English Churchman Promotes Satanic Ritual Abuse Claims


From the latest issue of the English Churchman (24 June and 1 July 2016, p. 3 – screenshot via Anna Raccoon here):

Christians Demand Action Against Satanist Ritual Abuse
by Wilfred Wong

Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) exists in Britain and is a growing problem, harming and destroying the lives of an increasing number of children and vulnerable adults because the UK authorities are simply not taking this crime seriously, a conference in London of about 60 Christians heard on Saturday 21 May. The conference was organised by the Christian organisation, the Coalition Against Satanist Ritual Abuse (CASRA).

An earlier and expanded version on the magazine’s Facebook page adds that CASRA “was founded in February 2014 to provide a permanent UK organisation that campaigns against SRA, conducts research on this issue and publicly exposes it.” Details, however, are scarce.

Wong is a non-practising barrister, and he previously worked as parliamentary officer and researcher for the Jubilee Group and its successor, Jubilee Action, to highlight international humanitarian issues such as the persecution of Christians in Islamic lands and the plight of street children in South America – in 2005 he was praised in parliament for his efforts on the latter subject by Lord Alton. More recently, he has worked for a religious charity that assists impoverished children in Cairo.

However, he has also for many years now been associated with extravagant allegations of Satanic Ritual Abuse. As Damian Thompson wrote in 2002, under the headline “The people who believe that Satanists might eat your baby”:

…Yesterday, a private meeting at Westminster, chaired by Lord Alton, discussed assaults on children by hooded, chanting Satanists. “You may be aware,” the organisers said, “that, for several years, there have been reports of the ritual abuse of children and in some cases ritual murder. The rituals reportedly often involve the Black Mass and the wearing of robes. Adult survivors of ritual abuse are divulging important evidence regarding the large scale of this problem in the UK.”

One of the organisers, Wilfred Wong, an evangelical Christian, is campaigning for ritual abuse to be made a specific crime, so that the Satanists – responsible for “hundreds, if not thousands” of sexual assaults and murders – can be brought to justice. “But so far little has been done,” he says plaintively.

Alton apparently said he would keep an open mind on the subject.

However, Wong’s article for the English Churchman is not just more of the same. He continues:

…Robert Green, the leading campaigner on Scotland’s largest, current SRA case, the Hollie Greig case, said that Hollie, a young woman with Down’s Syndrome, had identified 23 alleged Satanist Ritual Abusers, including a senior police officer, 2 Head Teachers, 2 Social Workers and a Judge. Green said that Greig has described not only experiencing SRA but also witnessing the Satanists ritually sacrificing a man. The Scottish Police have refused to thoroughly investigate Greig’s allegations and tried to silence Green by imprisoning him at least twice.

Here’s the actual background on this story, from the Scottish Herald in 2012:

IT is the biggest Scottish story on the internet. A girl with Down’s Syndrome portrayed as the sex slave of a ring of paedophiles for a decade and a half and the victim of a cover-up reaching to the highest law officers and politicians in the land.

…Those named include a prominent sheriff who supposedly abused children at the home of his sister, despite the fact he does not have a sister.

…Four of the “victims” would have been in their 20s at the time of the abuse. Two police investigations have resulted in no charges.

Only one person has been convicted in connection with Hollie Greig: a 66-year-old campaigner from Warrington called Robert Green.

He was jailed earlier this year for harassing those he falsely accused of paedophilia.

Green’s conviction did not make headlines in Scotland. But it did spark international attention on websites such as that of David Icke, the former BBC sports presenter who thinks the world is ruled by lizards.

See also Anna Raccoon’s blog for an in-depth debunking from 2010.

It is important to note that in 2012 the allegation was paedophilia, and an article by Wong that was published last year by Anglican Mainstream states only that Greig was subjected to “sexual abuse”. Yet now Wong presents us with a story about Satanism and human sacrifice.

Wong’s promotion of the Hollie Greig story takes us beyond familiar evangelical Satanic Panic tropes and into a darker conspiracy theory milieu. Wong has featured on Brian Gerrish’s UK Column internet TV show; Gerrish promotes numerous conspiracy theories on his programme and elsewhere (including as a guest on Alex Jones’s Infowars), and last year he helped to promote the vicious but ludicrous “Hampstead” Satanic panic. Wong was asked by Gerrish about the Hampstead claims as part of his interview:

“Because of the sheer gravity of the allegations, the very least the police should do is thoroughly investigate them and not prejudge them, and neither should the media,” Wong says. “We’re only asking the police to do their job.”

This may sound guarded, but I’d be very surprised if Wong ever declares those who were falsely accused of paedophilia and eating babies to be innocent.

