Paul Cameron Cited by Russian Orthodox Spokesman

Russian Orthodox church spokesman Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin unveils a new plan to encourage morality, via a subtle advertising campaign. Interfax reports:

we can make such an advert: here is a happy just married couple leaving the church after wedding, and here is night-clubber with a glass of cognac with prostitutes and pederasts. And “Part II”: five years have passed – the couple is among their children, while the marry-maker [sic] is in hospital dying from AIDS.

Just why “pederasts” would be in a night-club is not explained, but given the homophobia of the Orthodox Church it’s very likely Chaplin is using the word to refer to gay men. The following raises our suspicions further:

The representative of the Russian Orthodox Church cited results of Paul Cameron’s research. According to them [sic], life span of homosexuals and lesbian is 20% lower than that of ordinary people in Denmark and Norway.

Paul Cameron needs little introduction; the Southern Poverty Law Center has reviewed his work here.

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