Pamela Geller Announces New “Coalition”

Yet another annoucement from Pamela Geller:

Our groups American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI)TM, Freedom Defense Initiative (FDI)TM, European Freedom Defense Initiative, European Freedom Initiative, Israel Freedom Initiative, SIOE, SIOA, SIAD,  SIO Poland, SIO Romania, SIO Bulgaria, SIO France, SIO Sweden, SIO Norway et al, are organized and led by Anders Gravers in Europe and Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, James Lafferty, Pamela Hall, and Rich Davis in the States. We are creating “a coalition of the free” to defend “the coalition of the willing,” as the war in the information battle space moves into its next phase.The Global Freedom Initiative.TM

Information about who is behind these various groups is sparse (Stephen Gash “retired” from SOIE in September), although Norway’s group is run by a journalist named Arne Tumyr. Geller took control of SIOA earlier this year, as I noted here.

So, what will the “next phase” have to offer?

We will be holding a huge conference in DC early next year, and will follow up with our teams in Europe, Asia, Latin America, China, and the Middle East in the Spring. Please contact me if you  wish to represent your country in our coaltion.

So, the same old pundit circuit. An organisation called the “Global Freedom Initiative” was created by the Cato Institute in 2007; perhaps they can live with another group using the same name, although the addition of “TM” must surely be annoying.

It’s a busy week for Spencer and Geller: today they are both in Fort Worth, Texas, for a meeting billed as “Sara and Dorrie Present Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer”; “Sara” is Sara Legvold, an activist in the Texas GOP (quote: “I want to deport everybody who is illegal — children, dogs, pets, birds.”), while “Dorrie” is Dorrie O’Brien, who is with Brigitte Gabriel‘s ACT! for America and who has trouble with holding meetings in libraries. Next weekend, Geller and Spencer will be at David Horowitz’s “Restoration Weekend” in Florida alongside the likes of Newt Gingrich, and then it’s back to Texas for Spencer, who will join Walid Shoebat at a Fort Hood “commemoration” focusing on the evils of how “liberalism” and “diversity” caused last year’s massacre.

UPDATE: Geller has announced two new associates:

We are proud to announce that Amil Imani will be heading up the Iranian Freedom Initiative. Amil will join forces with us to fight Islamic supremacism in the West and the global jihad, and we will join Amil in his battle for regime change in Iran… D’vorah Joy Hoffmann… is heading up the Israeli division of our global counter jihad movement, the Israel Freedom Initiative.

Hoffman is a pet-care specialist; Imani is the part of the usual pundit circuit and the author of a self-published novel called Obama Meets Ahmadinejad. According to an endorsement from Ali Sina on Imani’s site:

In this parody, Amil Imani ridicules two dangerous zanies of our time, who also must be laughed at, who both, have deceitfully usurped their presidency, and together are bringing the world to the brink of Armageddon.