Wong is not a well-meaning and energetic campaigner who has gone astray due to an idée fixe, but someone who is actively causing harm to innocent people by promoting and endorsing false allegations. The Hollie Greig story is a clear example of the bone-headed unfalsifiability of conspiracy theorising, with Green’s imprisonment simply confirming the truth of the conspiracy.

As Anna notes in relation to the Hampstead claims:

Mrs Justice Pauffley’s judgment was unequivocal in its condemnation of the damage wrought by the ‘campaigners’ who had latched onto the story. Those who are new to this story may not be aware that these campaigners have kept up their threats to the parents, children, and teachers of this small school for nigh on 2 years now. Each child has an adult accompanying them 24 hours a day, at home, at school, so seriously are the threats to ‘kidnap them and rescue them from this paedophile ring’ taken. The parents and teachers all have CCTV and panic alarms fitted to their homes.

Anna cites Wong’s English Churchman article about Hollie Greig as a further example of how “these deluded and obsessional souls will not stop”.


The English Churchman, founded in 1843, represents an old-fashioned kind of “Reformed” fundamentalism. It’s editor, the Reverend Peter Ratcliff, is a minister with a four-church group called the Church of England (Continuing).

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  1. I am glad to note that there is an (Ongoing) Church of England because the ‘Mainstream’ one seems to have gone off of the rails with its Ritualism, Rationalism and Feminism. It is not a question of fashion but of fidelity.

    Likewise we also have an (Ongoing) Church of Scotland that has left the Mainstream wreckage of the residuary Kirk.

  2. “Robert Green, the leading campaigner on Scotland’s largest, current SRA case, the Hollie Greig case”.

    Current? It was comprehensively debunked five years ago! Not least by me…http://annaraccoon.com/2010/05/31/robert-green-hollie-greig/

    He’s Wong!

  3. Let me apologise in advance for this lengthy comment but it contains crucial information on this issue Richard has highlighted.

    In 1988, right at the start of the Satan Myth, the SAFF straightaway identified the unholy alliance between obsessed Christian fundamentalists agent provocateurs and the radical feminist cadre in social work who were pumping the scare for all it was worth. But even when, later, the governments 1994 definitive report confirmed the SAFF’s stance by concluding that the SRA myth had been imported and worked up by Christian fundamentalists, in league with ideological radicals in the child-scare-industry, the public still couldn’t believe that it was that simple. Fundies who believe in the devil and use the scare to missionise converts for their psychopathic religion were infecting social work, the police and the government. They STILL don’t take it on board 28 years later but Richards article on Wilfred Wong gives us a good opportunity to show how it works.

    The following article was taken from Dramatis Personae, a now defunct website which did sterling work on this issue in the 2000s and just about says it all showing how Wong is a component part of the conspiracy to foist false SRA allegations on the British Public under the grand sounding Committee for Ritual Abuse.

    You will also see the named individuals cooperating in this conspiracy include Valerie Sinason (doyene of the SRA believers who was also involved in Savilemonster) and Joan Coleman, both founder members of RAINS (Ritual Abuse Information Network and Support) which was the first and front-runner organisation set up by SRA believers in 1988 which underpinned the 1990 hysteria.

    You will also see how feminist supporters in the leftist media give these dangerous individuals space to proselytise their evil allegations and how seemingly disparate controversies (such as the Thames Torso, Witch Children, the race card and Satanic Abuse are knitted together on a number of spurious levels to convince the authorities to spend more time and funding chasing the phantom satanists. All this has been achieved away from public scruitiny and in an undemocratic way. Here is the article:

    Unfortunately Monday 23rd January 2012, just weeks after the publication of a revealing interview with Valerie Sinason in The Observer Magazine, The Guardian slipped into its old mode-of- behaviour, providing a stage for the paranoid conspiracy theories of some of Britain’s psychotherapy industry through a letter pleading for ritual abuse amongst the British white middle-classes to be believed.

    In all likelihood, The Guardian was the only newspaper that would have been willing to print such a plea, and the letter writers, probably aware of the newspapers previous and well-documented history in support of a theory derived from the American religious fundamentalist far-right, chose well.

    The letter might ostensibly be thought to be in support of a previously published article in The Guardian about a rise in the abuse of children accused of being witches or demonically possessed – “Why is child abuse tied to witchcraft on the rise?”_By Louise Hunt, The Guardian, Wednesday18th January.

    In reality the letter was nothing more than an effort to promote the SRA Myth, again, using ‘special pleading’. The pleading being that with some black children of African descent recognised to be victims of a form of ritualised abuse – that is by parents, carers and on some occasions, Church members, determined to expose them as witches or even drive out demonic possession – then surely white middle-class children and adults should be equally believed.

