Rescue Christians Helps Write Petition on Pakistani Christians; Sponsored by Italian MPs, “Possible Interest” from Vatican

Some months ago I noted a new initiative from the Walid Shoebat Foundation, entitled “Rescue Christians”. The new organisation stated that it was working on a number of high-profile cases in Pakistan, providing safe houses for Christians accused of blasphemy and their families. Although there is clearly a pressing need for such help, actual details about how these aims would be achieved and overseen were rather thin.

Since then, the Rescue Christians website has been overhauled, and there is now some further information:

Rescue Christians’ international partner World Vision In Progress (WVIP) has petitioned the Italian government concerning the plight of Pakistani Christians. We helped write the petition, which is now being sponsored by several Italian Members of Parliament. Based on our petition, we also know that the Vatican has indicated a possible interest to intervene and help. We have advised World Vision on what further measures of advocacy are required and we are following through. We hope and pray that the petition and subsequent advocacy will open doors for the ability to save many suffering people and allow them to rebuild their lives. We will keep you informed of any future developments.

…World Vision In Progress Foundation (WVIP), bearing Registration Number (kept private for security reasons) is working to help the persecuted Christian community in Pakistan. WVIP’s basic focus is to protest peacefully against the discriminatory laws such as Blasphemy Laws and Sharia Laws.

It should be noted that “World Vision in Progress” has no connection with the better-known organisation World Vision.

The director of WVIP is a man named Farrukh Harrison, and he contacted me privately a few months ago to confirm that he is working to protect Pakistani Christians – his correspondence included photos and a video in which Christians under his protection offered thanks to “Brother Walid” for providing support.

The petition followed other events in Italy; Agenzia Radicale has further details:

Domenica 22 gennaio lunedì 23, rispettivamente presso l’Università Urbaniana e presso la sala della Mercede alla Camera dei Deputati, promosso dall’Osservatorio del diritto italiano e internazionale e dal World Vision in Progress Foundation, si è tenuto il convegno “La persecuzione delle minorante cristiane un Pakistan“.

…La dr.ssa Adriana Bolchini – presidente nazionale dell”O.D.D.I.I. [Osservatorio del Diritto Italiano e Internazionale] assieme al sig. Farrukh Harrison, presidente nazionale della World Vision in Progress Foundation il dr. Paolo Valerio Mantellini – membro del consiglio direttivo dell’ODDII e il sig. 

…Erano presenti numerosi ospiti tra cui i deputati Souad Sbai e Antonio Mazzocchi e come il prof. Mobeen Shaihd di Pakistani cristiani in Italia, che si occupano della difesa dei cristiani perseguitati.

Sbai and Mazzocchi are with the centre-right PDL party;  Mazzocchi is founder and  president of an organisation called Cristiano Riformisti. Further reports can be found on the ODDII website (here and here).

These associations seem a world away from what Shoebat stands for, and I don’t just mean the well-known controversy around Shoebat’s past and activities. Shoebat has a history of excessive utterances: the Bible predicts a Muslim anti-Christ; Barack Obama is a Muslim terrorist working for al-Qaeda;  it’s a shame that there are more violent extremists so that “nukes” could be deployed against “the Muslim world”, and so on.