Andrew Breitbart Targets Charles Johnson in Turner Diaries Smear

Shocking news: it appears that Andrew Breitbart continues to be dishonest. Charles Johnson writes:

At one of the blogs dedicated to relentlessly stalking and libeling LGF users and me, [LGF user] Frank discovered that one of the administrators, a vile creature who calls himself “Rodan” (real name: Rick Martinez), had posted a threatening video addressed to me — a video that openly praised Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, and promoted the ugly white supremacist novel “The Turner Diaries” with images of the Oklahoma City bombing.

… This is where it gets interesting, because Andrew Breitbart and his cohort Dana Loesch have been frequently linking to this stalker blog… when they want to attack me on Twitter.

…So, in a monumentally mendacious smear, [the stalker blog*] went to my custom Amazon store, used the form at the top left of the page to search for “turner diaries,” and promptly posted the search results page all over Twitter and their blogs, claiming that I was deliberately selling this book in my personal Amazon store.

Breitbart followed up with enthusiaism, writing on Twitter:

Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs is PROFITING from the racist Turner Diaries? How low can the freak go!?

This is an insult to the intelligence: Johnson’s Amazon store brings up any book which is available through Amazon – including Breitbart’s own literary endeavours. Also, Johnson has made it very clear that  he despises The Turner Diaries, so the implied suggestion that the book’s availability somehow reveals some sort of dark truth about him makes no sense.

Of course, this is just a minor incident in Breitbart’s stellar career as a smear-monger, although it’s worth noting as further evidence of why Breitbart is a ludicrous figure who ought to shunned by anyone who cares about honesty and decency in public life. Johnson seems to be a lightning rod for this kind of thing: I recently noted Robert Spencer’s claim that Johnson seeks to justify honour killings.

As is widely known, Breibart, Spencer, and Geller have a particular hatred for Johnson because he used to be a political ally. A few years ago, Little Green Footballs took the same sort of approach as can be found on Jihad Watch: the logo, I recall, was a terrified hippy jumping into the arms of a burka-clad woman at the sight of a green football, and the site hosted a good deal of crude anti-Muslim sentiment among the commentators. Johnson’s targets included the stupidity of Trutherism and elements on the anti-war left that were either pro-Islamist or complacent about the problem, but there was also much that I considered objectionable or unfair.

By his own account, Johnson “left … no, ran away from the right”, and he cites reasons such as the rise of the Christian right in the Republican Party and the willingness of elements of the “counter-jihad” crowd to work with unsavoury groups in Europe. While he sees “the right” as having become more excessive, it’s also apparent that he now has a greater respect for progressive discussion and activism.

Pamela Geller recently wrote to him on Twitter:

On your belly, rotten traitor. Everybody despises you – left and right 

This is an irrelevant jibe – Johnson is running a blog on his own terms, not seeking a position in a political movement. From what I’ve seen of his site over the past couple of years, he writes in good faith, linking to interesting stories and calling things as he sees them. I don’t always agree with his analyses, but he doesn’t pander and he doesn’t seek to distort or manipulate. Whether he ought to be more self-critical about what his blog used to be like is a matter for him (although some former targets may want to press the point), but the blog is today a useful resource. That’s really all that matters.

*Amended for clarity. As seen in the comment below, the author of the “stalker blog” is anxious that we should know that he (or she), rather than Breitbart, is the originator of the smear, which Breitbart has merely promoted and disseminated. Credit where credit is due, as they say. [UPDATE: The author of the first comment below has informed me that, despite giving the “stalker blog” as his url, he is not the author of it. Therefore the previous should read “a fan of the ‘stalker blog'[… etc]”.

UPDATE: The “stalker blog” in question has now shockingly revealed… that Johnson and I have been critical of each other in the past. Back in 2004 I wrote a blog entry about the excessive comments then on the LGF website, and my view that Johnson’s failure to rebuke their authors reflected badly on him. Johnson, noticing this in 2009 (around the time of this), complained on his own site that this was a “smear tactic”.

Naturally, I’m flattered that the past opinions of two bloggers about each other are apparently of sufficient interest to be deemed worth exhibiting several years later. However, I personally remain more concerned to highlight an egregious smear by a national media figure who is a serious player in a political movement.

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  1. Hi,

    I see you distort the distorted ramblings of Charles Johnson to fit your personal agenda.

    In your highlighted extract from the article at Little Green Footballs you selectively edited it to make it appear that “Andrew Breitbart and his cohort Dana Loesch “…. “they went to my custom Amazon store”

    Nope, wrong. The Boiler Room Crew at went to Charles’ Amazon store and screen capped the fact that Johnson sells the Turner Diaries.

    Full section..
    “”This is where it gets interesting, because Andrew Breitbart and his cohort Dana Loesch have been frequently linking to this stalker blog (despite its long history of genocide denial), when they want to attack me on Twitter. And Breitbart’s ego has been horribly stung recently by my revelations of the ugly hate speech posted all over the comments of his websites, and nearly every other right wing site.

    The geniuses at the stalker blog decided to counter-attack.

