Some Notes on Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, “End Times” Visionary Who Says the Pope Is the Bible’s “False Prophet”

From Right Wing Watch, earlier this month:

On his television program yesterday, End Times prepper pastor Jim Bakker interviewed Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, who has born to a Hindu family but converted to Christianity as a teenager and whom Bakker hails as a modern-day prophet for supposedly having prophesied Hurricane Harvey and the destruction it would cause to the city of Houston.

During the program, Selvaraj told Bakker that during the 2016 election, he was called up to heaven and directly told by Abraham that it has been decided by “the council of the prophets” that Donald Trump would be America’s next president.

Selvaraj was born in 1962; he has a television ministry based in Chennai (Angel TV), and he has apparently been undertaking regular missionary work in Tibet since 1986. As indicated by his use of the title “sadhu”, Selvaraj’s outward appearance is that of a Hindu holy man – he wears a simple orange gown, and he has an impressive white-and-grey beard.

Selvaraj says that God asked him to continue the work of Sadhu Sundar Singh, a famous Sikh convert to Christianity who similarly described himself as Christian sadhu at the start of the last century, and who attempted missionary work in Tibet before dying young. (1) One US Evangelical/Neo-Pentecostal book thus compares him to Elisha, the Hebrew Bible prophet who received Elijah’s mantle. (2)

In the US, Selvaraj speaks at annual conferences held at Reverend Ann Ott’s In His Presence Ministries in Houston, Texas, and at Pastor Joe Sweet’s Shekinah Worship Center in Lancaster, California; these events are described as being “hosted by Angel TV” (for 2015 see here and here), and if you happen to live in California it may be useful to know that Selvaraj recently told Jim Bakker that “The Lord has shown me that Lancaster California is one of the places of refuge chosen by God for the last days”. The California conferences also include Neville Johnson, an “End Times” neo-Pentecostal from Queensland, Australia. (3)

Numerous videos of Selvaraj have been uploaded to a YouTube, particularly by a channel called “The Seraphim”. Titles include “The Antichrist Will Politically Rise From Berlin, Germany” (here); “Donald Trump 4 YR Tenure is the Final Grace Period And Warning For America” (here); “Jerusalem Becomes a Burden to All Nations, Gog Magog War” (here, with a bizarre computer generated backdrop); “Israel will build 3rd temple in exchange for land. Prophecy !!!” (here); “Identification of the Beast (Revelation 13) as revealed to Bro. Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj” (here); and “URGENT WARNING!!! Prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj says Trump Is In Danger 2017” (here). Much of his teaching is based on personal messages received from God, although he also draws on ideas promoted by others – thus he joined in promoting the “Four Blood Moons” phenomenon that was supposed to signal the End-Times in 2015.

Another video is “Pope Francis is the Prophesied False Prophet in Revelation 13”, and the American neo-Pentecostal news service Charisma News has in the last few days run a prominent piece claiming that ” information confirms Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj’s prophecy that Pope Francis is the false prophet from Revelation”. The “information” is presented in a discussion between Jim Bakker and Tom Horn, whose religious writings are full of extravagant and bizarre David Icke-style science-fiction elements.

In particular, Bakker cites the fact that the Pope does not approve of Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel; Bakker, of course, is a fervent Christian Zionist who believes that modern Israel is an indication of the Last Days. Bakker and Horn also refer to the new anti-Francis book The Dictator Pope by the pseudonymous Marcantonio Colonna, and to attacks on the “Phariseeism” of Francis by the Catholic author Michael O’Brien (e.g. here). Horn, as discussed previously, believes (or at least claims) that Francis is in fact “Peter the Roman”, the final pope and thus involved in a plan to create an “Alien Serpent-Savior”.

Evangelicals of course have a long history of naming the anti-Christ, but it is nevertheless unusual for a high-profile source to positively state, without any wriggle-room, that a figure supposedly predicted in the Book of Revelation can be positively identified beyond doubt. Charisma News is owned by Steven Strang’s Charisma Media, and in 2005 Strang – author of a recent book on God and Donald Trump, discussed here – was one of Time magazine’s “25 Most Influential Evangelicals in America”.


