Texas Attorney General and JINSA to Promote Walid Shoebat at “Homeland Security” Conference

From a press release:

Former PLO terrorist, Walid Shoebat will join Counter-Terrorism experts from Israel in a Changing World Symposium: Preparing Law Enforcement Executives for the Future, a homeland security conference, being held in Austin, Texas at the Renaissance Austin Hotel (9721 Arboretum Boulevard) on July 21-22, 2008. Attending will be some 300 senior law enforcement officials from across Texas…Over the past decade, Shoebat has been on a mission of peace, traveling the country educating students, the public and law enforcement agencies on the mind set and dangers of Fundamentalist Islam.

The conference is being co-sponsored by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott and is organised by JINSA, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs.

Shoebat’s “message of peace”, of course, is anything but: he is a virulent Christian Zionist fundamentalist who believes that Muslims are under the direction of the anti-Christ. Here’s Shoebat’s “expertise” at its finest:

I discussed this preposterous and ignorant exegesis at more length than it deserved here.

Shoebat’s website also includes a video produced by his son Theodore that expresses absolute hatred of Islam and science (Charles Darwin, naturally), and his belief that militarized Christianity is the answer to both (I blogged this here). The Jerusalem Post, among others, has also raised questions about Shoebat’s supposed past.

JINSA’s executive director is Thomas Neumann, who has a distinguished background in various high-profile American Jewish organisations. The board of advisers includes Kenneth Blackwell, John Bolton, Richard Pearle, and James Woolsey, among others such as Sheriff Kevin Beary, who featured on this blog a while ago. It may be recalled that someone had written to a local newspaper suggesting that Beary was an enthusiast of tasering because he was too fat to chase criminals; Beary used his official position to find out the writer’s home address, and he sent her a letter accusing her of slander.

Greg Abbott, meanwhile, is mainly known for a massive invesigation into “voter fraud” which turned up only a handful of cases (all black and Hispanic Democrats), and for defending the addition of “under God” to the Texas pledge of allegiance.

UPDATE: Keith Davies, Shoebat’s “handler”, has graced us with his presence in the comments section, see below.

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  1. Obviously Mr. Shoebat is such a threat to your liberal diseased minds that you need to smear him and call him names.

    Winston Churchill was also labeled an extremist and and “Naziphobe” when he warned about the Nazis and Hitler.

    You may not like what Walid says but if he is right he will one day be recognized as a visionary and “moderate” while the fools who go round saying Islam is a peaceful religion will be laughed by the people of America and the free world” If the ones who now hate Walid will admit they were wrong and follow along with the “Neo conservatives and the miliitant christians”

    Wake up and smell the humus, you have been warned.

    Keith Davies
    Director of The Walid Shoebat Foundation

    PS thanks for putting up Walid’s explanantions of End Time prophecies, now more people who have an open mind can see where we are heading and will be ready when the Messiah comes.

  2. Mr Davies, thank you for commenting. Since you’re reading this blog, could you tell me why Shoebat is no longer included on the line-up for next week’s CUFI “Washington-Israel summit”?

  3. After reading Mr. Davies comments, I am curious as to whether or not he even has a mind; diseased, or otherwise? “Wake up and smell the humus, you have been warned.” What? Personally, I like baba-ganosh better than humus, but thanks for the warning. Seriously though, Richard you should be ashamed of yourself. Ashamed if you don’t cross post this to Talk To Action. Davies is too funny for you not to share him with others.

  4. Done.

  5. Interesting that Mr. Davies cited Winston Churchill, who was one of the early, devoted proponents of the doctrine of “strategic” bombing that resulted in, among other things, the firebombing of Dresden, Hamburg and Tokyo. Churchill also advocated that the RAF use poison gas to “control” Iraq during the 1920’s. In the end the RAF opted for conventional iron bombs and sometimes phosphorous bombs too, and strafing as their preferred approach to colonial administration that included, among other things, the bombing of Iraqi villages for the non-payment of taxes.

  6. This is outrageous – that a man who the Jerusalem Post exposed as phony (link: http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid=1206632362598&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FPrinter) is being put forth as an “expert” on terrorism. This guy came to the States in the 70s as a teenager, long before al-Qaeda existed. He married a fundamentalist Chrtistian and adopted her Christian Zionist beliefs, then figured out a way to make money from them by pretending to be a “former terrorist.”

    Shoebat feeds on the gullibility of the American public. The sad thing in this instance is that the attorney general of Texas is the gullible one. I just hope public funds aren’t going to be wasted on this sham.

  7. In the 1990s, credulous US evangelicals were gulled by self-styled “ex-Satanists” like Mike Warnke and Lauren Stratford. Now that Islam has become the new Satanism, it was perfectly predictable that “ex-terrorists” would be making the rounds of the Christian Right circuit and milking the gullible faithful.

  8. I remember hearing a biographer of Churchill say that, while in the Cabinet of Neville Chamberlain, Churchill never once opened his mouth publicly against the policy of appeasement.

    Not that appeasement is that bad. I don’t recall we won the war against the Soviets by stopping every one of their advances with a full scale military response.

    Nor can we get rid of the ancient, mind-cramping mythologies of Christianity, Judaism, Islam (to name but a few) by killing those who won’t get out of the dark ages.

  9. From the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography on Appeasement

    “Churchill’s record as an uncomplicated anti-appeaser cannot go unchallenged. His contemporary criticism of totalitarian regimes other than Hitler’s Germany was at best muted, and it was not until May 1938 [Josh SN: after the Nazi occupation of Austria] that he began consistently to withhold his support from the National Government’s conduct of foreign policy in the division lobbies of the House of Commons. Even then, Churchill seems to have been convinced by the Sudeten German leader, Henlein, in the spring of 1938, that a satisfactory settlement could be reached if Britain managed to persuade the Czech government to make concessions to the German minority.”

  10. I find it interesting that Mr. Davies brings up “Hitler.” He would be wise to listen to what MLK said, “Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.”

    Hiter was also a “Christian Warrior,” and Mr. Davies seems to be cut from the same clothe.

  11. […] meanwhile, left a comment on this blog just a few days ago. He is of the view that Obviously Mr. Shoebat is such a threat to your liberal diseased minds that you need to smear […]

  12. […] says that Davies (who occasionally stops by this blog to post goading comments) eventually came up with the name of a pilot, who did not respond calls for confirmation. […]

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