Casuals United Scrubs “Removing Islam” Statement from Website

The website of “Casuals United” has removed a statement attacking immigrants and Muslims. It’s not in any internet caches either, although a trace can be seen on the UK Yahoo search page:

Casuals United Removing Islam

The original statement, which asked supporters to write letters of complaint to the government, was:

the traitor Alan Johnson wants to keep letting immigrants, most of them terrorists or sympathisers into this country…British people must make a stand and the scum that have allowed our country to get in this state need to be told.

We have no chance of removing islam with rodents like this in power. This man is in charge of immigration control and openly states that he doesnt care how many people come here. No, well he wont be on the train when the next bomb goes off, so why should he care?

7 Responses

  1. …should have instead added the words removing “the harmful, extreme and disruptive effects on British society from” islam … or words to that effect

  2. Pardon?

    Good grief.

  3. You heard me douchbag.

  4. If u think this is funny you should have seen the thread on their facebook forum where they got in a panic and wantd to ban a person from joining because he was a… wait for it…. Muslim! Then it turned out he was actually a Catholic…. Then someone called him Irish… Dunno how that evetnually worked out as I got bored of trying to decipher what mentally handicapped write

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