1. An essay by the late scholar of religion Eric Sharpe posted here explains that “during the 1920s, the attention of Christians in practically every part of the world was seized and gripped by the work, witness and personality of an Indian Christian preacher, Sadhu Sundar Singh.” Sharpe also notes his interest in Emmanuel Swedenbourg, and “resemblances between Sundar Singh’s visions (or rather the explanation which he gave to those visions) and some aspects of the teaching of Swedenborg.” He also quotes Singh as having written in 1929 that

I have conversed with Swedenborg and some other Hindu saints who, after entering into the spiritual world, have accepted the Lord as the only true God and Saviour…

This quote strays from orthodox Christianity, and as such some Evangelicals suggest that his conversion, which Singh claimed was facilitated by a vision of Jesus, was a demonic deception. The issue was raised in 2009 in relation to the controversial neo-Pentecostal evangelist Todd Bentley (blogged here); Bentley claimed in 2006 to have had “a vision” of Singh.

2.  Steven Brooks, Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: The Release of Mantles to the End-time Generation (Destiny Image, 2008). This was based on his 2003 Where are the Mantles?, which was self-published though Xulon Press.

3. Here’s Johnson speaking on the subject of “Sex With Strange Flesh – Jude 1:7 – Origins of Demons”.

27 Responses

  1. I believe God used Sadhu S.Selvarage a Prophet in this End Times. He is a man of God.

  2. In the course of a search on another topic, a carousel of Selvaraj’s videos came up. The “prophecy” was given in 2015. After Harvey, people tend to forget that Houston also suffered flooding in 2015 and 2016. Harvey was expected to be a major rain event two weeks before it hit and a full week before everyone knew it was going to dump historic levels of rain.

    One thing that I’ve noticed about him and the circle he runs with is that they tend to have “prophecies” about things that someone who is reasonably up on current events might foresee as a possibility. For example, that circle “prophesied” Obama would be impeached (didn’t happen) and there would be foreign troops on American soil.

    There are two things Christians need to do. 1) Stop being so credulous. It is extremely unfortunate that Protestants in general ignore the writings of the Church Fathers, so much heresy, confusion and error could be avoided by reading these works, some of whose writers were taught by those who walked with Jesus. Before someone goes to one more conference, they should first read the Didache, one of the earliest documents from the Apostolic church (aside from the New Testament), and take special note about what it says about people who claim to hear from God and also ask for money.

    2) Spend more time actually reading the prophets so they have a standard of comparison. Isaiah wrote some of the harshest prophecies in the Bible, but also those with the greatest hope.

    In the clip I watched Selvaraj said, “I always come with visions of destruction, never words of blessing.”.

    Does that sound like the Holy Spirit?

    In all of his messages I’ve watched (which are admittedly few), there is a recurring theme of destruction of the wicked (the them) and salvation for a righteous remnant. This in itself is not unBiblical; however, there are two crucial elements missing.

    The first is that there is no call to self-examination and repentance among believers. What is missed in the oft quoted ” if my people” passage in 1 Chronicles is the conditional is based on the “my people” . . . Believers. WE are to confess our sins. WE are to humble ourselves. WE are to turn from our wicked ways . . . To repent. It is not about “them,” it has to do with us.

    The second missing element is that there seems to be no heart for the lost, there is no spreading of the Gospel, the Good News of the salvation in Christ.

    It seems to be more about being prepared to watch their destruction while seeking after reported angelic encounters.

    A final note, I think it is interesting the connection with Swedenbourg. I do believe the source is the same.

    • That’s not true about their not being a call to repentance in his videos. He does mention that. My spirit bears witness to the truth Sundar Selvaraj is saying. Why do Christian like you always attack other Christians you don’t fear God enough to come against other true Christians. God will judge you for that don’t you see? Stop that read your Bible and not other church father material s and pray more so you will be more descerning.

    • People confuse there emotions with the holy spirit. I would much rather hear what the early church farther have to say! Then these money hunger sheep in wolf’s clothing con artist tv preacher are teaching. There he’ll will be HOT!! Wake-up people.

    • There is Always a call to repentance in Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj’s messages. That can biblically take different forms. Take for example, the prophet Jona. The bible states that he prophecied destruction of Nineve. But the response due to the fear of the Lord that was communicated resulted in Jona having to give a message of reprieve. There is a large messure of love in Sadhu Sundar Selvarajs messages, and they have caused me to repent from hidden sin.

  3. Let’s go to Gods word? His HOLY Bible. Where? In the Old Testament, or the New Testament, does his word say there will be Prophets on Earth in End times???? God also teaches/ says there will be False Prophets we are to have Discernment in regards to them…..

    • Spot on reply. Indeed some Christians are so credulous with every win or doctrine these days. Biblical discernment is in deed the key(1 john 4:1, Acts 17:11)

    • Jeannie you’re right. What you said is ‘bottom line’ and true. The Bible does say there will be many prophets and we need to let the Bible prove itself. We won’t have discernment unless we get out of our comfort zone and into the word of God!!

