Aaron Klein and Jerusalem21

Terry Krepel has some interesting background to a WorldNetDaily article about Wikipedia:

A March 8 WorldNetDaily article by Aaron Klein asserts that Wikipedia editors “has been deleting within minutes any mention of eligibility issues surrounding Barack Obama’s presidency, with administrators kicking off anyone who writes about the subject” — curiously failing to mention that Wikipedia has an entire page dedicated to Obama citizenship conspiracies. Klein related the experience of “Wikipedia user ‘Jerusalem21′” in trying to add the information to Obama’s page.

Krepel points out that the only other edits to Wikipedia by “Jerusalem21” are on the page for…Aaron Klein. On that page, “Jerusalem21” puffed Klein’s work, added pictures and links…and deleted critical material added by Krepel.

Klein is WND‘s Jerusalem correspondent – his main shtick is to interview Islamic extremists for juicy quotes about why they prefer Obama to Bush, but he also promotes various Jewish “community activists”, who, with a bit of googling, turn out to be assorted extremists and Kahanists. Krepel has been noting these links for some time – one article (which gives me a credit) can be seen here.

WND founder Joseph Farah has a morbid horror of Wikipedia – when his own page was vandalised in December to suggest that the mustachioed editor was a “noted homosexual”, the incident received massive coverage. Gen J.C. Christian sent some words of advice.

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