Pepsi Nepal and UPF Promote “One Family Under God”

A couple of weeks ago on my Universal Peace Federation sub-blog I noted a UPI report from Nepal, which described how

two major business groups from Nepal — Pepsi Co. and the Chaudhary Group — have joined hands with two key nonprofit NGOs — Project Healing Touch of India and the Universal Peace Federation of Nepal — to offer a solution to a people in despair.

The project concerns micro-financing and business training; however, it is now clear (although unsurprising) that UPF theology will also be promoted. The Rising Nepal reports:

The project aims at enabling those in the most vulnerable sections of society to earn a respectable living, be self- supporting, make a contribution to society, and live in dignity inspired by three of the fundamental pillars in the UPF philosophy as-that sustainable peace can only be built on the principle of living for the sake of others, that irrespective of religion, language, cultural or ethnic background we are essentially “One Family Under God,” and UPF’s wholehearted support to fulfill the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals.

No mention is made of the “One Family Under God’s” “True Father” on earth: Rev. Moon. It should be recalled that Moon’s works and ideas were recently praised by Nepalese politicans.

What the rhetoric of “One Family Under God” actually means is made clear in this video:

This video is rather more slick than the following 1997 effort, recently unearthed by John Gorenfeld:

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  1. Thanks for the link.

    Yes, you put it well. The public relations genius of the Unification Church at work. Has anyone this vulgar ever come wrapped in a PR campaign this expensive?

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