    The core problem with this ‘special pleading’ is that injuries, the assailments and the manner of the abuse in the case of black children subjected to witchcraft and demonic possession allegations are easily discerned, and as a result prosecutions can be enacted.

    Incredibly the letter, ostensibly written as a plea for white claimants of ritual abuse to be believed, actually incorporated the very beliefs that those abusing black children – believing them to be witches or possessed – profess.

    With the white middle-class satanic ritual abuse allegations, ‘disclosure’ in children would only occur after months of interrogation. Plus of course there is the problem of no injuries or evidence being found. With white middle-class ‘survivors’ the evidence problem is even more acute, in that they come with the baggage of incredible and impossible stories, claims that the trauma was so bad they had forgot about it entirely (repressed memories) and of course, claims of being subject to multiple personality disorder.

    Unfortunately the gulf between the abuse of some black children of African origin in Britain, popularly termed ‘Witch Children’ and white middle-class middle-aged people who will claim to have been abused by satanic CIA / MI5 agents and completely forgot about it, is too great to bridge.

    Nonetheless the letter’s signatories persisted, and in The Guardian they had found a newspaper only too willing to publish their case for ‘special pleading’.

    The letter, reprinted further below, came from;

    Dr V Sinason
    Rachel Wingfield
    Prof Joseph Schwartz
    Dr Sandra Buck
    Dr Joan Coleman
    Carole Mallard
    Wilfred Wong
    Deborah Briggs
    Dr Pat Frankish
    David Leevers
    Orit Badouk-Epstein
    Lynn Greenwood

    ___________Letter Begins __________

    We were pleased to see your report (An abuse of faith, Social care, 18 January) outlining the evidence of the numbers of black children subjected to violence linked to witchcraft.

    This is extremely concerning and many of us have worked with such children and adults from the black communities who have experienced abusive aspects of juju, Santeria, witchcraft and possession in the UK. While our major religious institutions are now putting safeguarding procedures into place, children (and adults) from smaller religious groups do not have that safety. We are also concerned as individuals and as a committee that the ritual abuse of white children (and adults) is less easily acknowledged (the Kidwelly case in 2011). It can be far easier, sometimes for racist reasons, to accept the ritual abuse of black children (witness the Adam Case known as “Torso in The Thames” in 2001), and especially from working-class backgrounds. The white middle-class children (and adults) and those who work with them and support them are subject to implications that such experiences, if the victim is not black, must be bizarre delusions. This makes it harder for disclosures to be made and for the police to help, and delays the understanding of the impact of ritual on all children and adults when used abusively.


    ___________Letter Ends________________


    The letter was useful in pointing to a new paranoid conspiracy-theory grouping – the Committee on Ritual Abuse. It’s membership, judging by the signatories, appears to comprise the ‘usual suspects’ from RAINS and the British psychotherapy industry.

    Very little is known otherwise about the Committee on Ritual Abuse. It doesn’t maintain a Web site and it has no known affiliations. The Campaign for the Recognition and Inclusion of Dissociation and Multiplicity has apparently foundered (its next meeting being scheduled for 2013.) Any recent headway in the promotion of the SRA Myth has been soundly destroyed thanks to Valerie Sinason’s gob-smacking interview in The Observer Magazine published in December 2011 (discussed in Internal and external reality, Establishing parameters (Rob Hale and Valerie Sinason).

    Additionally, with the Carol Felstead Scandal escalating even further with a projected television documentary and a book written by a family member, the prospects for the Myth’s True Believers in the British psychotherapy industry don’t look too good. The Committee on Ritual Abuse may well be the last stand, an effort to circle the wagons and hopefully engender support from the likes of The Guardian, extreme far-right religious fundamentalists in the US, or even the current generation of British feminists.

    In addition, conspiracy-theory believers and followers of David Icke, with whom Valerie Sinason has a documented affinity-for, might prove to be a useful alliance. This has some appeal, not least because, as with British middle-class and middle-aged English-speaking ‘Myth and DID ‘survivors’, this group of predominantly white middle-aged and middle-class males has some disposable income that might be spent on ‘Myth/DID books, DVD’s and even conference-attending.

    A particularly disturbing element of the letter is that The Guardian will almost certainly have been aware of is that Valerie Sinason already has a documented role in the promotion of accusing black children and adults of witchcraft, both in the UK and on the African continent. The Metropolitan Police & RAINS details her long-standing connection with now-retired South African Police colonel Korbus Jonker, who led a police unit in accusing black South Africans of being witches and satanists. Dr. Sinason was instrumental in having Korbus Jonker appointed a consultant in the infamous Adam Case known as “Torso in The Thames” in 2001.

