Families Seeking “Christian Republic” Move to South Carolina

Onenewsnow carries an AP report:

The leader of a small group that ultimately wants to secede from the United States and form a Christian republic is preparing to move to the South Carolina county his organization has picked as a good base of operations.

…Cory Burnell, leader of Christian Exodus, said he has found a job and is ready to move his family and operations by July from California to Anderson, in the state’s northwest corner.

His family, which includes his wife and three children, will join more than a dozen other like-minded families already living in the Upstate region of South Carolina. Burnell said he expects another two dozen families in his movement to move to the area by 2008.

Burnell’s plan got considerable coverage back in 2004, at which point he was claiming “50,000” supporters were planning to join him. I did a bit of background digging at the time, and noted that the plan was a revamp of an earlier “Confederate States of America Project”. Burnell rails against the “socialist populace” of the United States, and he was a member of the Texas Constitution Party.

This political background is glossed over by Onenewsnow, but Christian Exodus has a helpful newsletter in which Burnell lays out his self-described paleo-conservative  agenda more fully – paper money being a particular target, since “notes are essentially backed by the indentured servitude of the American people.”

There’s also a charming comic strip. Here’s an extract:

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