Pamela Geller Announces Another “New Global Force”

From a  press release:

The human rights organizations Stop Islamization of America (SIOA) and Stop Islamisation of Europe (SIOE) are joining together to create a new global force determined to defend free societies globally: Stop Islamization of Nations (SION).

At the helm of SION as its founding President is the internationally renowned human rights activist and Executive Director of SIOA, Pamela Geller… Vice President is the acclaimed bestselling author and Islam expert, Robert Spencer.

The confirmed list of Board of Advisors for SION currently includes Dr. Ali Sina, the renowned ex-Muslim author and founder of; Dr. Wafa Sultan, the ex-Muslim human rights activist and author; the German pro-freedom activist Stefan Herre of Politically Incorrect; the Israeli author Dr. Mordechai Kedar; the Hindu human rights activist Babu Suseelan; and Anders Gravers of Stop Islamisation of Europe (SIOE). More prominent pro-freedom activists will be added to the Board shortly.

This is not the first time that Geller has announced a new umbrella organization for the various “Stop Islamization” groups: back in November 2010 she announced a “Global Freedom Initiative”* along much the same lines, promising

a huge conference in DC early next year, and will follow up with our teams in Europe, Asia, Latin America, China, and the Middle East in the Spring.

That never amounted to much, and a “transatlantic summit” was cancelled in July. This time, however, we’re assured that

A worldwide summit of SION freedom activists is currently being organized; location, date and other details will be announced in the coming weeks

In the meantime, SION apparently has a piece of paper containing a list of names:

…Immediate SION actions will include publicizing the names of politicians, academics, journalists, artists and their networks that promote the Islamization of Western policy and culture.

The press release also tries to grab journalistic attention with a stunt announcement:

…SION also offers diversity and sensitivity training to corporations and government agencies at the local, state and national levels. This diversity training is designed to help these entities understand the jihad threat in all its different manifestations, including Islamic supremacist cultural initiatives to assert Islamic law and practice in the American workplace. It helps them protect their business practices in the face of demands for special accommodation for Muslim employees.

Geller’s “Board of Advisors” consist of the usual characters: Ali Sina “exposes Islam as a totalitarian political movement in the guise of religion and a threat to human civilization”, while Wafa Sultan is the author of A God Who Hates: The Courageous Woman Who Inflamed the Muslim World Speaks Out Against the Evils of Radical Islam. I blogged on Stefan Herre here – he is a former sports teacher, and there was controversy in 2008 when his website took advertising from the Jewish Task Force (as reported in Der Speigel here). Kedar is an academic collaborator with Geller’s lawyer David Yerushalmi; I blogged on their “Sharia and Violence in American Mosques” article here.

Babu Suseelan, meanwhile, spoke at Geller’s 2010 anti-New York mosque protest, where he warned that “the purpose of the construction of an Islamic barracks in the heart of America is to train jihadis, perhaps violent as well as non-violent, for the next phase of the Islamic invasion of America.”

However, Muslims are the the top of a very long list in Suseelan’s mind; in a typically overheated rant elsewhere, he rails against

Radical Muslims, conversion mafia, missionary misfits, Marxist criminals, bogus secular leaders and the corrupt congress party…  Anarchists, Maoists, Naxals, vagabonds, miscreants, counterfeiters, and subversive groups… 

Suseelan explains that Christian missionaries “are devising various modern deceptive plans to convert unsuspecting and ignorant Hindus”, and he is critical of Christianity in principle:

Islam and Christianity are religions of the book with a specific God, messenger, strict rules, prescription to follow, organizational hierarchy and dogmatic belief system. These are closed, dogmatic and fundamentalist and closed belief systems, which divide people between believers and non-believers.

…Hindus need to counter the growing trend among pseudo secularists and phony liberals to promote the false ideology “all religions are the same”. What we need is an informed mind to rationally conclude that religions of the books and Hindu Dharma are not complementary.