    Dr. Sinason’s belief in witchcraft is long established. The section on this website: Chasing Witches_- An analysis of Chapters 16, 17, 28, 29 and 18 discusses the obsession with witches and witches covens to be found in her seminal book Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse (Routledge/Informa PLC, 1994.) Rather than being an advocate for children accused, often randomly by fundamentalist church authorities and some followers of being witches, Sinason is rather an advocate of the idea that such children are witches, and have been abused by unseen juju, Santeria, witchcraft and possession groups in the UK.

    This distinction cannot be over-emphasised; The Guardian had published a letter from signatories who included one who has a documented belief in witchcraft and has had a hand in promoting the pursuit of alleged witches on the African continent, against black populations. Dr. Sinason is a frequent visitor to South Africa, spending summers away from the cold English climate every year since the early 1990s. S.A.F.F – ( the ‘subculture alternate freedom foundation’) has doggedly pursued SRA Myth advocates, ranging from religious fundamentalists, politicians, feminists, therapists, documentary makers and all the way to The Guardian since the 1980s. Their analysis of the Thames Torso case ripped the Metropolitan Police and British media to shreds and revealed Dr. Sinason’s connection with Jonkers;



    Valerie Sinason claims to have been working with Jonkers for ‘years’. Anyhow, by this account Jonker confirmed to the British Police that the case fitted the African ‘Muti’ scenario. He was not alone in making claims of a ritual killing, our old friend and obsessive Satanic Ritual Abuse exponent Valerie Sinason (see her long history of pursuing the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth) also had input according to claims she made to the Catholic Herald. In fact some German news reports seemed to be saying that the British police had allowed her to examine the torso and she had concluded it ‘displayed the ‘characteristics of a ritual murder’, although how she would know this never having met one before beats me.

    Other seasoned Satan Hunters also had input. On the other hand Jonker claims 8 years of practical experience in policing similar crimes in South Africa. His expertise must have mightily convinced the Metropolitan Police for earlier this week they sent two detectives to South Africa to_follow_up_the_claims.
    (Source: Thames Torso Case Exposed as Another Satan Myth_-_S.A.F.F)

    The British satirical / investigative journalism magazine Private Eye also published about the Thames Torso case, and the long relationship between Colonel Korbus Jonker and Valerie Sinason, who both took part in a RAINS conference ;
    _____________Eye extract begins ______

    Also present at the seminar was Colonel Kobus Jonker (pictured), a born-again Christian from the South African police who ran a unit investigating satanism, satanic cults and “occult related crime” manned by officers who, he said, were all devout Christians. (http://saff.nfshost.com/ttorso2.htm) Sinason had worked with him when she was based at the University of Cape Town.

    At the RAINS conference Jonker gave presentations from the police perspective on “ritual abuse” investigations in South Africa and the UK. Jonker then became a high profile consultant to the Metropolitan police investigating the case of ‘Adam.’Officers travelled to South Africa to meet him.
    (Source: Satanic Panic, Private Eye No. 1166 September 1st-14th_2006:_Page29, reprinted on the S.A.F.F web site here: http://saff.nfshost.com/eyepanic.htm)

    Dramatis Personae article ends:

    Additionally interested observers can find out the true background to the issue of ‘witch-children’ here:


    and the SAFF’s early warning of the dangers of churchmen manipulating children and adults during exorcism ceremonies here:


    The SAFF have always maintained that the ONLY thing which will stop these opportunistic parasites creaming off DOH funds for loony research and dividing our society along sectarian lines, whilst persecuting the life out of people who have been falsely accused is to remove legal protection professional indemnity and start prosecuting them. In every instance in the past troublemakers of this kind have been stopped utterly when this happens. (See case of Pamela Klein ) But due to the Christian Blind-Spot in the West, accountability rarely happens and these troublemakers are allowed to do their worst via moral blackmail about imaginary threats to children.

    Stopping these people is particularly important in the current era where a Holy war is in the offing between Christianity and Islam due to the scaremongering on both sides because it is sensational false allegations of that type which create the lone-wolf killers and terrorists.

    You have been warned.

    Tony Rhodes

  4. Assuming the handwritten caption is correct, it seems that as of 2017, The English Churchman continued to push SRA claims:


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  6. […] Wong, it seems, was instrumental in “promoting” the Hollie Greig hoax from “sexual abuse” to “Satanic ritual abuse”, as outlined in this post from Bartholomew’s Notes: […]

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