    Since LGF pointed out that they’re posting neo-Nazi videos praising The Turner Diaries, it became necessary for them to try to turn the tables and use The Turner Diaries against me.

    So, in a monumentally mendacious smear, they went to my custom Amazon store, used the form at the top left of the page to search for “turner diaries,” and promptly posted the search results page all over Twitter and their blogs, claiming that I was deliberately selling this book in my personal Amazon store.

    Here’s the screenshot they posted:””

    The geniuses at the stalker blog, not Breitbart did the screen cap.

    please correct your post to reflect the true facts as reported by Charles Johnson.
    Thank you.

    • I make snips for brevity and out of respect for copyright, not to “distort”. However, in this instance you have a point as to accuracy and I have amended the item as requested. Perhaps you can also amend your own entry to point out that Johnson’s store also has Breitbart’s books available, and to reflect on what that probably means.

      • “”Johnson’s store also has Breitbart’s books available, and to reflect on what that probably means.””

        Basically it means that Charles Johnson will do anything for money. :)

  2. Thank you for this post, Richard. I think it’s very telling that one of these idiot stalkers immediately showed up, demanding credit for the smear and apparently completely missing the sarcasm in my use of the word “geniuses.” This is probably the person who uses the name “Rodan,” and he has also tried to register at least 20 usernames at LGF.

    Lovely user icon he’s got, too.

    These people have been stalking me around the Internet for years. Sorry they’ve now put you on their radar too; you can expect lots of insanity to follow.

  3. My golly. Little Green Footballs was always a joke site for lefty leaning folks in years past. This is a Paul on the Road to Damascus conversion story.

    Interesting stuff, Mr. Johnson.

    • LGF always a joke site for lefties? Wow. All those lefties who thought Charles Johnson was a right wing putz and LGF a haven for other RWP’s will be amazed.

      You must have missed the part where Charles Johnson ran away from the loons on the Right, or rather you missed all the time preceding that.

      Is this just Right Wing Revisionism?

  4. Speaking of “crude anti-Muslim sentiment”, has Johnson ever explained why the pre-’08 comment archives are hidden? There’s cool stuff in there. Trust me.

    • Yep, here we go again.

      Nothing is “hidden.” If you have an LGF account you can see every single comment that’s ever been posted except the deleted ones.

      I’ve blocked unregistered access to prevent bots and crawlers from sucking up huge amounts of bandwidth by reading through old comment threads with thousands of comments, over and over.

      I know it may be hard for you to fathom this, “Ghost of St. Pancake,” but your obsessions are not a priority with me. Making my site run well is.

      • That is true. If you have an LFG account you can see the archives – right up until Charles Johnson spots you looking too much and blocks your account. If he really likes you he’ll post your personal information, too. He’s nice like that.
        Be sure you don’t comment on any sites he doesn’t approve of, he’ll ban you for that as well.

      • So…lemme guess…you blocked the wayback machine for the same reason?

    • They aren’t hidden. Try again.

  5. Slinky, apparently you do anything for money as well seeing how active you are in this thread. How much do your right wing overlords pay you to worry about what books are sold in somebody’s amazon store? Wow. The nation is crumbling because fools sit around worrying about nonsense and not working on ways to compromise.

    • Missed the joke did you, honey? I’ll bring you up to speed.
      Charles Johnson attacks former friends using 6 degrees/guilt-by-association tactics. Funny how he doesn’t like it when the same game’s played on him.

      • Didn’t read like a joke and guess what “honey”, people are allowed to grow.

        Wanna discuss an issue? Try not to be condescending mmmkay dear?

  6. Yeah, expect a stalkfest. The losers can’t get over the fact that they were booted off LGF along with 5000 other commenters and are very hurt because Charles does not allow fascism on his blog anymore.

    And: Charles removing some of his old posts or altering them speaks to his credit. Nobody can rely on LGF to feed their hatred of Islam now.

    Stand tall, Charles.

    • Facism? No. Anti-semism and racism? Yes.

      • Yeah there’s a typo. Have at it. Talk amongst yourselves. ;)

      • Bull crap. Antisemitism and racism get squashed by both the posters and Charles. It gets beaten and removed as soon as the intent becomes clear.

        BTW, pretending, directly or throu

      • Is this when you start yapping about how many readers he’s lost and how his blog is going downhill and how few commenters he’s got and how irrelevant he is?

        Check the stats, you idiot. A steady 100,000+ readers every day and references to LGF all over the internet. Yeah, that’s what I call irrelevant…

      • Proof dahlink or you are just making stuff up.

      • “Check the stats, you idiot. A steady 100,000+ readers every day and references to LGF all over the internet. Yeah, that’s what I call irrelevant…”

        Exactly. Charles has grown and become open minded which makes him real. Reading the idiotic whining reinforces the fact that cons can’t handle truths.

      • @The Populist
        Pamela Geller – Jewish – Hated at LGF
        Robert Spencer – Jewish – Hated at LGF
        Andrew Breitbart – Jewish – Hated at LGF
        Aziz Poonawalla – Pro-Jihad Propagandist – Friend of CJ.

