More on “Anti-Islamic Extremist” Protestors in UK

This month’s issue of Searchlight (410, August) carries an article about the various nationalist groups which have been holding “anti-Islamic extremist” protests in  British cities (a subject I have blogged a number of times). The article adds a bit of backstory, noting that the “United British Alliance” and “March for England” used to protest outside Finsbury Park mosque during the period when it was under the control of the extremist Abu Hamza:

These encounters were overwhelmingly non-violent, except when the National Front (NF) turned up and were driven away by the UBA and MFE.

The UBA and MFE appeared to draw large numbers of young men including some black people and even a couple of Jewish football supporters from Surrey. Many were former soldiers and former football hooligans. They were frighteningly disciplined. Hundreds marched to the Regents Park mosque in that period.

The article also considers the involvement of the far-right in the current protests. The groups have been at pains to distinguish themselves from the far-right and to stress that they reject racism, but at the same time the far-right is doubtless considering how the situation can be used to its advantage. The weak link is anti-Muslim blogger Paul Ray, who has written some positive words on the BNP – he takes the view that BNP is doing God’s work, and that God will guide the party away from racial politics to anti-Muslim nationalism. Ray has played a role in organising protests in Luton, and the report notes that he has been

attracting interest from Chris Renton, a BNP activist from Weston-super-Mare, and several other BNP activists from around the country including Marlene Guest from Rotherham…

Unfortunately we’re not told what that “interest” means in practical terms, although Renton helped Ray to set up a websiteSearchlight tells us that some National Front characters took part in the protest in Luton on 13 April (which I blogged here) and there were “familiar faces from the pro-nazi football crews from the time when the nazi terror group Combat 18 was active in the 1990s”. It should, though, be noted that an anti-NF banner featured prominently at this protest. Of course, it is generally the case that organisers of protests cannot prevent unsavory elements from showing up.

Moving on to the recent protest in Birmingham (blogged here), we’re told of the presence of

Mike Heaton, “Wigan Mike”, the violent leader of the small but crazy British Freedom Fighters…

We’re also told that the BNP’s Martyn Page (photographed giving a Nazi salute) is planning to bring “some heavy lads from his area” to Luton on 30 August.

Searchlight also notes that

Separate from the MFE and UBA are the English and Welsh Defence League (EWDL) and Casuals United, run by the Welsh hooligan Jeff Marsh. They all used to work together until recently when Ray turned against Dave Smeeton, leader of the MFE.

I blogged on Marsh’s background here. The background to this split is not explained, although Smeeton has left a comment on this blog encouraging me to “dig a bit futher” on the subject of Ray . The EWDL was present at the second protest in Luton (see here) which saw protestors in masks and some violence.

Writing on his blog on 19 July, Ray has now distanced himself from “Casuals United”:

People following my blog will know that I have recently been working with the English & Welsh Defence League protest groups that have been initially filled with members of ‘Casuals United’.

I have decided that the way the protests are being led is not in line with how I personally, feel they should be, Because of this, I will not be supporting any upcoming ‘Casuals United’ protests, which includes the Birmingham one on 8th August.

…If those groups that would make up the English Defence League want to stand under that banner then please make people aware of your thoughts. The initial ‘start up’ EDL leadership had an important meeting in London yesterday with an influential group of people, so the foundation to create a professional, credible and organised ‘street movement’ for our country is in place.

Ray has registered a new website to replace his blog (, although it’s not up yet. The link to the “important meeting” takes us to a post written by a certain Guy Leven-Torres, which includes the following:

Yesterday I met the leaders of the English Defence League who also intend to take to the streets in peaceful protest…

So there is hope after all…it seems?

…Anybody care to join ‘A FEW’………?

This is the only way out! And if and when St Crispin’s Day arrives, where will you be? Abed or with us, The Happy Few- A Band of Brothers! On the streets taking our land and culture back?

Leven-Torres has several rather over-heated and interminable websites (here, here, and here, plus a defunct site here) – he is the member of the English Democrats and is a former academic, specialising in the archaeology of Roman Britain.

Ray has also posted several videos, which he tells us were “first published” in 2008 but which have appeared on YouTube only recently. In these, he cobbles together a mystical nationalism drawing on Crusaders, King Arthur, and a somewhat dubious grasp of British history; this kind of romantic medievalism is widely popular among “anti-jihadi” posters to YouTube and other forums. In one of these videos, he tells us that:

The British Isles is an ancient kingdom with much history and culture because of our peoples toil over the generations, with Royal heirs sitting upon the “Throne of England” throughout. Today is no different!/ Way back in history there were Knights who sat around a round table to defend the Kingdom to which they belonged! For God and Country “Never” shall this Kingdom fall/ God fearing men devoted to the service of their God and their Sovereign Ruler in defence of all they held dear, “The Realm in which they belonged”/ These Knights served under King Arthur who left a legend behind that has spanned the generations upon these shores/ The legend speaks of a time in the future when the Kingdom is in the greatest of perils. “That time is now”/ The legend says that another King anointed by God would arise and lead his Kingdom and people to “Victory”. Prince William has just been anointed the 1000th Royal Knight of the Garter/ Not only that, God has blessed the Kingdom with two anointed leaders, “Prince Harry the humble hero”/ The Realm in which we belong is in great shape for whatever the perils that are befalling it. Islam will never conquer this Christian land/ OUR enemies are also those from amongst us who are seeking to destroy OUR Ancient Realm/ The Liberal Left-Wing facilitators of the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain are also our enemies. They encourage it, feed it, nurture it and pass laws to protect it/…I would say that the small cabal in Government that controls the State are enemies of the Monarchy and the people…/ OUR Royal Family know the threats that we all face that endangers the Ancient Realms in which we live. Let us “Hope & Pray” that they stand with their people/ Revival & Revolution is in the air. God is calling forth an army of Royalists from throughout the land. Are you one of them?

All this is illustrated with screenshots of Islamic extremists and news stories, a photo of Gordon Brown captioned “Treason”, and pictures of the Queen and Princes William and Harry; Prince Charles does not feature anywhere besides in one group Royal Family picture, and the omission is almost certainly deliberate (see this picture for a clue why).

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  1. As i have said before time and time again. Yes we will protest against extremists that includes all extremist groups. MfE will not target a Religion as a whole.
    A certian person seems to have issues with a whole section of the community. I will not stand alongside anyone with those views nor will M.F.E and i can say the same for the U.B.A.
    Both our groups stood shoulder to shoulder with people of other race and Religion to remember the victims of 7/7th. Photos to prove this on our web site.
    I will not lower myself to attack a person on the net, unlike the said person who like to spread lies on the internet.

  2. It is amazing that this football thing does come about again and again,.. and i feel fair enough when M4E and UBA are mentoned,… but to make it sound like only football folk are welcome is not the case, i know of many now that have joined, made welcomed, and it is not a club where you have a ritual to be accepted.

    for other groups mentioned, personally, i can say that nf, bnp e.t.c.. will never be welcome on M4E or UBA events, even back the tafalger square in 2004 the UBA chased off the nf and wanted to support the sikhs, but the police boxed off each opposing group to choudary and co and media used that, but against each group protesting for the same thing, breaking the unity… what can you do when you are made to be portrayed that way by them that print the same thing day in — day out,.. … dont make sense. government would had a race and culture of people uniting for something they have no control due to saudi deals in arms, america’s corrupt dealing and e.u control.. it shows weakness and in the mirror strength of a people… the geovernment have to have control, hence all this division of groups … of course i agree some are not worth the time of day… but for those that are… the weapon of colour and religion is the only ammo…

    of course like learning to walk, learning history e.t.c.. we know the history of the days of old, and we still know that it still exists today, that facist group and un-educated folk still exist,.. but on all levels… of all colour with that tarnish brush… no body is born perfect, everybody has a chance to learn, even from mistakes… but to always paint groups that are trying like media have against the M4E and UBA is a struggle in itself… but education is the key, outside views in is good as debate and more brings opinions for and against with sensible speech, to agree or dis-agree,… without that brainwashed tarnish brush…

    good post and topic i say….

