Interfaith Agreement

Mohammed Naseem, chairman of the UK Birmingham Central Mosque:

…He went on to express his concern…that there were “4 organisations running the world” – the Bilderberg group, the Trilateral Commission, McKenzie and Co Public Relations, and Common Purpose.

He stated that the Bilderberg group was a secret organisation, which holds secret “invitation only” meetings. He stated that the job of Trilateral Commission was to identify those people in power in a given country who would be willing to accept the Bilderberg’s agenda for their own country. He stated that the job of the McKenzie organisation was to facilitate the policies of a leader such as Tony Blair.

Dr Naseem stated the fourth organisation – Common Purpose was “seeping through society like branches of cancer”…He added that one of the activities which took place in the Common Purpose seminars is “brain-washing,” and that Common Purpose was seeking to identify “the leaders of the future” so that they would eventually “sing from the same hymn book” – which was prepared by Bilderberg, The Trilateral Commission, McKenzie and Co. and Common Purpose.

Hal Lindsey, US Christian Zionist author (link added):

…powerful forces outside of our government – like the shadowy international Money Trust members of the “Bilderberg Group” – made a decision to force the formation of the North American Union along with the amero. There decisions have been instituted in the past via the Trilateral Commission, which is the dba for the nefarious Conference on Foreign Relations. Destroying the American dollar could force the crisis that would force the creation of the North American Union. To quote the title of a book of the 1960s era, “None Dare Call It Conspiracy.”

(I looked previously at Lindsey’s “Money Trust” conspiracy theory here)

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