Glen Jenvey Disappears from Radio Show

A right-wing website promises us a radio treat:

Our guest will be blogger and activist, Lionheart who is a British Citizen and who has been arrested for inciting hate on his blog!…Our second guest is Glen Jenvey who began studying radical Islamic groups when he was in college. He was a spy, and over the years, Jenvey has worked for the intelligence services of several other countries,  and  eventually began using the internet to infiltrate terrorist organizations.

This American show is called No Compromise, and the hosts are a certain “Tracy” and “Jefferson Paine”. The show’s associated blog carries typical fare: ramblings about “Barak Hussein Obama” as “usurper-elect”; the secret pro-Muslim symbolism of the Flight 93 Memorial; and evidence about how an imminent ice age disproves global warming (that last revelation is derived from Pravda via WorldNetDaily Conwebwatch has more about that here).

However, Jenvey is no longer on the schedule, it seems. Here’s a before-and-after notice on Lionheart’s blog:


Lionheart, it may be recalled, is the sanguinary blogger who was arrested for inciting hatred last year, and as a result he briefly became a “free speech martyr” among conservatives – until someone bothered to look at some of his blog postings expressing the view that “God is on the side of the BNP”, at which point some scepticism crept in. Phyllis Chesler quickly dropped him, and a repudiation from Little Green Footballs led to Lionheart describing the site as a “Second World War Nazi collaborator who would have been shot because of his treason” (more recently he’s said that “I am not BNP although I agree with many of their policies”).

On 9 January, Lionheart reported that:

I received a phone call late last night (7th) from my good friend Glen Jenvey who has been forced into a secret location for his safety because he and several reporters had run a story about credible threats aimed at high profile British Jews. An indirect threat of beheading, or encouragement to behead was posted by a Moslem aimed at them after the intelligence was gathered from one of the largest Moslem forums and then the story taken to print which made the front page of the Sun. Moslems on the forum were blatantly drawing up a list of high profile Jews living in Britain for attack over Israel’s war with Hamas in Gaza.

It seems Sir Alan Sugar tops the list.

That Sun article has now been removed from the internet, as has a similar piece in the Daily Mail. The Muslim forum posting that listed Alan Sugar had been written by someone called “abuislam”, and the story was pulled after Tim Ireland presented evidence suggestive that this person was none other than…Glen Jenvey.

Why is Jenvey now passing up the chance to address the controversy on radio?

UPDATE: According to “Tracy”, Jenvey couldn’t come on because he is “in hiding” due to the Islamist threat – presumably at a location without a telephone or internet link.

Lionheart, meanwhile, claims that he is still under investigation by the police, and he rails against “Paki Muslims”, insisting that “Paki” is a term similar to the Australian term “Pommy” for “British”. Of course, it’s not – everyone in the UK knows that “Paki” is a racially abusive term that has belonged exclusively to the vocabulary of racists and the far-right for decades. He also complains that the BNP has had a “bad press”, when in fact it is one of the few  groups “doing something” about Muslims taking over the country.

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  1. The current SCOTUS threshold for a MUST STAY of BHO’s inauguration is not whether he is ultimately determined constitutionally ineligible to be POTUS, merely whether there now is SERIOUS QUESTION on his constitutional eligibility, since any determination of inelligibility AFTER inauguration would pose unnecessary civil and military difficulties.

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