  4. I have listen to Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, and I ask the Holy Spirit for something which the man of God confirmed. Sadhu spoke about heaven a lot, but I want the father to make him speak about hell. A couple of weeks later it was confirmed. This man is set up for the rise and fall of many Christians in these end-time. Becareful how you criticize him. Truly, this man is an anointed of the LORD preparing the church for the last leg. The gospel of the Kingdom! sounds familiar? From the lips of the Lord Yeshua Himself.

  5. I have listened to Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, and I ask the Holy Spirit for something which the man of God confirmed. Sadhu spoke about heaven a lot, but I want the father to make him speak about hell. A couple of weeks later it was confirmed. This man is set up for the rise and fall of many Christians in these end-time. Becareful how you criticize him. Truly, this man is an anointed of the LORD preparing the church for the last leg. The gospel of the Kingdom! sounds familiar? From the lips of the Lord Yeshua Himself.

  6. The church is the body of Christ and the Lord himself is the head. The head knows how to prepare the body. So what is this that the sadhu is preparing the church for the last leg? There is no last leg for the church. It will be be raptured in the twinkling of the eye when the trumpet of the arch angel sounds. Unbiblical prophesies are for itching ears.Minds with clarity will go back to the Bible and Bible alone. Not self proclaimed prophets.

  7. Pope Francis can never br the false prophet of the book of Revelation simply because that false prophet will not be revealed till the church is in the world. He will be revealed only after the church has been raptured. Whatever this Pope may be, atleast he is not a showman. The tennis legend Boris Becker famously said, “There is no business like show business” In Indian christendom there is a plentiful of men and women in show business from Villivakkam to Virudunagar. The carnal viewers lap it all up to satitiate their hunger for spiritual variety.

  8. On all Bible subjects there are different opinions. Unfortunately most opinions are based on a few scripture verses on the subject. I believe that all scripture verses dealing with whatever the subject, should harmonize without contradiction. If one verse dealing with whatever subject contradicts, there is something wrong with the interpretation. God does not contradict Himself. The Wise Virgins do not stay behind like Prophet Sundar said on the Jim Baker show. It clearly says that the Wise were taken and the foolish remained behind. Where were the wise taken? It is true that there needs to be a lot of cleaning in the church today everywhere.

  9. Since the Holy Bible did not fall from the skies, it is only reasonable to study it’s sources and the people who assembled it. Most errors occur due to a ‘chain theology’ approach, whereby words are picked from here and there to ‘prove’ this or that. There is more than two thousand years of church history to learn from. False prophets can convince people that reading books by historians and early christian writers is dangerous, unnecessary, and that it shows ‘lack of faith’. This they do in order to blindfold their followers so that they do not find out the truth and run away. They teach them to be irrational, emotional and impatient with other views (short thrift), and they encourage them to be mentally lazy on spiritual matters, apart from just reading certain parts of the Bible. Where the Roman Catholic church emphasizes the study of Logic, the false prophets do the opposite and claim that ‘human reasoning’ implies ‘lack of faith’. But isn’t proper reasoning a very precious gift from God who loves the truth? I do not see anything wrong with studying the Church Fathers (Paul calls himself such at 1 Cor 4:15 despite Mathew 23:9) as well as more recent miracles such as the apparitions Mary at Fatima, to strengthen my faith and guard against false prophets. I study both sides, the protagonists and skeptics, and I believe I cannot be easily misled. If I could only get time, I would read the Didache, the patristic writings (see, the so called apocrypha, and so on, in order to gain more discernment. Sticking to the Bible alone without considering its sources is Bibliotary, a form of idolatry. But, as psychologists will tell you, I only read to confirm what I already believe or want to believe, and that is probably what you also do.

    • John BW: You Deceptively & Deceiving Contradict Yourself & Your Professed “Logic” By “Straining At Gnats And Swallowing Camels” ! – You ALSO LACK THE TRUE HOLY GHOST/SPIRIT OF THE COMPLETED & FINISHED HOLY/DIVINE CANON OF THE HOLY BIBLE/SCRIPTURE/WRIT -AND- DIVINE +++ILLUMINATION+++ &-OR +++EPIPHIPHANY+++ ! ! ! –

  10. The ministry of condemning other belivers, particularly servants of God is unfortunate. Jesus specifically told us that if a prophet is false, YOU SHALL KNOW THEM BY THEIR FRUITS, not their teachings. Unless you can point out an evil practice in this preacher, be careful lest you become a champion of condemnation against God’s servants, for which you will not be guiltless before God who has appointed them. I have noticed over time that those busy serving the Lord receive criticism from spiritual idlers who are doing nothing for the Kingdom of God. Let’s beware.