  3. Until these hooligans also protest against the Christian, Jewish and Hindu extremists, and the racists among us, they will be just that, a bunch of hooligans trying to revive the good ol’ days where they could march through the streets, shouting, against a common enemy.

  4. Mr Me.
    We have protested against the I.R.A in the 80s and March for England and the U.B.A will counter any I.R.A splinter groups now. In fact the last time an I.R.A splinter group tried to heckle a troops home comming parade in Glasgow many including the U.B.A countered the threat and the abuse.. This was a few months back.
    We will counter any group that wants to change our way of life. regardless of Race or Religion.
    To add if you read the main post Searchlight points out the following—— These encounters were overwhelmingly non-violent, except when the National Front (NF) turned up and were driven away by the UBA and MFE.

    The UBA and MFE appeared to draw large numbers of young men including some black people and even a couple of Jewish football supporters from Surrey. Many were former soldiers and former football hooligans. They were frighteningly disciplined. Hundreds marched to the Regents Park mosque in that period.

    Lets be fair Searchlight are not out to us any favours so please note the above Ref U.B.A and M.F.E

  5. The best counter-troll would be to organize anti-hooliganism rallys whenever there’s a match – see how they like it XD

    Anyway, this is good news for islamic extremists as a bunch of thugs who enjoy violence for violence sake demonstrating immediately discredit whatever cause they stand for. Thanks for nothing

  6. I would caution that a fairly significant “Searchlight Hysterical Bollocks Discount Factor” often needs to be applied, particularly when you read about “football hooligans” or “Combat 18” in that magazine. I don’t want to belittle the undeniable courage that Searchlight and its people show in the face of genuine threats from a small number of very nasty people, but for one reason and another, they have a tendency to be very credulous about even quite absurd rumours of gangs of skinhead casuals who doth stalk this land.

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  9. I used to work with Leven-Torres. His wife is black by the way- hardly BNP material. He also has a Jewish-Spanish name. On the contrary he has no time for racism, marrying his wife despite his parent’s wishes.
    Why do you judge people so harshly, people you do not know or have ever met? Guy is a Christian and has proved many times he will side with people of all colours and creeds or minorities, even resigning from the Army when his staff Sergeant a black Grenadian was refused a commission because he was black.
    Guy was disgusted.

    As for beinga Nazi as some have suggested forget it! Guy lost relatives in Auschwitz and in New York on 9/11. He just hates extremism. He was until recently a Fabian too So don’t judge too harshly. A patriot yes but a liberal also!

  10. Why do you always call people who believe in an independent Britain racists or Nazis? Do you not know the difference. Perhaps you should take a history course? Or are you simply interested in what you think and believe? I am hardly a Rightwinger, having been a Socialist all my life but I simply cannot stand by, while people who cliam to represent ‘Liberality’ and ‘Christians’ write hatemail and caste aspersions towards innocent souls who have done everything in their lives to fight for minority rights. How dare you label my friend as a Nazi! The Searchlight Rag is a disgrace.

    I will have no truck with BNP but to label, an innocent man simply for trying to craet a genuine people’s protest movement in order to avoid the very extremist violence you and your Searchlight friends seem to accuse Leven-Torres of being a Nazi in league with Griffin? Oh for God’s sake! I am sure his black wife would be appalled! Oh and by the way he is still academic, not a former academic as you claim. May I suggest you research things peoperly and thoroughly. The man is highly respected by folk from all walks of life and if there was ever a peacemaker, Leven-Torres is it. But you lot are not interested are you?

    You simply slither around with all the other hate mongers believing what you want to believe and damn the truth. Has it ever occured to you that the growth of Islam may well mean the end of your ability to do even that?

    • What are you on about? (a) I don’t accuse Leven-Torres of any far-right connection and (b) I thought he had left academia, complaining of having been mistreated? If he has a current university affiliation I will be more than happy to amend the entry. I tend to “slither” in whichever direction correct information can be found.

