Brigitte Gabriel: “Some Truth” in New Yorker Cover

From OneNewsNow:

Brigitte Gabriel, founder of Act for America, says the [New Yorker] cover is actually an accurate portrayal of how Obama is viewed in the Muslim world. “The Muslim world does look at Obama as a Muslim,” she contends.

As for the picture of Osama bin Laden on the wall, she continues, Obama has been sponsored by al Qaida. “Al Qaida wants Obama to be president. The terrorist organizations around the world want Obama to be president,” Gabriel notes.

Gabriel also contends that in the Muslim realm Obama is portrayed as someone who has no loyalty to the U.S., and someone who will defend the right to burn the American flag.

Who exactly these Muslims are who see “Obama as a Muslim” is not explained.

Gabriel was repudiated by the United Jewish Communities back in February.

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  1. She needs to join Wally Batshoe and Von Kampfgruppe on tour. Maybe they could get Dobson to do some guest appearances with them. But then that might infringe on Bush and Cheney’s act. Nahhhh, this is all just a very, very, bad dream. I’ll go back to my nap now. Nazi’s dressed in tutu’s, dancing in Hell….really…..snore

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