Copper Scroll Ark-Eologist Update

So, what’s happening with Jim Barfield, whom I blogged on here? Barfield, it may be recalled, is a former arson investigator who recently briefed Oklahoma state senators concerning his claim to have deciphered clues in the ancient “Copper Scroll” that would lead to the recovery of treasure lost from the First Temple in Jerusalem, including perhaps the Ark of the Covenant. He then headed off to the Judaean Desert, to the great excitement of apocalyptically-minded Christian Zionists.

His website now has some updates; alas:

We are at a standstill. Due to an illness the archeologist was unable to proceed with his plans. In addition, our flight return dates, other flight restrictions and damage done to my home by storms in Oklahoma have created a situation where a return to the US was unavoidable…

What a surprise. That was on 12 May, although poor website design meant I didn’t notice until today. But all is not lost – Barfield has identified a number of significant sites, and he has a Plan B for getting the authorities to investigate them:

We are in the process of putting together a DVD that will contain that disclosure in detail with additional graphics and photos from each location. Once the video is complete it will be sent to only select individuals in power in Israel…If you know people in power in Israel that might be of assistance, send me their NAME, GOVERNMENT POSITION, ADDRESS, PHONE, and EMAIL ADDRESS.

However, this is not without risks:

My greatest concern is what will the people in power do if adequate testing is done and a find is made? These items are not meant to bolster the national economy or to be added to the national treasury of Israel, it is a dowry meant for the time of G-d’s kingdom and for that purpose only. But then…that is where faith in G-d comes in for all of us who believe. Do we shrink from the possibilities or gather our five smooth stones.

In a second dispatch, we’re told that the unnamed Israeli archaeologist has

“laid claim” to the most important [site] of all. If we have actually located the buried cave, that site is now under his control and he has priority for digging at that location preventing others from digging without the involvement of the proper authorities. We can the return to the site and finish excavating to the proper depth to expose that cave opening. With that in mind, we can go to those in authority with the credibility that we have established and disclose our plan.

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  1. Oh to live in their world…

  2. Just another huckster out there ‘pimping off the bible’ . All they/he will find is the naive folks out there, who can least afford it, to throw money their way. As for the archaeologist, seems the IAA is involved in this the same way they were involved with Wyatt, who found the ark in the Garden Tomb in Jrsm and made a small fortune off it for years.

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