Glen Jenvey: Manga Punk Link?


Blog posts on Glen Jenvey and “VIGIL” by myself and by Tim Ireland at Bloggerheads have elicited a series of weird comments several persons claiming to belong to a group called “the Cheerleaders”, or “Hur Al-Ayn”. The first came on Christmas Day from a certain “Lil’Goat“:

Richard- maybe you’d like an update from someone who works with them? (i.e. me) drop us a line at the email I sent you and I’ll fill you in on the latest.

This was followed by a message from “Yarah H” on 13 January, and promised information on “Glen Jenvey, Dominic Whiteman, VIGIL, V7 Europe, and everything else”.

Meanwhile, Tim has received several missives from “Fayruz”:

…Email me at if you want to know anything, we’re the girls that get the info for VIGIL, V7 Europe, and Jenvey…Glen Jenvey’s not talking to our outfit at the moment cos he thinks we stitched him up. But if you want his mobile or home phone number I can give it to you.


The purpose of the group, they explain to Tim, is to

track and disrupt violent extremists, mostly Islamic extremists, based in the UK…We mess up extremists, hack their phones, PCs, bluetooth, scare them out of their houses…We hate Jihadi fascist scum. And Panorama, the Daily Telegraph, Angus Walker and CFSC bloomin’ love us!

Further information appears in messages published in November on a blog called the Infidel Blogger’s Alliance (sic for apostrophe position). Here a writer named “Charlie” claims responsibility for the demise of a Jihadi website called IslamBase. Charlie also tells us:

In real life, we’re me, some ex-army intel people, some hackers, and a bunch of girls with funny-colored hair!

The group also uses the name “Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group”, or “P2OG”, which is taken from a proposed new intelligence agency in the USA that was suggested in 2002.

A comment on Harry’s Place made on 28 December in the name of “Al-Hur Al-Ayn” has a bit of fun with Anjem Choudary, a high-profile and particularly unpleasant British Jihadist:

we’re onto Anjem Choudary and he’s cacking it, as of today :) We messed up their meeting in Slough and now they’re all a bit twitchy. Funnily enough when we texted him today he said he was going to call the police because we were harrassing him. Strange- we thought he only believed in divine law! XXX Al-Hur Al-Ayn

The comment leads to this non-existent website.

A comment at Soccer Dad on the same day also takes credit for sending a letter to MPACUK spokesman Asghar Bukhari which apparently spooked him out. However, this time the link is to the website of an Essex-based music group called “The Fighting Cocks”. The group’s site carries a “P2OG” logo, and a couple of paragraphs expressing the belief that the West’s “cultural weapons of mass destruction” and “earthly delights” will prove more attractive to the world than radical Islam: “Our guitars kill Al Qaeda”. A profile here describes them as an

Anti fascist bhangra / jungle / dub / gypsy / punk cheerleaders who look like they’ve just stepped out of a Manga comic. Charlie Cock and his seemingly endless collection of female companions have fused together hundreds of complex samples from musical history and will present them to you with a smattering of punk guitar, female vocals and pom poms.

“Charlie Cock” is apparently also known as “”Ludas Matyi”, which is a name taken from a Hungarian epic poem.

[UPDATE: “Ludas Matyi” is also part of the email address belonging to “Lil’ Goat” – I don’t usually mention details like that which are sent to me privately, but comments on Tim’s blog have now crossed the line, with “Fayruz” offering up a veiled “I know where you live” message. The email address also appears on other sites concerning the “Fighting Cocks”].

A link to their “MySpace” site adds:

They are on a never ending quest to destroy Islamic terrorism and they aim to achieve this by sampling the most obscure sounds, jumbling them up with jungle/techno beats and then adding some punk guitar and girly vocals over the top of it.

But how does sending out weird and ambiguous blog comments about Glen Jenvey fit into such a “quest”?