The Tattoo and the Graffiti

Yesterday I blogged on the English Defence League’s use of an image of graffiti scrawled on the side of an Indian restaurant in a video designed to rally the faithful against Islamic extremists. I noted that the image had been taken from Paul Ray’s blog, and added that:

It is a quite remarkable co-incidence that Ray just happened to chance upon a piece of anonymous graffiti  that reflects his particular religious and political perspective and symbolism, but there it is.

Even more remarkably, however, I now see that the cross also looks very much like a tattoo Ray has on his arm. The properties in the original of the left-hand picture say that it was taken in January 2007, which predates his discovery of the graffiti.

Paul Ray Cross Tattoo Coincidence

Astonishing. Must be divine providence.

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  1. I was curious and did a bit of research, and it is not the official Crusader’s Cross, as I had expected. In heraldry it is a “Cross Moline” – or in my misspelled version, a “Crass Moline”.

    The Cross Moline is apparently used in heraldry to represent an “eighth son”:

    Is he from a large family?

    I looked at the famous pic of Paul Ray
    and saw no Cross Moline, but in the background is a Maltese Cross/Templar Cross.

    I almost thought that a Templar Cross (aka the Cross of the Knights of St John, aka Maltese Cross) had more of a flavour of what the EDL purports to represent. Instead of “Crusading” – i.e. buggering off to Jerusalem, it represents Malta that in 1565 was under siege by the Ottomans. Jean Parisot de Valette defended Malta bravely but unethically – he had his Turkish prisoners beheaded.

    Hopefully, the EDL will have a nice sit down and a cup of tea with the UAF before they resort to such news-grabbing tactics…..

  2. Does the script section of that tattoo actually read “Dick Head”?

  3. Does the script section of that tattoo actually read “Dick Head”?

    Since it’s English, shouldn’t it read “Sir Dick Head?”

    Looks like England didn’t send enough of its religious wankers to the Georgia penal colony back in the early 18th Century.

  4. From his various ramblings and rantings it would appear that in his lunacy, Ray hilariously fetishises himself as a latter day crusading Knight Templar, so the cross is presumably a Templar cross?

    Ye Olde Knights of St John must be spinning in their graves at the mere suggestion of some deluded, drugged up, nut-job parading himself as a wannabe pretender.

    Mad or sad?

  5. “mad or sad”

    Either way…………. HILARIOUS!

  6. […] owned by Muslims, and the photo was taken by Paul Ray (who by a remarkable coincidence has a tattoo of the same type of cross). Ray is unconnected with the main body of the English Defence League […]

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