Not Racist FAIL

DarkBlondAngel is known on Twitter as an aggressive defender of the absurd and distasteful MP Nadine Dorries. However, she also expounds on other topics, such as a man named Kenneth Tong; Tong – a “reality TV star” – is a somewhat repellent character, for reasons described by Jack of Kent here and for his recent suggestion that women should use “managed anorexia” to keep thin.

In the extracts below, DarkblondAngel attempts to combine attacking Tong with attacking Dorries’ critics. The result is not particularly successful or attractive to behold. Take a deep breath…

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  1. She is nearly as erroneous as the woman she spends a great deal of time defending. Nice piece, I’ll be tweeting this to share with all.

    BTW, you do have to worry when people like that are your allies.

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  3. Thank Jehovah the word “bimbo” is unusable as well….

    oh… bugger…

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