MPs Listen to Judith Reisman at SPUC “Sex Education as Sexual Sabotage” Meeting

Here’s one I missed from last month: from the website of SPUC (Society for the Protection of Unborn Children):

Westminster, 1 December 2011: Members of Parliament joined parents and experts today at Westminster to support a campaign against pornographic sex education programmes in schools.

Safe at School, a campaign of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC), organised a packed meeting entitled “Sex education as sexual sabotage”, co-hosted by the Working Party on the Sexualisation of Children under the Lords and Commons Family and Child Protection Group.

Although downplayed in the SPUC report, a number Muslims were also present; the Muslim Weekly has more:

Among them was Imam Shahid Raza Khan, Director of the Muslim College in London.

…Imam Said Raze Khan gave a short talk in which he emphasised the three basic concepts in Islam: family, spirituality and morality.

He also expressed his full support to SPUC for their “great noble moral campaign in order to protect our children in schools”.

The Chairman of the Conference, John Smeaton, who is the national director of SPUC, thanked Dr A. Majid Katme, spokesman of the Islamic Medical Association, for his work and activities in this campaign among the Muslims in Britain.

However, the star attraction appears to have been none other than Judith Reisman:

…During the meeting, Dr Judith Reisman took delegates back in time to explain why sex education in schools was so explicit.

She explained how sexology pioneer, Dr Alfred Kinsey, invented the myth in the 1940s that children were sexual at birth, a “presupposition which underpins material used in sex and relationships education (SRE) today”.

It is certainly amusing to consider Reisman addressing a meeting at which Muslims were present, given her contempt for the religion: in a column last year for WNDshe railed against how “Muslim women are objectively enslaved”, and against “that celebratory Arab mosque near Ground Zero.”

As for her anti-Kinsey obsession, I blogged on this in 2004. Reisman takes the view that Kinsey’s methodology was flawed and that his personal sexual predilections meant that his findings on sexual behaviour in the USA were distorted. That may be reasonable enough so far as it goes, but Reisman expands this into a conspiracy in which societal changes of which she disapproves are the result of ideology rather than macro-sociological processes: by highlighting diverse forms sexual behaviour, Kinsey had normalised deviancy, leading to the sexual revolution and the repeal of laws controlling sexual activity between consenting adults.

Naturally, this is all leading towards to the normalisation of  paedophilia – as Reisman recently explained in conversation with Matt Barber:

…the propaganda has been loud and strong to deny the fact, the aim of homosexual males and now increasingly females is not to have sex with other old guys and get married but to obtain sex with as many boys as possible. 

However, Kinsey’s research is not the only culprit here: when it comes to clerical paedophilia in the Catholic church, Reisman endorses the claims of a  certain Michael Calace, who has discerned “embedded Satanic and occultic imagery” in religious artwork which has supposedly been sexually exciting priests subliminally.

Miss Poppy Dixon has a nice profile of Reisman here. It’s worth noting that Reisman doesn’t want better research on human sexuality: according to a quote attributed to her in the New Yorker in 2004, “One doesn’t measure American sexual habits… That’s not a science.”

As for the various MPs at SPUC’s meeting:

MP for North-East Somerset, Jacob Rees-Mogg, said the meeting was “terrifically important. SPUC’s work is of overwhelming importance for our society”.

…Following the Conference, Jonathan Evans, MP for Cardiff North, and Andrea Leadsom, MP for South Northamptonshire, joined parents in delivering to the Department of Education a 47,000-signature petition to Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, calling for “sex DVDs” to be banned from the country’s primary schools.

Despite her prominence on the issues of abortion restriction and sex education reform, Nadine Dorries MP was not among those present – the SPUC has been critical of her efforts, and that’s likely to have scuppered any chance of even a limited alliance.

The SPUC meeting be seen as part of a strategy of broadening the organisation’s activism along more general Christian Right lines – at the start of this month it announced the launch of a “campaign against gay marriage”.

Meanwhile, Reisman’s trip to Europe took her to other places besides London; according to a recent article on WND:

On her recent trip to Rome, she presented her research to the Alliance of the Holy Family International, including Cardinal Raymond Burke, Cardinal Ricardo Vidal and other leaders of the organization.

A Vatican organizer of the events called Reisman’s work critical to the ministry of the Catholic Church.

Reisman also delivered presentations in Ireland, where she trained nurses and doctors about the true methodology of Kinsey.