March for England Rebukes Former Royal Anglian Soldier

A couple of days ago I blogged on the decision to cancel a demonstration in Luton in response to the recent provocation by a small group of Islamists who protested a parade of returning soldiers. Luton Today reported:

James Yeomans began organising the event after the disruption at last week’s homecoming parade for the 2nd Battalion of The Royal Anglian Regiment, nicknamed The Poachers.

He has decided to abandon the event in case it attracts further trouble…

An earlier report tells us that Yeomans is himself a former member of the regiment.

So what kind of “trouble” was Yeomans expecting? Apparently, it was the realisation that groups such as “March for England” (as I noted here) planned to hijack the event for their own anti-Muslim purposes. All we need to know is contained in a bitter response from March for England and its associated outfits posted on “Lionheart”‘s blog. Weirdly, it is in the form of a Youtube video, but I’ve transcribed a portion. Spellings and punctuation are as in the original:

David Davies MP should tell Mr Yeomans that he should have a little respect for those who were willing to unite in Luton. Who does Mr Yeomans think he is to call us all fascists, and pitiful? He says: “What have they ever done for their country?”

Well we were about to take to the streets in protest for the sake of our country!

Whilst our armed forces are serving in foreign lands, it is us who are back home witnessing militant Islam

Ask your families about whats happening while your thousands of miles away

Mr Yeoman’s is a political puppet

Says all the right things for the Establishment at our expense

He has stated: “we need to have a look at our sad lives”

He should offer an apology for sayning that against everyone willing to be in Luton on Saturday

Or David Davies MP should ask him to step down for disrespecting ordinary citizens in such a public manner

Two Facebook groups are named alongside “March for England”: they are “Defence of the Realm” and the “Welsh Defence League”.

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  1. Oh good grief, this madness seems to run and run.

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  5. I would liek to speak with Mr Bartholomew in order to discuss how he seems to know me and my politics? I would love an answer…….anytime will do.

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