Revelations Postponed

Way back in March, I blogged on up-coming American NBC mini-series Revelations, starring Bull Pulman and Natascha McElhone and scripted by David “The Omen” Seltzer. Sources such as Variety informed us that the show was supposed to appear after the Olympics, at the end of August.

But now (well, since July actually, but I didn’t notice) the entertainment sites are saying that the show is “tentatively set to premiere in January 2005”. NBC’s website lists it as “upcoming”, and links to a previewSCI FI Wire (a site owned by NBC Universal) adds:

Jeff Zucker, president of NBC Universal Television Group, told SCI FI Wire that the upcoming midseason supernatural series Revelations will be an action-adventure series in the style of Indiana Jones. “It’s really…more about…the search for whether or not the prophecies in the Book of Revelation are coming true,” Zucker said in an interview at NBC’s fall press preview in Los Angeles. “That’s really what it’s about. It’s more Raiders of the Lost Ark in that respect and a thriller than it is about trying to stop the end of the world.”

But why the change in schedule? Was it too contentious? I’m actually sceptical (like commentators at The Revealer) of the idea that Bush is an apocalyptically-minded President, but perhaps broadcasting such a programme just before the election might have put the issue on the agenda in ways not necessarily to his advantage…

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  1. The new NBC series – REVELATIONS is about the search for whether or not the prophecies in the book of Revelation are coming true in today’s modern world. Sir Isaac Newton’s Bible Math Code and the prophecies he wrote about was revealed to me on August 17, 1989. I have written ten books on Newton’s end of days prophecies. Example: Recently found on a scrap of paper in Newton’s writings- the date for the end of the world – 2060 In 2004, Scientists discovered a 1.2 mile wide Asteroid on a collision course with earth. Mathematical calculations first indicated an impact date in 2019. This date was ruled out BUT SCIENTISTS CANNOT RULE OUT AN IMPACT DATE ON FEB. 1, 2060. In news reports, scientists gave a doomsday description of an Asteroid impact and their wording mathces exactly what Jesus christ prophesized in the book of Revelation- “A great star shall fall from heaven burning as a lamp. NEWTON SET 2060 FOR END OF WORLD.

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