Men “Constructed Movie Set” at Site of Noah’s Ark Find

Back in April,  reports went around the world that some Hong Kong evangelists from Noah’s Ark Ministries International (NAMI, var. Noah’s Ark Ministry International) and The Media Evangelism had found Noah’s Ark in Turkey. I blogged on the story here.

So, what’s happened since? A blog called Bible Places has the latest:

…Yesterday Randall Price posted a letter he received from two men who state that they were involved in constructing a movie set at the location of the discovery.  Only later did they find out that the film would be used as documentation of Noah’s Ark.

You can read the letter and its translation here.

The link also takes us to lengthy criticisms of NAMI by Price, Don Patton, and David Liang. It should be noted that these persons are themselves Biblical literalists – they object to NAMI’s specific claims, not to the notion that the whole world was covered in water several thousand years ago and that all humans and non-aquatic animals are descended from a handful of survivors who emerged from a big boat in Asia Minor. Further criticisms are outlined by Price and Patton here.

Price in particular will have been alarmed by people being taken in by the NAMI claims: he runs Noah’s Ark Search LLC, and makes appeals for money on the promise that he is very close to finding Noah’s Ark.

(Hat tip: Paleojudaica)

Not Racist FAIL

DarkBlondAngel is known on Twitter as an aggressive defender of the absurd and distasteful MP Nadine Dorries. However, she also expounds on other topics, such as a man named Kenneth Tong; Tong – a “reality TV star” – is a somewhat repellent character, for reasons described by Jack of Kent here and for his recent suggestion that women should use “managed anorexia” to keep thin.

In the extracts below, DarkblondAngel attempts to combine attacking Tong with attacking Dorries’ critics. The result is not particularly successful or attractive to behold. Take a deep breath…