Rick Wiles and Mark Taylor Look Forward to “Tribunals” Under Trump

Charisma News has the latest from Mark Taylor, the Florida firefighter who says that God gave him a personal message in 2011 that Donald Trump would become president of the USA – apparently, Taylor has received further revelations about Trump’s role as God’s instrument on earth:

Now that it’s obvious much of what Taylor prophesied has come to pass, Wiles invited him back onto his program (interview begins at the one-hour mark) for an update…

…Wiles said he believed there will be intense spiritual opposition to cleaning up America, especially when it comes to “eradicating the deep-rooted corruption and spiritual wickedness in high places.” He said that what came out in the final weeks of the campaign via the WikiLeaks disclosures was “so hideous,” particularly the likelihood that senior members of the Clinton campaign were participants in occult practices, such as “spirit cooking.” [1]

Taylor referred to his original interview with Wiles, in which he said God was pulling back the veil and exposing the evil and corruption of the current government. He said it wasn’t even really a matter of the veil being pulled back as much as people were supernaturally exposing themselves without even knowing it via the WikiLeaks releases.

Taylor and Wiles then discussed the likelihood there will be tribunals convened in which divine justice will be meted out. They agreed the Lord was telling them these tribunals would be of the kind not seen since the Nuremberg Trials of former Nazi regime leaders after World War II.

“What I am actually hearing is that these tribunals will make Nuremberg look like a cake walk because this corruption goes so deep and it goes worldwide because the Clinton Foundation goes worldwide,” Taylor said. “I think it’s going to be on an international level.”

It’s clear from this that Wiles’s influence over Taylor now extends to a complete embrace of Wiles’s religious conspricism, which is extravagant in its scope. Right Wing Watch has logged dozens of examples of conspiracy statements from Wiles, ranging from “Satan Using Pokémon Go To Spawn ‘Demonic Powers’ And Murder Christians” through to “Hillary Clinton Has A Body Double, Fakes Her Campaign Rallies“, “Rick Wiles Suggests The UCC Shooting Was ‘Staged’ By ‘A Secret Death Squad’ Using ‘Crisis Actors’” and “9/11 Was Carried Out by the Illuminati“. On a more optimistic note, Wiles also recently looked forward to Right Wing Watch –  denounced as a “homosexual group” – being “brought down”.

Despite these fringe excesses, Wiles has had a stream of more mainstream right-wing commentators on his show TruNews, including former CIA director James Woolsey and the anti-Islam polemicist Robert Spencer. He has also in the last couple of years become a regular guest on the Jim Bakker Show (I blogged on Bakker’s promotion of conspiricism here). On Charisma News itself (a significant outlet for news tailored to Evangelicals and Pentecostals), a search for his name up to 2014 brings up just 1 result, followed by numerous from 2015 up to now.

Wiles can fairly be described as the religious counterpart of Alex Jones – and in a world in which Jones (by his own account) has just been phoned up by the President-Elect with a message of thanks for his support, it seems likely that he will enjoy further mainstreaming in the months ahead.


[1] The “Spririt Cooking” conspiracy theory derives from a Wikileaks disclosure. An email showed that Tony Podesta was planning to attend a fund-raising dinner hosted by a performance artist named Marina Abramovic, and asking his brother if he wanted to come too; the dinner consisted of “traditional soups”, but Wikileaks extrapolated wildly to suggest it would actually be a bizarre Satanic ritual involving blood, breastmilk and sperm. The story was then heavily promoted by the Alt Right in the days before the election. I wrote about the absurdity here.

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  1. I believe that it is wonderful news that Donald Trump is now United States President Elect. Doubtless he will take time to grow into the job, and I hope that he does, and that he takes sound advice in building the wall, tackling the evils of Classical Islam (such as the sharia and Jihad) and tackling Immigration and helping Great Britain out of the EU Supra-State. We must also work for the restoration of the US Constitution. There is a lot to do in four years.

    • I’m sure with his surprise that he needs to completely staff the White House, his ignorance of the Constitution, his appointment of a white nationalist who associates with Nazis as his chief advisor, his undisclosed financial ties, debts, and conflicts of interest, his desire to give his children security clearances while they are supposed to manage his business interests, his campaign’s total lack of preparation for a transition, his record of contempt for the the First Amendment, his impending trial for fraud and dozens of lawsuits and accusations of sexual harassment and assault, and his intention to work four days a week, Donald Trump will have this presidenting thing down in no time! What’s the worst that could happen as he learns what the hell a president even does?

      You clearly hate America and have done us immense damage.

  2. so Stalinist style tribunals may yet come to the USA. Why not go the whole hog and have Re-Education Camps?. Worked for Mao.

  3. The truth is nobody on this earth knows the what, when, who, where is involved in the end times. Only God knows the what, when who, and where and He isn’t revealing it. There was no arrest of Hillary and Obama on the 3rd of January, 2019 that was predicted by Q it is all a faux. If you are a Christian then read your Bible and concentrate on the Book of Daniel, Ezekiel, Hosea, and Revelation. They will tell you the truth as it is written by the Disciples and God.

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