Casuals United Scrubs “Removing Islam” Statement from Website

The website of “Casuals United” has removed a statement attacking immigrants and Muslims. It’s not in any internet caches either, although a trace can be seen on the UK Yahoo search page:

Casuals United Removing Islam

The original statement, which asked supporters to write letters of complaint to the government, was:

the traitor Alan Johnson wants to keep letting immigrants, most of them terrorists or sympathisers into this country…British people must make a stand and the scum that have allowed our country to get in this state need to be told.

We have no chance of removing islam with rodents like this in power. This man is in charge of immigration control and openly states that he doesnt care how many people come here. No, well he wont be on the train when the next bomb goes off, so why should he care?

More on the Ray-Renton Spat

Following the unrest in Birmingham on Saturday, Paul Ray has published a second diatribe (see here for the first) against Chris Renton, the BNP-linked activist who set up the English Defence League website. However, Ray complains not that Renton’s BNP connection makes the EDL look bad; rather, that Renton makes the BNP look bad:

Do high level BNP politicians, such as the two who are now in Europe, want their credibility damaged in the eyes of the electorate by links to football hooligans and riots on the streets of Britain because of the likes of Chris Renton?

It is people like Chris Renton who damage not only the street movement that aims to be a neutral voice for the silent majority within Britain, but also the BNP that is becoming a modern, respectable alternative to the Establishment in Westminster.

Is he an agent of the Left trying to blacken the BNP name?

Ray takes the view that Nick Griffin has perhaps, like Saint Paul, turned to Christ, based on his “stance on Christianity, and his seasoned re-evaluated view on Israel and the Jews”, but that Renton is an “imposter” who has “hijacked” the English Defence League name:

Him, standing in front of a placard saying we are not BNP is laughable. The Luton EDL division who created the placards are not BNP, because they have people of all colours and races amongst their ranks. They have been forced into defending this position out in the open when they should be attacking the Islamic militants because of Chris Renton but none of them decided to take the action necessary.

Ray also shares some screenshots of email correspondence with Renton. In these emails, Renton mocks Ray’s complaint about the use of the Templar cross design for EDL placards. According to Ray,

It is a Templar Cross, and Templars are Christians, who live and die for their faith, nothing else. It isnt something that just anybody can wear.

I hope that in time the leaders who are rising will embrace the cross.

For now i think the design has to be just the St Georges cross, and not the Templar cross.

Renton’s response:

like everyone keeps saying, one man band, people dont wanna hear this religious shite from a keyboard warrior they want action, protests, thats what we ae doing, you can write as much bnp bullshit as u want but its all lies and you will be found out! you fucked off [Chris] goodge the first minute you spoke to him, you ruined your relationship with [Jeff Marsh], you ruined your relationship with me and my bro, you destroyed your relationship with luton now as well, oh but no hang on its us not you LOL yeah right


…i reckon you ought to see a soctor mate your obviously nuts…

EDL 8 Aug 2009 1