Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse Hoaxer Sabine McNeill Convicted

From Court News UK:

A pensioner described as an ‘online troll of the worst kind’ is facing jail for accusing innocent parents of satanic abuse. Sabine McNeill, 74, led a campaign to uncover claims of devil worship and child abuse at a primary school in Hampstead, northwest London. McNeill harassed four mothers, who cannot be named, by claiming they were members of a cult who cooked babies and ate them.

The rest of the article is paywalled, although what appears to be a derivative account can be seen at Metro. The latter includes the claim that “Her claims were so realistic that a police investigation was launched into the blameless parents”, which is not quite accurate: the origin of the affair was that two children at the school had been coached by their mother and step-father to make allegations of Satanic sex abuse, and their precociously sexually explicit accounts would have been of greater concern to the police.

In 2015, there was a protest outside a church next to the school, consisting of a weird coalition of evangelical Christians, “alternative media” conspiracy theorists and “Freeman of the Land” types (a couple of arrests followed). The conspiracy milieu in which the allegations have been promoted has been chronicled extensively by the blog Hoaxtead Research, including an exhaustive account of McNeill’s 18-day trial (concluding summary here), which also highlighted some antics by her supporters during it.

Of course, prosecutions and convictions are unlikely to change the minds of those who have invested in the conspiracy theory – indeed, the outcome can easily be assimilated into a grand and non-falsifiable theory of an all-powerful cover up. Just recently, two American Hampstead enthusiasts attended a child abuse conference in Dundee, during which one of them plastered stickers around the town promoting the Satanic Ritual Abuse claims; and the story of “Hampstead Satanists” is now embedded within alt-right and populist circles, alongside the claim that the convicted arsonist Melanie Shaw has been convicted as a cover-up of “VIP child sex abuse” in care homes.

This was demonstrated last month, in a speech made outside the Royal Courts of Justice by Tracy Blackwell, a leader of the Tommy Robinson-linked “Justice for Our Boys” campaign. As shown in a video, Blackwell told her supporters (at 14.15):

Free Melanie Shaw, as we all know, another political prisoner. Free Sabine McNeill, another prisoner.

It was Blackwell and her fellow campaigners, led by one James Goddard, who blocked bridges in central London on Friday as a pro-Brexit stunt.

Also visible in the same video is Paul Rogers, who documents and promotes various right-leaning protests in London under the name “Eddie Isok”. Rogers – whose Twitter avatar shows him posing with Anne-Marie Waters of For Britain – also attended the McNeill trial, and he made videos in which he named witnesses despite reporting restrictions and promised that he intended to film “certain people” outside Southwark Crown Court, “and then certain people in the know, I will tell them who these people are, right, and they will deal with it”. This sort of thing did not go down well with the judge, and he was held overnight for contempt of court before being given a suspended sentence. According to Hoaxtead, he also tried to video in the court precincts, and he blames the Hoaxstead author for reporting him over this. Rogers believes it is significant that Hampstead is close to Finchley, here making a link with “Finchley Road” international fraud allegations popular among the same activist crowd. (1)

Meanwhile, another activist who showed up to report proceedings claimed that he was assaulted by an agent of the “Zionist conspiracy”, and a few days after that the judge ordered security posted outside the courtroom and required attendees to provide ID, telephone numbers and addresses.


1. Rogers does not believe just anything, though, and a few months ago he publicised Brian Harvey’s complaints against Bill Maloney.

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  1. there is no claim…….those two children where abused the hospital examination showed that. Yet your hit piece ignores that fact and yet again the media HAVE enabled pedophilia to get away with crimes against children.


    • Scott – putting aside the tired, debunked fallacies you’re spouting here, would you mind please explaining why a self-professed campaigner for child safeguarding thinks it’s appropriate to troll, threaten, slander and intimidate people under the user name ‘Muley Mulester’? I look forward to hearing your rationale for this. Thanks in advance

      • post your real name and address here so i can sue you for slander but you are a gutless coward you would never do that

    • I agree. Zionist judge Pauffley should have ordered serious investigations. I have watched the videos of the children talking about the abuses and rituals, They are too detailed, prompt,consistent. Why weren’t the private parts of the people involved checked in order to find the tattoos described by the children? Privacy policy? Oh come on! Have you forgotten what happened to popstar M. Jackson ( not really supported by the elites ah?) when a child said the had molested him?

  2. The sentence seems somewhat excessive given her age, though it occurs to me that some sentences meted out to genuine CSA offenders (which those accused by McNeill and her cronies are not) in the UK seem to me also excessive in some cases.
    I suppose that makes logical sense. If society has decreed that child abuse is the worst crime imaginable, then making, perpetuating and propagating false allegations should be treated similarly stringently.

  3. exactly. Remember Jimmy Savile

  4. British society is really rotten, I Live in Italy and I had no idea of the huge number of children snatched and abused by social services, who are involved also in this case. The media are corrupt and contribute immensely to this crime, THE BBC also protected Savile; I have watched and read a lot about this case and I believe the children, and there’s no need to be an expert in communication/ body language to realize who is lying here. Have a look at the ridiculous performance of loving daddy Ricky Dearman here, then listen to the kids, and decide by yourself who is lying. He cries from dry eyes, his lips are still. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqyRG9iHess and here is the ridiculous video posted by now retired judge Anna “I love Israel” “Justice” Pauffley”, to justify her decision. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxdOjI5uSZc her praise and support to the social workers ( great experts who know the children and families???? Ah ok maybe she meant that some from social services touch in their privates and sexually abuse kids ).This was idiot and nauseating. The only expert to listen to here was the competent pediatrician who confirmed the abuses after checking up the children. I am disgusted and horrified. Of course the kids’ mum is not perfect, I mean how can you make 2 children with such a monster ( he had been violent and stalked her ) never suspect anything when your kids behave strangely after being with him , for instance vomit etc, and live with another guy who gives marijuana and beats them too, although slightly? But giving the kids back to their father and closing the case instead of investigating seriously was demonic. Moreover, ther enon consistence in Pauffleys conclusion: why should the kid, if coached and manipulated and instructed by their mum and her boy, accuse Abraham of beating (slightly) them too? This does not make sense at all. Just an idiot would consider this hypothesis. But, as I said, please take your time to listen to the kids and also their retractations, the police officer in the last interrogation is not doing his job,

  5. Anyone from judges to children services to police all turn a blind eye because they are all involved in this nasty cult too.

    • No, the judges, children services and police are not involved in a Satanic cult. I advise that you seek medical attention as your belief is delusional.

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