WorldNetDaily Headline: Obama’s Holocaust “Distortion”

The headline refers to Obama’s unfortunate mix-up between the Soviet liberation of Auschwitz with the American liberation of Buchenwald. Back in May Aaron Klein described this as a “gaffe”, but apparently he now feels the need to imply some kind of Holocaust denial, perhaps having realised that it is absolutely impossible to insult or underestimate the intelligence of WND‘s target readership.

Of course, WND would never distort the Holocaust for its own purposes, and certainly not in a highly disrespectful and tasteless way:


The above picture and caption appeared in a WND puff-piece for anti-evolution film called Darwin’s Deadly Legacy. The film was condemned by the Anti-Defamation League for trivalizing the Holocaust.

Meanwhile, Ed Brayton has an excellent put-down of the WND-editor and all his works here.

(Hat tip: ConWebWatch)

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