Joseph Farah Endorses Crank “Temple Mount in Wrong Location” Claim

It appears to be an intractable and unsolvable dilemma, but what you are about to hear could change all of that.

So intones Joseph Farah, editor of WorldNetDaily, appearing in a trailer for a crank DVD which explains that (according to a blurb on Farah’s website) there is

…new and conclusive proof and undeniable evidence as to the proper and historical location of all the temples and why Christians, Jews, Muslims and historians all have it wrong.

The argument appears to be that the discovery will allow Jews to build a new Temple without disturbing the site of the Dome of the Rock and al-Aqsa Mosque, and this will bring about the return of Jesus:

There is no more highly anticipated event in the history of mankind than the return of Christ to the earth; all the maladies that beset the human race will disappear. Over the centuries there have been numerous signs that have pointed the world toward the magnificent and concluding event.

But there is a last sign, and the implications are monumental to every human being on the face of the planet. “Jerusalem and the Lost Temple of the Jews” is about that last sign.

The video has been produced by a certain Ken Klein, but it appears that only those willing to purchase the DVD will get to see the “new and conclusive proof and undeniable evidence”.

Klein, who runs a website called Ken Klein University, has appeared on WND before; in 2011 he revealed that he had filmed fallen angels, and that “you can see them in the infrared spectrum”. Further:

“Jesus’ physical body had to be tailor-made through the development of generations of specific genes that would pass down to Mary and allow for the Immaculate Conception. It wasn’t just any body that the Spirit of God could dwell in. And so Jesus body came through a very specific line of predecessors. The integrity of His physical DNA was managed through the purity of a specific line of people all the way back to Adam,” Klein said.

“I think we can expect the same thing to happen with the body that Lucifer will have to take, because we know that there will be an Antichrist who will be the embodiment of the spirit of Lucifer, who was an archangel. It can’t just be any body; it’s going to have to be an engineered body,” he said.

Klein also claims to have discovered “hidden Luciferian codes which he’s deciphered primarily from the Book of Revelation”, and he argues that “Lucifer’s creation of the dinosaurs was to overspread the Earth and make it a wilderness unfit for Adam to inhabit”.

From ramblings such as these, I think we can proceed on the assumption that Klein – a former professional American football player, apparently –  is unlikely to have anything sensible to say about the archaeology and location of the Jewish Temple, let alone be able to produce “new and conclusive” evidence about the subject.

And Klein’s religious teachings are obviously marginal to any kind of historic Christianity; how can Joseph Farah maintain his position as a significant player operating between the US Christian Right and wider conservatism when he’s aligning himself with such material?

The answer, of course, is that Farah will promote any kind of apocalyptic theory: Klein’s product joins a lineup that includes Thomas Horn and the “Final Pope“; Jonathan Cahn’s Harbinger polemics;  the Muslim Anti-Christ” theories of Glenn Beck’s End-Times Prophet Joel Richardson; and several other “Last Days” scenarios besides.

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  1. We all go through a period in which we prefer magic to logic. It’s a way of dealing with the shock of puberty. (I originally wrote “purity” which kind of reinforces the point…)

    Some people never move on from it, and so provide, among other possibilities, a market for these authors.

  2. After watching Klein’s most excellent DVD several times over and conferring with historical biblical texts, it’s difficult to refute the facts as brought forth therein. In all probability there remains but a short period of time before archeologist discover even more irrefutable proof that the Jewish temples were indeed NOT on the present Haram but on the Ophal where the City Of David once stood before it was raised by Titus of Rome. Jesus’ prophecy of there being not even one stone of the temple and the surrounding buildings left standing upon another while not to forgetting the all-important location of the Gihon springs being at that exact location only makes sense. “Some people never move on from” there believing that the present location of the Muslims’ Dome of the Rock is that of the Jewish temples. I would have to say that it takes more faith to believe that than the other possible location of the temples being some one-third of a mile South of that Muslim shrine. May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob soon clear the air for all the world to finally see.

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