      • He is freelance archaeologist by the way. I apologise if I was mistaken but I ma sick and tired of the way things are going, especially in the Media that seems to make ahbit od demonising people. Guy does not know about this yet, he is in France but I think you should ask hom yourself what he really thinks of te BNP and racism. I think you will find he has a lot to say, especially having suffered anti semitism himse;f as a child. He is Anglo Catholic by the way and practicing. His Panamanain wife is RC.

  11. Certainly not a Nazi, but he is ever so clearly an idiot

  12. all you can do is name call! Totally incapable of reasoned debate! How clever of you! It is people like you who do the name calling about people of whom you know nothing that are misguided. Don’t tell me you either read the mail or some other tory rag, or is it the guardian? Both are comics for children who call names! Remember what you have said when the biggest depression in history comes about next year. The fellow is only trying to get a people’s movement going and prevent violence and the extremists of right and left from turnung our streets into a war zone. You people live in a dreamworld-drones.

  13. No, He’s an idiot if he tries to hang his nationalism on the round bloody table. Now, fine, he has a Roman fetish, I like top hats and Delacroix paintings. Yet reading the Gaius blog, you get a bizarre narrative that somehow connects the institutions of Republican Rome, Highly contentious accounts of Romano-British culture, a side step round the Saxon and Viking legal norms and then presents an ossified unchanging set of structures from Magna Carta onwards.

    And that shite about the EUCCP…’s trival, insulting and so divorced from fact it has a restraining order. Using such a metaphor, that of mass murdering totalitarian terror state to the EU is really really dumb. Or wilfully malicious. I’ll leave that choice to you. He is just another sub sub standard nationalist with the same old axes to grind and the same narrative of doom and fiery regeneration…..with added togas.

    ‘the biggest depression in history’ – I think you misunderstand at least three of the words in sentence.

    ‘You people live in a dreamworld’ – Are you offering tickets for your nightmares then?

  14. You tiresome little girl! Time will tell. God you and your kind are bringing Socialism into disrepute. Who do you think you are? Other people are entitled to their opinions are they not, or are you going to send anybody that disagrees with to to a re-education centre, or what about the gulag and loss of civil rights? Why stop there, what about exile? What is the difference between you and the BNP? Personally I want neither. Who gave you and youir immature chronies with all your fine words the right to decide that the UK must be brought to an end? You obviously have a one sided view of history and what is wrong with a bit of romance? I met Orwell by the way and he loved romance in history and politics.

    The founders of the Socialist Movement would turn in their graves to see the outcome of their efforts to assist the Working class and poor. They never said anything about selling Britain down the road. .Indeed Attlee clealy rejected the nascent Coal and Steel Pact or Common Market when approached because he thought it undemocratic and said ‘I am interested in British Socialism not elsewhere.’

    As for the BNP, they only moan because they don’t run it yet! But give them time- they are Socialist corporates too-check their links out. For years my academic colleagues and I have been fighting the growth of the neo fascists and now thanks to a younger generation of idiots like you, who have taken it upon themselves to decide how the world will be and who ignore the votes of the populace, we are seeing a resurgence of the BNP and others. Thanks a lot!

    I hope when you are older you will learn. And I think it will be painful for many of you unlike us 70 somethings. Like most, you have no sense of humour. You are simply programmed drones- or ‘Repeat after me!’ I am not even going to show this to my friend.

  15. Yes my dear time and maturity will change you I am sure. Perhaps this is the begining of your journey to maturity. Men and women not much older than I am, died defending Britain against the EU. It was NATO that kept the piece, not the EC. Yet you and your silly generation who have never really experienced hardship, let alone life and real struggle for human rights seem to have the absolute arrogance to think you know better than us older folk. I wil admit my friend is perhaps a little eccentric but is that a crime?

    The EU is a proto totalitarian state-maybe soft totalitarianism- but a police state nevertheless. Your gnereation knows nothing of real freedom, yet you sek to lecture and abuse your older generations. You abuse a man whom you do not even know- simply for expressing an opinion-that is all- an opinion. I have seen people like you before back in the 1970s who tried to force Britain into the Soviet bloc. They thought they had the right to abuse people and worse. Thank God they never came to power.