There are also “Hindu traitors” to worry about:

The nature of present destructive behavior of Hindu traitors, anti Hindu stance of pseudo secular and corrupt Hindu political leaders may resemble the past. Looking at more and more evidence of policies and programs against our eternal, sacred Vedic Dharma helps us to adequately explain the uniformity of destructive political behavior of Hindu traitors.

…In contemporary politics, most of our pseudo secular Congress party and regional political party leaders are subservient to Christians, Muslims and their political actions retard Hindu advancement. Hindus in general are servile or otherwise lacking a sense of pride in Vedic Dharma or spiritual tradition.

Unsurprisingly, his advice for the 2009 election was “Vote for BJP for a positive future”.

*UPDATE: There is a “European Freedom Initiative” which acts as an umbrella group for the English Defence League and  other “Defence Leagues”. Although Geller supports the EDL (after temporarily withdrawing her endorsement in June), she is probably keen to ensure that her “Stop Islamization” groups and the “Defence Leagues” remain distinct.

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  1. there are always “traitors” in the fervid imaginations of these fanatics. Always.

  2. I’m sure there’s a psychologist, somewhere, who can explain these people.

  3. To read that someone believes Pam Geller to be a human rights activist turns my stomach.

  4. Ali SIna’s visceral bigotry against homosexuality will always be his undoing. I also do not know where he has decided to get the “Dr” attached to his name. In early 2006, he started promoting his totally unscientific bilge about homosexuality being a manufactured illness.

    As head of a web forum (FFI) he expressed autocratic arrogance, and used his own prejudices to attack people who gave their time for free, merely because he saw them as “liberal.”

    If Geller can get her knickers in a twist over the homophobic views of Martin Mawyer, I would like to see how she addresses these comments by SIna on his site:

    “Homosexuality is a disorder no different from zoophilia (bestiality), necrophilia (erotic attraction to corpses), coprophilia (sexual arousal associated with feces), urophilia (sexual arousal associated with urine), pedophilia, and a host of other paraphilias (sexual deviances).”

    This was posted by him on September 27, 2009, three years after he invented his “theory” that homosexuality was a learned disorder that could be cured by going to some bigoted loonytune Christian “ex-gay” therapy – such as the bollocks promoted by the I-can’t-believe-he’s-not-gay husband of Michelle Bachmann…..

    Until SIna admits he is no medical doctor, nor a psychiatrist, and is talking total bigoted shit about homosexuality, Geller and Spencer need to be confronted with their poor treatment of Martin Mawyer.

    At least Mawyer had his religion to justify his position on gay people. SIna has no excuse other than his own innate prejudices…..

  5. The way I see it,they are right that Islam is dangerous,it has a political twist to it that is wacko.

    Any intelligent person can see it.Geller is really for human rights,I admire her,she saved an ex-Muslim irl from probable murder for apostasy.

    Guys,did you know the KORAN says:

    In SURA 5:14 ALLAH curses CHRISTIANS till “the DAY of RESURRECTION”.

    If I SAID THAT about the BLACK/BROWN men and women of the world you would call me BIGOTED,EVIL,CRAZY

    In SURA 5:64 ALLAH curse JEWS “till the DAY of RESURRECTION”.

    If I said THAT ABOUT WOMEN you would take me court.

    Read all the details here:

    • Pam Geller created a firestorm of belief that a Muslim/Christian runaway was in danger. Never have any legitimate sources been able to confirm this. Her conflation of honor killing and death for apostasy do not stand in light of any rational understanding of Muslim law, cultural practice of the family’s country of origin or much of anything else.

      Meanwhile she was able to support the notion that meeting “ministers” online and going to live with them out of state in secret is a reasonable means of escaping family difficulties.

      Give the woman a big hand for making the life of human traffickers much simpler.


    “Jauhar,or the Mass Suicide of Hindu Women(1300-1600) to Avoid becoming the Sex-Slaves of Muslims”

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