a tax exemption…because 90% of his program is selling food, water bottles, jewelry, etc. Many of his guest seem to have questionable backgrounds that reek of shysters. Jim says that money is the root of all evil….he just wants you to send your root to him. He calls his students “college” students; while they are, in reality, a goofy bunch that probably could not get into a mainstream college program. He uses them as free labor which is pretty impressive on his part. If you want any of his products, please know that you can buy the same stuff at lower prices from the vendors themselves. Note that he has his entire family and his wife’s family on the payroll…just like he did at PTL. I definitely agree that Jim is entertaining but so is a monkey…and the monkey won’t come after your wallet.

    • I watch Jim everyday! I have purchased the products he offers, and know that you cannot get the same quality, for his price, part of which helps to support the ministry. Jim is a watchman on the wall for God! He is teaching us to prepare to be ready for the trouble that is coming our way very soon. He often speaks of his downfall and he knows that God has redeemed him from that fall. Religion is not of God, it is man made!
      God is a personal relationship for each Believer. If you claim to be a Christian, I would question your claim! Restoration and rehibilation is what God is all about!
      There will be whole congregations taken straight into hell for their religious mindset that goes against God’s
      Love for all His children. If you cannot show love for the fallen, there is no love in you.

  6. […] though: Joyner has played a central role in “restoring” errant evangelists such as Jim Bakker and Todd Bentley. Joyner, Bentley and Hooper appeared together in an event entitled “Power […]

  7. […] year ago. In the wake of the Fukushima earthquake – which he claims to have predicted – he warned that “more earthquakes and major events are coming to Japan very soon. California and the […]

  8. Really, he (Bakker) is “forever discredited by his sexual indiscretion”?

    So, how do you take it that King David, Samson, Noah, Lot and others were used mightly by God after their failures and subsequent repentance?

    I take it you know the Lord Jesus?

    We all should all repent ande take heed, lest we fall into a greater condemnation.

    Jesus IS Lord! <

    • Lloyd Bentsen’s words to Dan Quayle come to mind…

    • You are correct! I cannot believe there are post on here demeaning Mr. Bakker. Are they playing God!
      I have a television ministry we support, and we support Jim in much f what he is doing in the Name of the Lord. Maybe some of these hateful, unforgiving,
      Ruthless, gossips, are the one’s who went out off their way to bring Jim down. They sound bitter and miserable. They need to repent!

  9. Better yet, Jesus’ words in Luke 6:25. <

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