Cindy Jacobs Claims God Warned Her about Boston Attack

Neo-Pentecostal leader Cindy Jacobs, last week:

Cindy Jacobs ?@cindyjacobs 9 Apr
Must take threats from North Korea seriously-possiblly April 15th. Need to pray protection for both the US and South Korea and Japan.
11:38 AM – 9 Apr 13

15 April – as was widely reported – is celebrated in North Korea as the birthday of Kim Il-Sung, and Jacobs is clearly speculating that the anniversary would be the day on which current tensions boil over.

That’s not what happened, but Jacobs is  now using the tweet to imply that she has nevertheless has a supernatural power of prophecy:

Cindy Jacobs ?@cindyjacobs 15 Apr
Bombings in Boston, Massachusetts on Patriots Day, April 15th. I had been warning we needed to pray about danger today. Please pray!
2:30 PM – 15 Apr 13

Cindy Jacobs ?@cindyjacobs 15 Apr
I had tweeted that we need to pray on this day. Also been warning about a multiple bombing taking place in America! So sad! Two have died
2:32 PM – 15 Apr 13

Cindy Jacobs ?@cindyjacobs 16 Apr
Did not tweet about warnings of Mumbai type attack. Warned different groups in private. Did tweet about April 15th six days ago. Praying!
5:48 PM – 15 Apr 13

Jacobs  regularly claims to have received knowledge of terrorist plots, which are then thwarted and exposed due to prayer. Right Wing Watch (which drew attention to one of the most recent Tweets) notes claims she has made concerning Dallas, Benghazi, and, most recently, Niagara Falls.

Jacobs is an “Apostle” in C. Peter Wagner‘s Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders (ACPE); she is also “Co-Founder, Generals International; Founder, Deborah Company; Apostle, Reformation Prayer Network (RPN);”

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