    The BNP is a corporate fascist socialist entity too. You and your kind have much in common with them. Why do you think you know better than older people? Maybe this is the start as I said of a growing process for you! I wish you well anyway.


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  17. ‘Other people are entitled to their opinions are they not, or are you going to send anybody that disagrees with to to a re-education centre, or what about the gulag and loss of civil rights?’

    ‘Men and women not much older than I am, died defending Britain against the EU’

    ‘The EU is a proto totalitarian state-maybe soft totalitarianism- but a police state nevertheless’

    ‘For years my academic colleagues and I have been fighting the growth of the neo fascists and now thanks to a younger generation of idiots like you, who have taken it upon themselves to decide how the world will be and who ignore the votes of the populace, we are seeing a resurgence of the BNP and others.’

    ‘Yet you and your silly generation who have never really experienced hardship, let alone life and real struggle for human rights seem to have the absolute arrogance to think you know better than us older folk.’

    ‘You and your kind have much in common with them. Why do you think you know better than older people? ‘

    O fragile one, please re-read you words. Whilst I, on the basis of the tripe on the Gaius page, merely pointed out the folly therein, you believe i’m a closet EU supporting totalitarian, who would send such eccentrics/idiots (delete your preference) to gulag or exile. I am so typical, I am totemic of my ‘silly generation’. Not happy with that, I have caused the growth of ultra nationalism, betrayed socialism’s heartfelt attachment to the nation state and shouldn’t offer my opinion if it differs from those older than me. I bow before your vast powers of presumption

    I have my scars from fighting fascists and arguing down Leninists. They neither validate my opinions nor make them immune from criticism. On top, they don’t give me the right to make vast lazy generalisations and play loose with facts. How about yours?

    Remind me again…..When was the bloody struggle between the UK and the EU? You know…the actual EU….as in the European Union founded on 1 November 1993?

    ‘Maybe this is the start as I said of a growing process for you!’ – O Fragile one, you have opened my eyes and now I can see..

    I am reminded somehow of that brilliant piece of Devil’s advocacy that Orwell writes in ‘Wigan Pier’. About the cranks…..Those bearded bores spouting nonsense and demanded treatment fit for sages.

  18. I am sure you will be delighetd then. I recieved this just noOur Job Is Done

    And this time we mean it! And the funding has run out, the cash box is empty….

    13th August 2009

    Guy Leven-Torres

    An e.mail arrved from ‘Monsieur Treville’ our boss last night…

    Dear Guy and friends,

    I am afraid after our meeting with you and ‘Young Harold’ last week, we

    feel the situtaion is such that the continued existence of ‘Britannia La Resistance! is not a matter we can contemplate any more. The situation in the UK and Europe is too far gone for us to achieve what we had hoped to, a mass public outcry against the extremists and their Government supporters. The Far Right is growing in power and Europe is polarising into extremes of Left and Right, setting the stage for the civil conflaguration you and your fellow scholars so readily predicted. The money too is gone and I am not of sufficient means ,now that I have lost my seat in the European Parliament to assist you and your colleagues further in the cause of peace and civilisation. My colleagues and I salute you and the men and women of Britannia La Resistance!

    We pray that you all come through the gathering confusion and turmoil safely and will live to enjoy, perhaps a better time of a more sane and responsible Age ,if such a thing is possible after what is already descending upon us and which you all tried at great cost and bravery to prevent! May your Ninth Legion prosper in re-enactment while it can. I enjoyed the last show immensely!

    I salute you Guy and all your Romans!

    ‘Monsieur Treville’

    This the last communication you will receive from Britannia La Resistance! Events and history must take their course I am afraid. Nobody took any notice of what we had to say or about where this has now led….to violence as we correctly predicted. We tried our very best to forewarn that such a situation, as has evolved in Britain and Europe was unsustainable and that civil strife would eventually come. We were abused as ‘Islamophobes!’ ‘Racists!’ and a host of other nonsense about being in league with Satan or the ‘Far Right’, an epithet used by all leftwing thicks and even stupid ‘Christians’ to describe anybody that does not agree with them and their dangerously naïve infantile views and actions.

