Jamestown: The Revenge

Kathryn Joyce, an excellent journalist who has given this blog encouragement over the past few years, has just debuted at Newsweek, with an article on Doug Phillips (son of Howard) and his recent Jamestown Quadricentennial Celebration. Phillips believes that the official commemorations organised at the site were a travesty of a great Christian historical moment:

“At what should be a crowning moment of blessing, celebration and thanksgiving to God, America is being held hostage by savage philosophies reanimated from the grave and marching on Jamestown…It’s down on Western Christendom, up with spirit guides…If you go on the [commemoration’s] Web site, you’ll find that not the natives, but the settlers were cannibals; that they were terrorists against the environment; that there was a holocaust; that the settlers were guilty of lynchings; that a genocide took place.”

Apparently the above poster, as seen on Phillips’s website here and noted by Joyce, is part of the effort to put the historical record straight.

Phillips’s “Vision Forum” has also just announced the 2007 “George Washington Man of the Year”. And the winner is (link added)…

Ken Ham is the esteemed 2007 recipient of the George Washington Man of the Year Award because we believe him to be an individual whose vision and persevering spirit are noteworthy for giving hope to the next generation and defending the cause of Christ in our nation. Specifically, Ken’s uncompromising defense of Genesis, and his long battle to open the Creation Museum is one of the most singular contributions of our generation.

(Hat tip: The Revealer)

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  1. Ken Ham: Australia’s proudest export until Puppetry of the Penis.

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