Walid Shoebat Wishes “Nukes” Would “Take Care” of Muslim World

This is rather crude, even for Shoebat:

I would wish that the whole Muslim world would listen to Mr Bakri and fight by the sword literally. This way the nukes will take care of the whole problem once and for all.

Shoebat was speaking on Bassim and Haifa Gorial’s ABN, an evangelical TV station which seeks the conversion of Muslims to Christianity – an aim with which the more sanguinary-minded Shoebat appears to have little patience, despite his supposed adherence to Christianity.

Shoebat was in the news just recently, when the Washington Post noted that he had addressed law enforcement in South Dakota as a supposed expert on Islamic terrorism; Chip Berlet followed this up with a report that Shoebat had given advice at an anti-terrorist conference in Las Vegas about countering extremists that amounted to “Kill them…including the children” (although this wasn’t – as some sources have claimed – a quote by Shoebat himself). Shoebat also claims that Obama is a Muslim working for Islamic terrorists, and alongside his “terror expert” gravy-train he also visits churches to explain that the Bible predicts a Muslim anti-Christ.

Later this month Shoebat will be taking part in a TV event organised by Jeremy Gimpel (whom I blogged here), alongside Jackie Mason, Allen West, and Israeli consul general in Florida Ofer Bavly. In 2006, Mason reportedly judged Shoebat to be the “new Martin Luther King Jnr”. MLK and Shoebat seem to have rather different dreams, though.

(H/T: The Facts about Islam)