Rev Moon’s Zambian Archbishop: “Last Renewal of the Church is Coming”

From the Times of Zambia:

ROMAN Catholic Church (RCC) excommunicated Zambian prelate archbishop, Emmanuel Milingo, has said he is still committed to his ministry of healing and demon-exorcism.

…In response to a Press query, through an e-mail from South Korea where he is currently based, the 77-year-old Zambian cleric said the last renewal of the Church was definitely coming.

The reason why Milingo is based in South Korea, of course, is because he is now completely under the spell of Rev Sun Myung Moon. While the Catholic Church had sought to curb Milingo’s rather exuberant demon-battling antics by keeping him in Rome, the Unification Church restored his sense of importance and provided a wife. In return, Milingo is to help Moon create parallel churches in Africa in which priests will be able to marry. In Zambia, a Moon front organization called the “Peace Embassy” (linked to the Universal Peace Federation) recently facilitated the creation of the first of these, named the Catholic Apostolic National Church of Zambia.

Milingo explains:

“What I am doing is not completely understood by those whose understanding and vision of the Church is narrow.

“More is coming in the Church, not as it is, but as it will be and ought to be. It is the era of the last renewal of the Church,” Archbishop Milingo said.

“I need a platform to preach, to cast out devils and to heal the sick. No time for quibbles.I am coming in few months,” he said.

Curiously, the Times article makes no mention of Milingo’s Moon links, which I have blogged fairly extensively. In one of my earlier entries I quoted a book by John Cornwall (Powers of Darkness, Powers of Light, pp. 330-334) which contains an interview with Milingo when the Archbishop was best known for his beliefs about the demonic. Here it is again:

…The archbishop’s eyes stretched wide. ‘We are now in the last days of Satan’s reign, and he is working overtime through his agents to complete the takeover of the world. His agents are nothing less than the Freemasons who have penetrated to the very heart of Christ’s Church. It is the task of the Freemasons to lull Christians, especially priests, into believing that the Devil and his demons don’t exist. Satan plays with priests like toys when they don’t believe in him.

…’Now Satanism is at its strongest throughout the world. These are the years of the Devil. Black Masses, and blaspheming God, and Judas priests. Before he died Pope Paul VI knew what he had done [post-Vatican II]. He knew it! He had let Satan free within the Church. He said he could smell the stench of smoke around the sanctuary. He said the truth!

…’I was in Holland two weeks ago!’ The archbishop was now shouting and spitting again. ‘I was praying in Amsterdam from seven-in the morning to half-past two, and the priests were falling like corpses before me. The Devil congratulated me for calling him a liar. A witch came to me and said, “How dare you!” I received a letter from the Devil telling me that I should never dare to speak to the demons like that. It said the devils are more powerful than me and they’ll be watching for their chance. But this isn’t true, you see.’…

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  1. Bartholomew, Thanks so much for your continued muckraking and exposition of “the story behind the story” on half-reported issues like these. Your blog is quickly becoming one of my favorite sources for international religious commentary. Pax, Sean

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