Todd Bentley Planning South Africa “Crusade Tour”

Controversial neo-Pentecostal revivalist Todd Bentley has announced details of a planned “South Africa Crusade Tour” for April, which will see him link up with “Prophet Zion Matthew” in Durban, followed by visits to the Solid Rock Church in Johannesburg, to the Jabulani Camp Site at Bronkhorstspruit (mis-spelled as “Bronkhorstpruit”) , then on to Worcester (hosted by YWAM) and finally to Cape Town, where he will minister”at Lighthouse Ministries (billed as “Light House Ministries”) and Celebration Covenant Church International.

Zion Matthew describes himself as “a HISTORYMAKER AND NATIONSHAKER”, and as an “intense worship warrior with a prophetic and apostolic thrust”, having been “impacted by  one of South Africa’s leading Prophets”; perhaps inevitably, he also runs a motivational speaking business. The “Solid Rock Church of Miracles”, meanwhile, is headed by Johan Van Wyk, who studied at the Rhema Bible Training Centre. In 2010 the church had some trouble with the Advertising Standards Authority over “miracle healing” adverts.

Lighthouse Ministries is also a Rhema church, while the Celebration Covenant Church is “a church that relates to New Covenant Ministries International, a apostolic team that is located around the world headed up by Tyrone Daniels.” The NCMI grouping comes under some critical scrutiny at this blog.

Last year, Bentley planned a visit to the UK which was cancelled after the Home Secretary banned him from entering the country. Bentley’s visit was also opposed by Malcolm Wicks, the MP for Croydon, who at the time was very ill from cancer; Wicks died a few weeks later, and in December Rick Joyner (a close associate of Gen. William “Jerry” Boykin) declared that this was an instance of God “removing opposition from His people”.

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  1. After reading your first two paragraphs, I wonder does there come a time where the hyperbole reservoir becomes empty? I must add a more succinct description other than “Controversial neo-Pentecostal revivalist”.
    How about resident kook?

  2. What a shame that the people of South Africa will be subjected to such deception being promoted by “pastors” they trust. I pray for discernment for those Christians, and that they delve into Scripture themselves. The article states” then on to Worcester (hosted by YWAM)”….. can YWAM get much more off-base?? It is hard to believe anyone, ANYONE, who is a born-again believer would continue to support the likes of Todd Bentley.

    • Not only in South Africa! He was constantly plugged on British God TV….. by the founders Wendy & Rory Alec!! They want him to visit Uk and set up ‘Joels Army….hope you watch the you tube video on this army! Fortunately Todd is still banned in uk. End times deception + +

  3. The Sunday Times Newspaper (SA) carried a story on Mr Bentley’s S.A tour. I was asked to comment, I certainly had nothing positive to say except that this is a tragedy on the part of the Churches hosting Mr. Bentley’s circus/freakshow. I have followed Bentley’s “ministry” over the years and nothing aligns with the Word of God. The Church is so desperate, they she will latch onto any garbage in these last days.

  4. These Rhema people are crazy, this man along with his confessor Rick Joiner are crazy and in need of a psychiatrist the man is an adulterer and child molester kicked a women in the face, punched a guys tooth out, follows a female angel and we are ok with this, Rick Joiner prophetic score is about the same as the daily horoscope, I’m ashamed of you South Africans but pleaded that our Home Secretary band him

  5. There is so much bad stuff about this deceiver on the internet – hard to believe he is still being promoted since he has never produced evidence of his signs and wonders. Even unbelievers have more discernment and would spot him a mile away.

    • Whether Tod is repentant it is not for me to say or judge. I felt so sorry for his former wife and children. It is devastating when a person who claims to be sent by and from God chooses the pleasures of the flesh and destroy his own family. What example can that be for the children?!

      Also, sadly to say this, but I did not see evidence of God’s power in Todd’s ministry. Yelling and screaming I heard a lot. I personally went to the meetings 4 or 5 times. There was NO reading of God’s Word. In terms of tourism that was positive because of tax revenues to the county.

      Like I said, it is not for me to judge Todd’s life and ministry, but the hurt still lingers in the hearts and souls of many people. May Jesus heals the wounds and skepticism in many hearts caused by Todd’s personal choices and behavior.

      May God though and by His Holy Spirit give us all discernment and wisdom to follow the One and Only Savior and Redeemer: JESUS CHRIST.

  6. Hello pastor,

    My family watches your programme whenever we can. We are going tru the most difficult time in our lives. We dont have a house, we need to get our visas done soon so we can live in the united arab emirates. We need good jobs, good health and lots of finance as we are extremely short on it. We have a lot of loans to pay. My finace is in trouble also and he needs a way out. Pastor please pray for us, dat God will have mercy on my family and
    God may open doors for us. We are stressed and disturbed. Please pray for us. Hannah

  7. Please could you let me know when and were Todd Bentley would be in pretoria or johannesburg area

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