    And before anybody accuses us of cowardice as things hot up, let it be known that it was the total and absolute frustration with people and a population that simply will not act to prevent violence and trouble, and an incredibly stupid elite that goes out of its way to support Islamisation of Europe and the UK. They probably think Islamism will eventually burn itself out or imagine a quaint concept of a ‘multicultural’ Nirvana of a Europe with ‘Islamic’ enclaves. The truth and reality will be a Europe held in a vice like grip of terror as the exponents of jihad have told us openly.

    The final straw came when we have been reliably informed that the Obama administration is seriously considering removing American bases from Europe, after 60 years as our feckless self-seeking anti-American Elite panders to conspicuous consumption and peddling the Islamic migrant vote through mass migration. In truth many of these are far better behaved and more pleasant than their British counterparts. They also work harder and for less. The American ruler-ship (Democrat and Republican) believe Europe is doomed to become Islamic by the way, short of a miracle.

    Never let it be said that we never told you the truth! We are going the way of Ancient Rome and faster….Obama has surprised us actually with the depth of understanding he and his Administration have shown on the quiet, especially in respect of Europe, even if his other policies seem naïve but then the Democrats do seem to use the carrot and stick unlike Republican big stick. I quite like Hilary Clinton actually; common sense…even if we don’t like her politics.

    Anyway we Europeans deserve it. The Americans are a wonderful people, generous to a fault and our saviours time and again of a childish, spoilt petulant brat of a Europe.

    The English Defence League is a rather well intentioned but unfortunately, doomed to defeat attempt to redress the balance; expect more of the same. I do not know what lies behind them but there are not enough and it will never succeed with shady links I am told to neo Nazis, if the press and rumour can be believed. I rather had visions of men and women attired in sports jackets and brogues swamping the streets to send the Leftwing cranks running. However that will not happen now the rot has gone too far.

    Too little too late.

    I am no supporter of the BNP but they told people years ago where this would lead and I also suspect that certain ‘Government interests’ intent upon the European State and a Police State, are in fact stoking the bonfire. We hoped to avoid all this by peaceful Ghandi style civil disobedience. But that is not going to happen now!

    Welcome to Hell.

    Paris is burning again and as I write it has spread to other French towns….

    Don’t say we did not warn you where lack of concern would lead! The extremists are growing confident and powerful. Failure to act in a considered and legal non-violent protest would have defeated these awful people in their tracks. Now groups will act in haste so we can all repent at leisure in our Islamically assured future and it will be an Islamic future and don’t say we did not warn you, each and every one of you!

    Goodbye and good luck! You will need it…

    And you had better start praying…..


    Guy and the team at Britannia La Resistance!

    The organisation named as Britannia La Resistance! above is herein dissolved.

  19. WE will see if the man you have called an idiot is indeed an idiot. So far he has predicted correctly in every case. As I said you called him an idiot and practically a Nazi simply because he had lnks with the anti Jihad ‘Movement’ I would hardky call it that,

    With Jewish name and a black wife he is hardly ripe material for the BNP is he? He unlike most of us has far more to fear from the Nazi revival and has even talked recently of seeking residence in his wife’s country! But that makes no difference to you people beacuse you only believe what you want to believe not fact.

    Well time will tell!


    I wish you genuinely well! And mean it. I have no more time to dally with you! Good bye!

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  21. Weimar Time.

    Just as I and others warned but were scorned as extremists and cranks- or ‘Shrimpton clones’. Democracy Forum please note- No I am not gloating just terribly sad it had to come to this. So who are the ‘idiots’ now then idiots?

