John Hagee’s Album

Bruce Wilson at Talk to Action has posted some interesting photographs of apocalyptic Christian Zionist mega-church pastor John Hagee hanging out with some rather well-known people.

Hagee has featured on this blog before (see search function), and his recent endorsement of John McCain has caused some controversy. The video below presents a typical Hagee sermon, although someone else has ornamented it with pictures and music.

3 Responses

  1. Richard – Aren’t they weird ?

    Hagee & Rice, Hagee & Cheney and Hagey & Gorbachev strike me the most.

    Adding the video was a nice touch.


  2. Gorbachev gets around; I saw him on a typically half-mad Japanese chat show a few years back, during which he was obliged to dine on a bowl of borsch in the studio and give his opinion.

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