Church Receives Farm from Mugabe in Return for Support

From Zimbabwe, a nice deal for the Apostolic Church of Africa:

Addressing hundreds of members of the Apostolic Faith Church of Africa in Lobengula Extension in Bulawayo, President Mugabe said there was need for indigenous influence to penetrate all facets of life, including the church.

…Earlier, the leadership of the church requested some assistance from the Government in the form of a farm and the tarring of the road that turns off Hyde Park Road to the church, an imposing monument in the suburb.

…Before President Mugabe’s address, Pastor Toni Tshuma gave a stirring sermon that generally centred on the need for the people to respect their political leadership and be self-reliant.

He read from Romans chapter 13 verses one to three, which says, inter alia, that all leaders are ordained by God. He also read from 1 Timothy chapter 2 verse one to four that calls for peace.

To that end, Pastor Tshuma said his church prayed for President Mugabe as the leader of the country. The church, he added also prayed for the political leadership from council level to ministers.

This blog has looked at Mugabe’s religious supporters a year ago. Tshuma is not the only pastor to receive worldly goods in return for offering Mugabe spiritual support; “His Disgrace” Bishop Nolbert Kunonga – who describes Mugabe as “more merciful than God” – also has a farm, which according to reports has been allowed to decay; despite severe food shortages, Kunonga wants to use the land for development.

(The above quote was taken from the Chronicle. A shorter and slightly rewritten version appears in the Herald)

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