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Michele Bachmann and Anti-Obama Conspiracy Mongers to Bring “Prayer and Patriotism” to Florida

This looks fun:

The Awakening 2013 is an in-depth Prayer and Patriotism event where people are united by our love for our country’s freedom and our faith in Christ. You can choose breakout sessions with topics from Israel to immigration, from our families to our nation’s future. We welcome all ages, denominations, and ethnicities to unite around our shared values. We will educate, motivate, and activate.

More than 60 national religious and political speakers will bring their insight and excitement to this event. Confirmed speakers include Congresswoman Michele BachmannLt. Gen. (Ret.) William G. “Jerry” BoykinJim Bob and Michelle Duggar, and many more!

The event will take place at First Baptist, Oviedo (pastored by Dwayne Mercer), but the phrase “faith in Christ” is at this stage an empty slogan for a nationalist rally at which the faithful will spend more time pondering Obama’s birth certificate and the evils of Islam than thinking about salvation from sin.

The gig is being put on by Mat Staver’s Liberty Counsel, and the line-up is certainly unusually extensive: those sixty speakers include the likes of

Ted Baehr, famed for his humbug criticisms of Hollywood violence;

– sometime “sovereign citizen” associate Bradlee Dean, who recently put forward the suggestion that Obama staged the Sandy Hook massacre;

Joseph Farah, purveyor of crank theories about the Bible and anti-Obama conspiracies including  the claim that the President sent a secret message to Muslims promising to continue the Holocaust;

Frank Gaffney, who memorably noted that the DOD’s Missile Defense Agency’s logo includes an Islamic crescent;

– English Defence League cheerleader Pam Geller (not actually known for her “faith in Christ”);

– masculinist preacher Doug Giles (an early topic of this blog, these days more famous as Hannah Giles’ father);

– neo-Pentecostal A-lister Rick Joyner, who claims to have been given a prophecy from God concerning the imminent destruction of the west coast of the USA;

William Murray of the Religious Freedom Coalition, who recently gave expert support for the “Obama wears a Muslim ring” conspiracy theory (don’t point a camera at him, by the way);

– anti-Kinsey monomaniac Judith Reisman.

And that’s just the characters who have featured on this blog: other high-profile speakers include Matt Barber, Ken Blackwell, Harry Jackson, Cindy Jacobs, Jim Lafferty, Richard Land, Janet Porter, Rick Scarborough, and many, many others.