  11. I have two issues with Sundar Selvaraj, at least. I don’t if he is a true prophet or not. But, first Mr. Selvaraj said at one of his conference that quote, “You have to admire Lucifer for what he did when he went against God”. I don’t admire Lucifer for anything he did and I never will. Second, Mr. Selvaraj claims that the church and I quote, “Must Go Through the Fire and That Will be The Final Test of Purification/Sanctification. This test is whether individual church members accept or reject the mark of the best”. Mr. Selvaraj says, the Jesus specifically told him that everyone has it wrong regarding the pre-tribulation rapture and that the church must to through the fire as the final test.

    I can’t specifically tell anyone whether this is Biblical or not. However, first we are not saved by works and accepting or rejecting the mark of the beast, is not saved by grace but saved by works. Second, Jesus died on the cross for the sins of many, and those who believe He is the Messiah and call upon His Name are saved. The blood of Jesus covers are sins. The church is sanctified daily as the old man is put away and the new man begins to grow in the image of Jesus. So, I can’t say whether or not Mr. Selvaraj is a false prophet, but I can tell you that I do not agree that the church will have to go through the tribulation and accept or reject the mark of the beast. We are not appointed to wrath is specifically stated in the Book of Revalation and in other books of the Bible. So, each person is going to have to decide whether Mr. Selvaraj is a true prophet or not. Another thing is, that Mr. Selvaraj talks a lot about speaking with Jesus, being visited by angels, being taking in the spirit and seeing destruction.

    • Victor: We Who Believe, Preach & Teach THE PRETRIBULATION RAPTURE OF THE TRUE CHURCH/BODY/BRIDE OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST: Do Indeed & Of A Truth Have LEGAL PRECEDENT To Such Belief, Preaching & Teaching; Not Only In THE HOLY-BIBLE/SCRIPTUREWRIT: BUT ALSO IN THE TEACHING OF THE PRE/POST WRITINGS OF THE PRE/POST NICENE “CHURCH” APOSTLES, PROPHETS, PASTORS, TEACHERS & ETC. i.e. #1-THE APOSTLE ST. PAUL: “For The LORD Himself Shall Descend From Heaven With A Shout, With The Voice Of The Archangel, And With The Trump Of God; And The Dead In Christ Shall Rise First. Then We Which Are Alive And Remain, Shall Be Caught Up Together With Them In The Clouds, To Meet The LORD In The Air: And So Shall We Ever Be With The LORD.”-1 Thessalonians 4:16&etc. #2-ST. EFREM (306-373 AD): “For All The Saints & Elect Of Are Gathered, Prior To The Tribulation To Come, And Are Taken To The LORD Lest They Should See The Chaos/Confusion That’s To Come Upon The World/Earth Because Of Our/Man’s Sin[s].”–From St. Efrem’s Treatise/Prophecy/Sermon ‘On The Last Times, The Antichrist, And The End Of The World’ (Written In The Immediate Pre/Post Nicene Era &-Or Between 313-333 AD), #3-ETC. ! ! !

    • 7For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, [b]pestilences, and earthquakes in various places. 8All these are the beginning of sorrows.

      9“Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you, and you will be hated by all nations for My name’s sake. 10And then many will be offended, will betray one another, and will hate one another. 11Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many. 12And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold. 13But he who endures to the end shall be saved. 14A…. HE WHO ENDURES….

  12. Sadu is BLIND to America in prophecy

  13. Sadu is BLIND to America in prophecy.

  14. I Must Needs Say That Brother Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj Does Have Some Old-Testament Biblical PRECEDENT In Saying That “Pope” FRANCIS Is Indeed & Of A Truth THE FALSE PROPHET aka THE BEAST OF THE ‘EARTH’ OF REVELATION 13:11-18: After All, “POPE” FRANCIS’ Birth Name (He Was Born In ARGENTINA) Is INDEED & OF A TRUTH:

    Jorge Mario Bergoglio !

    Did You Read That Right ?

    Jorge Mario BerGOGlio-/-Jorge Mario Ber+GOG+lio !

    aka &-Or ala

    THE +++GOG+++ OF THE OLD TESTAMENT BOOK OF EZEKIEL CHAPTERS 38 & 39 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


    NEED I (GOD) SAY MORE ? ? ?

  16. AND DON’T TELL ME THAT “POPE” FRANCIS ISN’T “A CHIEF PRINCE” . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    BECAUSE HE IN DEED & OF A TRUTH iS ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !



    “MESHECH” = +++MOSCOW+++


    “TUBAL” = +++TOBOLSK+++


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