Christian Zionist Links Gay Pride to Lebanon Conflict

Following on from yesterday’s entry, here’s some compassionate insight from prominent Christian Zionist Christine Darg, at Exploits Ministry (ellipsis in original):

Military events in Israel are now likely to force the cancellation of the World Pride homosexual desecration of Jerusalem next month.

Believers in Israel and all over the world have been bombarding Heaven for God to intervene…But sometimes God answers in ways that nobody wants. War is never pleasant, but its security demands take precedence over something as frivolous as a gay parade.

God dispenses wrath in mysterious ways. Christine and her husband Peter Darg were responsible for starting CBN‘s Middle East office back in 1982; they had a few moments of wider fame in 1998 when they set up a webcam on the Mount of Olives overlooking Old Jerusalem’s Golden Gate, in anticipation of the return of Jesus. Alas, that project has since been abandoned, due to those annoying non-Jewish people who actually live in the city getting in the way of the view:

You have repeatedly heard the outcry of Arab propaganda about Israelis building so-called ‘illegal settlements’, but the press pays no attention to the other side of the story- Arabs illegally constructing houses and expanding existing structures without any planning permission. This is what happened on the Mount of Olives.

Christine Darg is also a trustee of Elvis Gospel Ministries, which

has grasped the God given opportunity of the continuing popularity of Elvis Presley, to make available to many thousands of people, the good news of  Jesus Christ.

UPDATE: Darg is not alone; some Israeli rabbis concur.

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  3. I dont think that the war between Lebanon and Israel had anything to do with the Gay Pride parade in Jerusalem and I definately do not think that God would punish Gay people. After all he is a loving God and would never bring wrath upon any one that is not bothering anything else.

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  6. Jacob, God doesn’t hate gay people, you’re right. However, He’s anathematized homosexual sex acts many times in Holy Scripture!
    Modern people think nothing is really BAD. However, that is untrue. Homosexual sex acts have been condemned throughout the life of Scripture. People have been warned, time after time, to turn away from certain behaviors! Instead, obstinate as people may be, humanity chose to repeat them, & have the gall to complain when the consequences occur.
    God is incredibly compassionate, but the time will come when He has had enough of disobedience!

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