WND Puffs Unofficial “Sequel” to Mel Gibson’s Passion

From WND:

Makers of ‘The Resurrection’ seek ‘spiritual producers’ for revolutionary film

The reason that the word “sequel” is in quotation marks is because the proposed film has no connection whatsoever with the makers of The Passion of the Christ:

 …the makers of “The Resurrection, the unofficially dubbed “sequel” to Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ,” are building a grassroots movement – and looking for you – to help create a film that proclaims not only the love of Christ, but also His triumph over the grave.

Inevitably, it turns out that the opportunity to be a “spiritual producer” in fact means an opportunity to donate money. But who has “dubbed” the so-far unmade film a “sequel”? According to a Christian Post report from March, we’re told only that

Hollywood promoter and producer David Wood… plans to produce what some in the Christian filmmaking community and beyond believe will be “God’s sequel” to the film, depicting the events surrounding the resurrection and the 40 days that followed.

Wood announced his plan “after wrapping up the 4-day Kingdom Economic Yearly Summit (KEYS) in Los Angeles which featured a network of Christian leaders in the movie and promotional marketing industries”; Wood was the “Local Host” at this event, which brought together “Marketplace Spiritual Fathers & Mothers”. This seamless blend of salesmanship and spirituality can also be seen in Wood’s bio blurb:

David Wood is the Executive Producer and Owner of Dread Warrior Productions, a media and funding company. He is also the co-founder of The Global Apostolic Council, a spiritual think tank group.

David has been in the Media, Technology and Fundraising business for 30 years doing numerous productions, casting, and promotions with companies such as MTV, HBO, NBC, CBS, Fox TV, and Universal Studios, to name but a few.

He now spends all of his time working on God’s business with such global thinking groups as the Global Apostolic Council, Global Day of Prayer, Groundwire, Mission America Coalition, Power to Change, Cities of the World, the International Prayer Council, the Institute for Global Affairs, K.E.Y.S., The Barnabas Group, Wedgewood Circle in addition to actively executive producing and developing media projects.

A few of the projects David is currently involved with is the movie, The Resurrection, a film many believe will be God’s sequel to Mel Gibson’s hit, The Passion of the Christ. David is also the Executive Producer of the International Pan Pacific Film Festival, which is a family faith film festival.

He is also currently working on a new family faith web media and community platform called, Good News Network. The big play for David is a $500 million dollar raise to build a movie studio facility in Hollywood for God in the family faith area so his team can control all aspects of production, distribution, finance, marketing, etc.

The film has number of sponsors, as well as a “Stewarding Council” that includes industry specialists and religious figures.

Wood’s “Dread Warrior Productions” does not appear to have a website, and the grandiose-sounding “Global Apostolic Council” seems to be the same thing as the “Global Apostolic Council 4 California“:

The Global Apostolic Council 4 California is committed to building strategic alliances to encourage global corporate unity in the Body of Christ. It is our desire to unify the local and statewide Church in California, in a new wineskin, touching the arts, entertainment & media through prayer & God’s love, in order to reach beyond our territorial limits to affect the global Church and the world!

We acknowledge that we are a part of a larger Body of believers, worldwide, that is called of God to complete His work prior to His return. Through developing strong relationships, uniting in prayer and developing divine strategies, we want to do our part in gathering the local Body of Christ in California through the “Global Gate of Hollywood”.

We use the term “Global Gates” to refer to seats of power, places of influence where key decisions are made. The Bible teaches that designated elders sat at the city gates and made decisions and exercised authority that affected their region, the surrounding territories and in some cases, the world! (Ps. 24:7)

Wood is listed as one of ten committee members, as is Wolfgang Kovacek of “HisPowerPortal”. Kovacek also has a website of his own, where his various business and network achievements are listed alongside professional religious activities such as (link added):

Executive Producer and Director of “Hollywood Transformation”, a 42 Minute documentary about what God’s plan is for Hollywood and the entertainment industry. He was invited to South Africa to present the video at the International Prayer Council.

That documentary includes input from the likes of Lou Engle and Ted Baehr.

In June 2011, the “Global Apostolic Council for California” held a Global Day of Prayer, oddly in Jacksonville, Florida. Numerous pastors are listed as “partners”, the best-known being Ché Ahn (“I want to encourage every believer who is in town to make it to this historic event”) – Ahn is close to C. Peter Wagner and Engle, and the above reference to “Global Gates” has a familiar ring to anyone who knows anything about their movement’s Dominionist rhetoric. The blurb for one of The Resurrection‘s “Stewards”, Michelle Seidler, specifically references the Dominionist “7 Mountains” concept.

The official websites for The Resurrection (there are two of them) feature an impressive mock-up poster, complete with indistinct film credits at its base, although so far there is no script or even any casting; according to Wood,

Rather than financing the film through investors or a studio system at the beginning, the vision we have is a global marketing campaign via grassroots marketing, social media, crowd funding that will then unite all believers in Christ. The global marketing strategy will proceed through all stages of production, casting, editing, music, etc.

There is, though, a funding countdown clock, currently set at 176 days. As of today, $7,635 has been raised.