More on GCIS Weirdness

Yesterday I wrote a blog entry which discussed the  International Counter-Terrorism Officers Association, which is sponsoring a self-described “competing” Fort Hood memorial event, on 21 November. The event is being organised by Walid Shoebat – who goes around churches preaching that the Bible predicts a “Muslim anti-Christ” and that Obama is a Muslim – and speakers include the anti-Islam activist Robert Spencer and Gen William Boykin, who teaches that the USA is in religious war against Islam. The ICTOA’s sponsorship was noted just recently by WorldNetDaily, and the ICTOA’s director Michael Riker is apparently “conducting interviews on this topic” alongside Shoebat’s handler Keith Davies. [UPDATE: A new press release adds:

“This unofficial Ft Hood Memorial Event will deal with issues of terror that have been swept under the carpet. In the last several years political correctness is destroying law enforcement’s ability to defend the citizens of America as evidenced by the tragedy of the Ft Hood massacre. You will also hear experts outline how law enforcement is hampered in their ability to do their jobs properly, to protect the public and our military.” says Mike Riker…]

So, as I do, I decided to look into who exactly Riker is and what exactly the ICTOA do. I previously noted that in October it had held an anti-terror conference involving the likes of Ilana Freedman, Steve Emerson, Shoebat, Aaron Richman, and Ben Venzke; in 2009, speakers had included Jarret Brachman.

Riker is a retired police officer, and he apparently works closely with a organisation calling itself “Griffith Colson Intelligence Service”; he has contributed to its websites and reportedly has had long discussions over the phone on security matters with W. Edward Griffith, who until recently was in charge of GCIS. However, there was something weird about the GCIS: there is strange a web of self-referencing on-line newspapers and magazines, until recently published by Griffith but since sold off, containing very little original (if any) material besides information about GCIS and its associates.

The only “outsider” to have taken an interest was a certain “Shabbir Azim”, about whom there is very little on-line. However, according to one a report supposedly from “IslamicWorldJournal” (but now deleted):

A private spy chief is out of a job following revelations that he once worked as a transvestite prostitute and particpated in countless gay sex parties during his term as head of his agency.

Griffith, who is a known transvestite, was the subject of a major media assault when Islamic activist Shabbir Azim launched a campaign to out Griffith sexcapades and history of prostitution.

By coincidence, IslamicWorldJournal was published on tumblr – as were some sites controlled by Griffith. Sites controlled by Griffith are also the only other source for details about the sex scandal (which he has admitted occured before he came “to know God”).

Further mention of Azim comes from Griffith’s Bramford Times:

The conflict started Sunday morning, after Griffith had delivered a radio broadcast the night before in remembrance of 911… His speech was aggressive, clearly defining Islamic extremism as “the most violent enemy in our nation’s history”. Sunday morning Azim said he would launch a Facebook and twitter protest against Griffith’s radio address and likened the 43-year old GCIS chief to Hitler and Hussein. Describing himself as an “activist”, Azim went a step further and had posted a comment on Facebook that vowed to attack the online network of GCIS.

…Monday morning began with a compiled report on Azim’s posts and a summary was sent to Facebook corporate headquarters. A request to have Azim’s profile removed went unacknowledged. As they waited, Cohen and her team, under orders from the Director, began launching what was billed as a series of “cyber security exercises”… At 3:45 Wednesday morning  Director W. Edward Griffith gave the order and Cohen’s team brought Azim’s Facebook profile down.

Around the same time, Azim also posted a one-off message to a conspiracy theory forum:

Questions surround a new security start-up that is building on plans to create a massive private intelligence network to aid government intelligence agencies, says a source who believes the project is more than meets the eye.

Securitas Global Group (SGG) is a super secret international corporate octopus, founded in 2010 by entrepreneurs and assembled from a variety of different businesses. Some have even gone as far as to say the firm is really a ‘Shadow Government’ and is at the beckon call of intelligence agencies. The goal of SGG is to create the largest private intelligence outfit in the world (and some say beyond, with plans to take intelligence communications to space). “The posts held by SGG officers are cryptic. they are part of a complex international intelligence and communications web (an interconnected control system) which links Tri-lateralist plans, the Council on Foreign relations, the Illuminati and other interlocking groups”, says once source who wishes to remain anonymous.

Financed by private money from Max Baumann, SGG is a privately held company with an undergound corporate headquarters located somewhere in Virginia. The mandate if SGG, says our source, is the disruption of Islam and the growth of Islam in the United States. They are crusaders for the war on terror and are strong supporters of Bush/Cheney. The center of SGG operations, says the source, is unknown. Some believe the company operates from Israel, while other believe Washington D.C. or London is the central headquarters.

GCIS describes itself as a “division” of SGG.

Yesterday, I received two interesting comments to my blog. At 8.36pm one came from Azim, whose fluency in English has strangely deteroriated:

I pleased for you that you stand with the Ummah. They close my website these people

Ten minutes later, a certain “Jason Kline” commented:

Your sympathies for Muslims and left-wingers says all that needs to be said. It is clear you report from the surface and don’t care about the work being done. It is a shame when you can’t be fair because of your lack of a lass. Your little bio says volumes about what motivates you. I thought I would enjoy your take on the events of the day. You clearly lack balance in your blogging.

Perhaps readers will not overly be surprised to learn that “Kline”‘s email address in fact resolves on Facebook to Max Baumann. And perhaps readers will not be stunned and amazed by the remarkable coincidence that Kline and Azim have exactly the same IP address:

I sense a recurring theme here somewhere…