Eschatology, Conspiracy, and Science Fiction: When “End-Times” Authors Collaborate

A new book:

I PredictI Predict: What 12 Global Experts Believe You Will See Before 2025!

…NOW, FOR THE FIRST TIME, IN I PREDICT YOU WILL… Discern the facts behind whether the Ark of the Covenant has been found. Learn about the Final Roman Emperor and the Vatican’s Last Crusade. Finally understand the truth behind the Islamic Mahdi and the secrets of Apollyon. Witness efforts now underway that could lead to the Third Jewish Temple. Discover a hidden agenda that may force mankind into an epic World War. Determine how to prepare for a coming global monetary collapse. Read why some believe we are about to witness angels everywhere. Study the phenomenal prediction involving the next Great Awakening. Examine the case for a coming Global World Government. Grasp the arrival of amazing technology that will transform literally everything Contributing authors: Dr. Thomas Horn, Joel Richardson, Mark Biltz, Carl Gallups, Josh Tolley, Derek Gilbert, Josh Peck, Larry Spargimino, Troy Anderson, Dr. Gordon McDonald, Sharon Gilbert, Paul McGuire.

No editor is given, but the volume is copyrighted to Tom Horn and published by Defender Publishing of Crane, MO, which handles Horn’s various books, such as Exo-Vaticana: Petrus Romanus, Project L.U.C.I.F.E.R. and the Vatican’s Astonishing Plan for the Arrival of an Alien Savior, which warns of UFOs heading to the Vatican to install a “serpent savior”.

Horn was previously an Assemblies of God pastor, but his “End Times” theorizing is extravagantly fantastical, and as such he ought to be something of a marginal figure in evangelicalism. Yet his apparently “fringe” claims are heavily promoted by the Charisma media empire (although one article misspells him as “Tom Hoorn”), and he has just completed a three-day special on “Surprising End-Times Prophecies” for The Jim Bakker Show. Here’s one recent article:

Author Tom Horn says the Islamic State has a weapon of mass destruction they will detonate in the next year or two.

“It’s going to cause Muslims to believe that their war is playing out according to their hadith (Islamic prophecy),” Horn tells Zach Drew. “It’s going to cause the Catholics to really start talking about the final Roman emperor. They’re going to believe it’s a fulfillment of their apocalyptica. But there are some other things.”

The idea that Catholics are awaiting a “final Roman Emperor” is a particular obsession of Horn, in support of which he cites prophecies supposedly attributed to the Cumaean Sibyl and a “1,600-year-old [sic] hadith”. It’s obvious that when he talks about Catholics and Muslims believing in “a fulfillment of their apocalyptica”, he’s projecting his own religious obsessions.

Horn has appeared at various prophecy conferences, and his book shows that he is firmly networked in to a wider scene. Joel Richardson in particular has a wider reach: he has written two books predicting an “Islamic Antichrist” (endorsed by Robert Spencer), he speaks to church groups across the USA and elsewhere around the world, and he has appeared on Glenn Beck’s TV show. Richardson’s involvement with this book thus associates his general anti-Islam eschatological scheme with individuals who promote some dark conspiracy theorizing that includes claims about Satanic sacrifices, “the Illuminati”, and even “the Rothschilds”.

Some other names have featured on this blog previously: Mark Biltz achieved fame with his “Blood Moons Tetrad” End-Times theory; Carl Gallups is the author of Final Warning, which links events in Iraq with the End Times (he is also a birther, and he once claimed that Jesus named Satan as “Baraq Ubamah”); Paul McGuire recently declared Brexit to be a “Luciferian Ruse” – among other things, he accuses the British royal family of funding “occult-based mind control operations” and “the Rothschilds” of placing “Illuminati and Satanic symbols all over the monetary systems, governments and corporations”; and Larry Spargimino has taken over the running of  Southwest Radio Ministries following the death of Noah Hutchings. Spargimino co-authored a book called The Chronicles of Narnia: Wholesome Entertainment or Gateway to Paganism? 

As for the others: Sharon Gilbert is the author of Ebola and the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse (also published by Defender, and with a Foreword by Horn), which explains that the shape of the Ebola virus proves that it was prophesied as an End-Times plague; Josh Tolley is a religious radio host who specializes in business strategy, describing himself as an “Evangelpreneur”, but who branches out into topics such as “Satanic Priest for Bohemian Grove Blows Whistle on White House” and “Craziest Illuminati Kidnapping in U.S.”; Derek Gilbert and Sharon run “Gilbert House Ministries”; Josh Peck is “an avid researcher of fringe topics, vidographer at SkyWatchTV, host of The Sharpening Report and Into the Multiverse“; Troy Anderson is a journalist who founded the World Prophecy Network as a “a reliable source of end-times news, commentary and in-depth journalism”; and Dr. Gordon McDonald is attached to Chuck Missler’s Koinonia House.

By calling the book I Predict!, Horn also brings to mind another prophet of the future, and perhaps the best of the lot – none other than Criswell: