Tim Ireland Gets 38 Questions from Mystery Interviewer

Tim Ireland has received a lengthy list of question from a demanding mystery interviewer named “Dick Walker”. They include the following:

33.What would you say to the accusation that Richard Bartholomew is your (quote) stooge?

It’s bad enough being called a stooge, but is it worse for me that someone else faces “the accusation” of having me as their stooge?

Funnily enough, some time ago I received a comment to my blog from someone using the name “Richard Walker”, in response to I posting I had made about a supposed anti-terrorist research group called the “VIGIL Network”; one of the questions Tim received describes him as the “personification” of  “the far left in England…allied with the Islamist extreme”.

Richard Walker rebuked me thus:

It seems strange that you – clearly a man of intelligence – would use the Internet to guess at what these groups represent.

Actually, I’ve been very surprised of late at the unworthy and disreputable antics any number of “men of intelligence” get up to.

The name is perhaps an allusion to the “Richard L. Walker Institute of International Studies” in the USA.

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