LibertyGB: What Paul Weston Did Next

3 January, from the website of the English Defence League’s political wing, British Freedom:

British Freedom are pleased to announce that Deputy Chairman Kevin Carroll has today stepped up into the role of party Chairman.

Outgoing Chairman Paul Weston:

“It is with great sadness I must announce my resignation as Chairman of British Freedom. I am writing a book about the current dire state of Britain, which is going to take up the majority of my time over the coming months, and I feel it would be better for British Freedom to be led by someone who can devote more time to the party…”

4 February, from a posting by Paul Weston to a new Facebook page entitled “LibertyGB”:

This facebook page is intended for use as a forum prior to the establishment of a new political party or movement. All comments and thoughts will be gratefully received. My old FB page will be gradually phased out over the next few weeks, by which time I hope to have the name of a new party registered with the Electoral Commission along with the launch of the party’s website. I am working with an excellent team of committed people in order to achieve this and we hope to be ready before March 1st.

In comments following, Weston explains that “there will be substantial differences from BF.”

Weston’s new political party also has a website; however, his tome on “the dire state of Britain” has yet to appear. Could it really be the case that his “great sadness” in January was… insincere?

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