    Guy Leven-Torres

    17th October 2009

    The EDL and WLD are hardly my idea of a People’s revolt. In many ways they are a gift to the lunatic Unite Against Fascists and their Fellow traitors trying to destroy the United Kingdom, which now seems about to be achieved after nearly 80 years of trying. Oh, how I despise these Leftist spoilt ignorant brats. Most are from Middle Class homes, the products of spoilt childhoods and dysfunctional upbringings. I have raged against these creeps and timewasters for years, after seeing them first hand rioting outside the American Embassy in 1968 in an effort to emulate the Paris revolution and impose a Soviet on a free Europe. I noted grimly that these scum prated on about police Nazis, ‘Pigs’, ‘Fascist pigs’, while trying to force on the UK a regime that the Czechoslovaks were trying to expel only 500 miles away. Most of the dopes in Grosevenor Square probably thought the Czech rebellion, soon to be crushed by Red Army tanks was a banking dispute.

    The experience was frightening for a fifteen year old like me, on a day out to see the British Museum and a good feed with my 17/6d pocket money, then an evening trip to the Albert Hall to see Beethoven played. There I was in London, proudly wearing my first suit and nice tie and I got caught up in Red Revolution Time. A copper ran up to me and obviously guessing from my neat appearance and short hair, that I was not one of the dirty unkempt rioters, grabbed me by the arm with, ‘Better not hang round here son! It’s going to get dangerous!’ As he did so a bottle smashed feet away from me and missiles flew everywhere: stones, paving, bottles, indeed everything except the kitchen sink. My saviour pushed me into a side street where I was confronted by a screaming girl being manhandled into a ‘Black Mariah’ shouting out ‘Fascist pigs!’, ‘Up the Revolution!’ I shall never forget the look of sheer hatred on that young woman’s face. The Police in the circumstances behaved like gentlemen, especially as she bit one of them with her teeth.

    I have travelled the world since then. I have seen foreign police in action and they make ours look like pussy-cats. I once watched another demonstration in Madrid on behalf of Anarchists. My God how the blood flowed! Two people died from police beatings. When I mentioned this to a Spanish friend, he just shrugged, ‘That is politics Guy!’

    However things have changed and I was terribly shocked to see the behaviour of the Metropolitan Police in the face of the giant Countryside Alliance march five years or so ago. These were protesting at the Hunting Ban but the Met Police of today, unlike their 1968 counterparts were savage and more akin to their Continental cousins. I saw well- dressed men and women, wearing Harrods’ scarves, jackets and ties with cloth caps beaten up and brutally assaulted by the Police. This one object lesson seems to have cowered all of Middle England into silence and this was probably the intention.

    So as I correctly predicted, being the historian I am, the revolt when it came, was from the worst of all quarters, namely football ‘firms’ many of whom are shaven headed and have known Far Right leanings. God what a gift for the Left and some of these even went as far as using Hitler salutes. Thanks a lot fellers, you have put our cause back ten years, allowing the media to have a field day and present you all like a group of Nazi thugs and so giving propaganda to the Moslem extremists and their pals in the Unite Against Fascists.

    This was what I did not want to happen. How different things would have been if hundreds of well attired men and women, had silently marched through the streets protesting in a quiet dignified way. The scruffy, violent UAF would have been shown up for what it was- a bunch of thugs, facing off Middle England that even the Police and the BBC would have great difficulty explaining away as ‘Nazis’. Can you imagine it? An interviewer asks a UAF supporter for their reaction,

    ‘Oh yeh, dey were real Nazis and enemies of the oppressed masses. They wore the typical uniform of the Nazi storm troopers- well sort of like!’

    ‘In what way? They seemed rather polite and very well dressed?’

    ‘Yeh…er well. Yer know…dey were tryin’ to make us feel inferior!’

    ‘How so?’

    ‘They wore Capitalist clothes like of the property owning criminal bourgeoisie class …like didn’t they?’

    Well Mr Brown and all you bloody EU Socialist multicultural fools, I hope you are now utterly satisfied with your arrogant stupidity and complete contempt of the British People. We now face the very real likelihood of civil war.



  22. The Searchlight is a radical Communist publication.

    How “radical” is radical? Former editor of the Searchlight Vron Ware is a proponent of the racial theories of Noel Ignatiev who has called for the abolishment of the White race. The motto on Ignatiev’s website Racetraitor is “treason to Whiteness is loyalty to humanity”.

    Being Communists, the Searchlight leadership is full of colorful characters: killers, arsonists, burglars, embezzlers, and a pimp.

