Renew America: God Caused Earthquakes in Islamic Crescent Shape

A certain Tom Kovach makes a bid to outdo Walid Shoebat with the most absurd anti-Muslim conspiracy:

Only an all-powerful God could have arranged earthquakes to appear on a map in the shape of an upside-down-and-backwards Islamic crescent. But, wait, there’s more. Islamic flags actually contain two celestial features: a crescent moon and a star. So, where is the star? Remember the mention of the idol worship at the Bohemian Grove?

The author is a “former USAF Blue Beret…an inventor, a horse wrangler, a certified paralegal, and a network talk-radio host.” He has also written a book, entitled Slingshot:

 “This book should be required reading for every American, age 16 and older….” — Charles Jones III (Brigadier General, USAF, Retired; chairman, National Veterans Coalition) “If you want to straighten out America, think of it as a compass.” — Jack Cashill, Ph.D. (author, columnist, documentary producer) “… this guy is like Charlie Daniels with a pen instead of a fiddle.” — Mark Rose (columnist and blogger)

(via Sadly No!)

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  1. The link to Sadly No! goes to the Renew America article

  2. Thanks, fixed.

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