Daily Mail Pulls Article on Luton Disturbance

The Daily Mail has removed the article I blogged on here, which gave some background to the recent supposedly “anti-extremist” disturbance in Luton. I also understand that the reference to Glen Jenvey had been scrubbed before the whole thing was pulled.

The two main subjects of the article – anti-Muslim blogger Paul Ray (“Lionheart”) and Dave Smeeton, who heads March for England – have both complained about the piece. Smeeton left a comment on my previous blog entry on the subject:

To clear up a few facts. Yes we where in Luton on the day about 20 in all from March from England. This included my friends 2 year old who would lay the wreath at the war mamorial.
We had no involvment in the trouble. We where in fact in contact with Sgnt Lowe most of the day by phone. We did march and it was peacfull. If anyone who wants the TRUTH about my or MfE involvment on the day please contact J.Harper at Luton Council or Sgnt J Lowe at Luton Police. The Daily Mail didnt want to by the look of the smear in the paper
The Daily Mail was a hatchet job end of.
As for Glen jenvy yes he is on my friends list on facebook to be honest dont think there has been any contact since i accepted his friends request.
Photos prove that we marched and respected the Local community as we did other blog pages also report that.
I have and will continue to say the truth on any mater i am asked about. Wish others would just say the truth.
I hope this clears up any points. Will someone get in touch with Luton council or the Police to cover the fruth about MfE? No i dont think they will.

Ray, meanwhile, has been railing in typical form over on his blog, declaring that “The journalist is a TRAITOR!!!” (“Traitor” is his favourite insult). In his blog’s comments section, he adds that:

My lawyer will be looking into this next week for me.

This article could seriously jeapordise any future trial if the CPS do decide to charge me for the offence i have been on bail for, for the past 14 months.

If you were part of a jury and you read that about me, indirectly linking me to a fire bombing of a mosque, ontop of the charge, it would seriously cloud your judgement.

The author of the piece, is a vile Left Wing activist working in the media.


They are going to be sued to the ground by Glen Jenvey thats for sure, he played absolutely no part in anything, yet they placed him in an article ttiled: Unmasking the football hooligans behind bloody protest.

The thought of Glen Jenvey taking the stand  as victim of mispresentation is a laugh, given his recent activities. And the complaint is back-to-front: the Mail suggested that being linked to Glen Jenvey makes the alleged hooligans look bad, not the other way round! The Mail article included the claim that the mosque had received a threatening letter signed off in the name of a medieval Crusader (Reynold de Chatillon); it did not accuse Ray, and indeed it gave Ray the space to claim that the mosque had fabricated it to implicate him.

The main topic of the Mail’s article was how football hooliganism may be the key to understanding what happened. However, on comments left on this blog Smeeton has assured us that that kind of thing is far behind him:

I was a Skin head in the 70s…The 70s where the days. This is 2009 and i am an old man.

And regarding possible links to a Portsmouth hooligan group called the 6.57 Crew:

If i had any connections to the 6,57 that would have been 30 years ago.So if i had what relevence is 30 years ago?

There is no reason to doubt any of this.

However, football hooligans unconnected with Smeeton certainly do appear to have been involved in the distrubance; a posting brought to my attention on Hooligan Central (“a resource for anyone involved in the Casual Culture in the  UK, whether you are a hooligan, a retired hooligan, Sociology student, or simply love the lifestyle/clobber etc.”) links to Ray’s blog and has the following message:

British Casuals and normal people united against the peddlars of hate in Luton. Football lads from all over the country attended in a massive show of support, old football rivalries were forgotten as Brits of all colours show we are fed up of those people who want to kill us taking the piss. Please go to facebook and join the groups “Defence of the Realm, March for England and The Welsh Defence League and get involved”. Our grandfathers never fought off the Krauts so we could hand our country over to the Taliban.

There is also a picture of some of the balaclava-wearing protestors. Ray has been added to an associated Hooligan Central Facebook site “so that i could inform and educate the group members”; he  has also expressed solidarity with a local football supporters’ crew, known as the “MIGs”.

UPDATE: Ray crows:

Tim Stewart and Paul Bracch[i] have made a very serious mistake with their article and the Daily Mail editor who cleared it is accountable for allowing something so damaging to go to print.

…I hope the journalists in question have ‘perverted the course of justice’ by their actions, and that they will be charged over it, or if not this charge, then some other charge.

I know Glen Jenvey has his own case against the Daily Mail for linking him to the article for absolutely no reason at all.

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  1. U seen what lionhearts upto?

    another cover piece of Jenvey!

  2. i had no part or links to this demo.yes its true the daily mail are being taken to ourt.i have never met in person the other wo people in story.

  3. i had no part or links to this demo.yes its true the daily mail are being taken to court.i have never met in person the other two people in story.

    see this file on smamer bloggerheads links to terrorism.

    What Mr Ireland may not realise is that Ummah.com has a long history of allowing its forum to be used to promote terrorism. The recent demonstrations against the Israeli embassy appear to have been largely organised from this site.
    Ummah.net (same as Ummah.com) hosted Abu Hamza’s website Supporters of Shariah (SOS) from 1999 to 2003. You will find at the following link
    to a 35 page document that shows many terrorist related postings at Umma.com over the years

  4. You are so full of it Glen seriosuly you don’t get it – what is with it with you and your fascination with providing irrelevant outdated data.
    Daily Mail going to Court – well if you win make sure you save up your money to hire lawyers for your defence! You are going to get Turned upon once Alan Sugar lawyers take the Sun to the Cleaners.

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  8. No man was born to hate which means that we can teach him to love! How is peaceful Finsbury park mosque these days ummah.com and left supporters.

    I heard that there was a accident by a mad white driver.

    I can’t find any press statement to event from far right groups.
    But van driver was a relative to a police officer.

    Peace and love and say a pray for me as I’m writing a new book about the red hand gang defenderso from Northern Ireland and Scotland and Wales.
    Stay safe every Friday T

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