    Additionally, many in Searchlight’s leadership are former members of the BNP, or the National Front, or both.

    Despite all this, as well as having been successfully sued for libel several times, the Searchlight is successful; they provide a service few can offer – infiltration of the membership ranks of groups like the BNP, and the National Front to bring back incriminating evidence.

    Infiltration has been very good for Searchlight which is more than just a magazine. The Searchlight group also includes an educational trust to teach young people about the dangers of fascism, and an investigative service which provides information about fascism to the British government.

    That’s right, Searchlight contracts with the government. Long time editor, and publisher of the Searchlight, Gerry Gable is reputed to have contacts with MI5, and various other intelligence agencies.

    In 1964 Gable was convicted of burglarizing the home of revisionist historian David Irving, and was fined the equivalent of about $50.

    The Searchlight Organization is only one part of the “anti-fascist” scene in Britain.

    The UAF

    In 2005, Searchlight left the steering committee of United Against Fascism, or the UAF, probably amid denunciations of “fascist!” from both sides.

    The UAF is a collection of different groups, that includes Searchlight, and is chaired by former mayor of London, Ken Livingstone. My favorite member of this group is the National Assembly Against Racism, who, according to Wikipedia believe the anti-racist movement should be black-led.

    The UAF is where you will find remnants of groups like Anti-Fascist Action who believe in confronting fascists both ideologically, as well as, physically.

    Indeed, when one looks at the violence associated with EDL marches it is mostly coming from the UAF.

    Along with ritual denunciation, to have violent counter demonstrations so that their opponents become associated with violence are tactics well known by the left.

    It is amusing to read current Searchlight editor Nick Lowles say people should worry about the EDL because, in addition to upsetting Muslims, they are a “street army”.

    The UAF appear to be a state funded street army who purpose is to silence political dissent.

    Leonard Zeskind, and the Institute for Research & Education of Human Rights

    Around the same time as the Guardian articles were appearing in England, reports of “racism” within the Tea Party were being reported in the US.

    The NAACP called on the Tea Party to purge itself of its racist elements.

    The NAACP was responding to the findings of a report prepared for them by Leonard Zeskind’s Institute for Education & Research of Human Rights.

    Once again, Leonard Zeskind is a radical Marxist/Leninist.

    “Leonard Zeskind, was also an organizer for the Marxist-Leninist group, the Sojourner Truth Organization (STO) during the 1970’s and 1980’s.”

    This was the same time frame as when fellow STO member Noel Ignatiev was re-framing his Marxist/Leninist ideas as “anti-racism”.

    In 1982, Zeskind created the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights, and by 1983 began carrying advertisements for Searchlight in the IREHR’s publication “the Hammer”.

    In 1988, Zeskind was “writing regularly for Searchlight and became their USA correspondent.”.

    “On 23 April 1989 Leonard Zeskind spoke at a rally in Leeds, England, where he shared the platform with Martin Becher of the radical Berlin-based Anti-Fascist Action Group.
    According to press reports, Zeskind and Becher were “touring the country as part of a campaign mounted by Searchlight, the anti-fascist magazine.”

    Searchlight, and the IREHR continue to work together.

    Follow the link to see Devin Burghart at a recent Searchlight sponsored speaking tour. This is the same Devin Burghart who was dismissing Pamela Geller’s “Islamophobia stuff” in the Guardian piece posted by Spitfirelist.

  23. […] More on “Anti-Islamic Extremist” Protestors in UK «This month’s issue of Searchlight (410, … These encounters were overwhelmingly non-violent, except when the National Front (NF) turned up and were driven away by the UBA … The UBA and MFE appeared to draw large numbers of young men including some black people and even a couple of Jewish football supporters from Surrey. […]

  24. Guy telling it as it is as usual. Fearless as always. Yes mate we are between two extremes and as you say the UK is so sick all it can offer is the hooligan EDL and UAF. Sorry to hear about your cancer Guy. Compred to these you are a gent my old mucker. Give my love to that lovely wife of yours.

    Alex (ex UCL)

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