        See a pattern? Come over to Diary of Daedalus and we’ll politely show you many examples. Bartholemew doesn’t need the grief.

      • P.S. We all agree that Charles has grown.

      • I’ll check it out for fairness reasons but honestly I sense you are stretching your grief a bit. All those “media personalities” (note how I refuse to label them news or important people?) have one thing in common, a racist view of a whole group of people – muslims. Sorry man, if bashing a billion people as evil when only a small percentage are freaks is somehow not racist, then I give up.

        I need more examples of Charles hating jews (for the record, my father in law is jewish) than those people. Personally, Geller and Breitbart’s worldviews make me sick. No offense…I don’t live my life bashing people because of the color of their skin or the religion they ascribe to.

  7. BTW, pretending, directly or through implication, to be someone else is petty, adolescent and dishonest.

    • What do you expect from people dedicating their lives to finding a quote where Charles refers to Rachel Corrie as “St. Pancake”?

    • I got the idea from Killgore Trout @ LGF. Go back to making fun of Asians and Israel and updinging your racist friend OhCarp.

  8. I see the OCD inflicted stalkers have arrived. As a prefect example of the moral fiber of this crew all one has to do is look at “Gus_807” who is posting here. His name isn’t really Gus and he’s been using that name here and on Twitter. At first he used it to stalk and harass me on Twitter for a day before I blocked him.

    So there’s one example of the character of these scoundrels.

  9. Hey neato! This thread has a real tweet counter!

  10. […] Andrew Breitbart Targets Charles Johnson in Turner Diaries Smear ( […]

  11. hmm. i’m glad to see someone at least acknowledge johnson’s objectionable past. i can’t agree with the rest of your assessment of his worth going forward, however.

    the one sense in which he hasn’t changed is in his method, and this has yielded some embarrassing moments. for instance, when johnson was what he’d now describe as a “wingnut”, he ran a silly post in which he confused the colorado state flag for a flag he feverishly imagined was the u.s. flag redesigned to glorify president obama. more recently, after johnson had become what wingnut johnson would have described as a “moonbat”, he confused the tennesee state flag for a neo-nazi triskelion.

    johnson has even allowed breitbart, who johnson had relied on as a trusted source for far longer than he has relied on him as a foil, to embarrass him. during the brief gestation period of the anthony weiner scandal, charles made his site the clearing house for all sorts of bizarre conspiracy theories which assembled breitbart and supreme court justice clarence thomas with secret internet attack militias in a coordinated effort to make it appear as if rep. weiner had tweeted a picture of his junk to a young woman not his wife. this also pronounced an echo of “wingnut johnson”; johnson had floated conspiracy theories about shadowy partisans tampering with emails to make it appear as if rep. mark foley had been hitting on young congressional pages.

    when the weiner scandal finally broke the way it did, “moonbat johnson” flailed about for some redemption and landed on a meta-meta-story about whether breitbart leaked the ultimately incriminating full-frontal nude shot of rep. weiner accidentally or maliciously. johnson’s proof of the latter scenario was a photo which he was certain depicted breitbart’s laptop being passed around on the street in front of a restaurant. the “laptop” was actually the restaurant’s menu board. johnson also tried to invent a story about palin-supporters rushing en masse to wikipedia to re-write history to match something sarah palin had said about paul revere on the basis of a single user’s edit which stood for about 45 minutes.

    johnson’s only other “big” scoop from the post-wingnut era has been that the weird old john birch society had purchased the honor of being listed as a co-sponsor of last year’s cpac convention, an honor which consists of the opportunity to hang a vinyl banner from a folding table on a patch of all-weather carpet in a hotel reception hall. he then tried to contrast this association with the supposed banishment of the gay conservative group, gopac, despite that they too were co-sponsors of the convention and the convention organizers strongly defended their inclusion.

    the rest of moonbat johnson’s content falls into two categories: stuff you may as well read written in it’s original, more clearly-written form 45 minutes earlier at TPM or Media Matters, and collections of anonymous comments johnson has tediously cherry-picked from b-list blogs he used to point his readers to for the unspun truth.

    johnson’s reliance on the sophomoric method of indicting a blog by the content of it’s comments section is another example of the correspondence between wingnut johnson and moonbat johnson. when wingnut johnson was promoting the works of fjordman and the serbian genocide denier, serge trifkovic, and personally spewing racism about arabs, johnson was only apparently able to find hatespeech on progressive blogs. sometimes he found it there, but almost always in the comments. when progressive bloggers pointed to the hatespeech he hosted on his own blog, johnson actually possessed the huevos to dismiss scrutiny of a blog’s comments as unprincipled, cheap and anti-free speech, and attributed such comments to leftwing agent provocateurs he called “mobys”.

    moonbat charles floats a number of post facto rationalizations with regard to the color of his site’s commenting community when he was cultivating a movement based on hatred, bigotry and paranoia; this would be the community from which pamela gellar, fjordman and robert spencer arose. he will claim that he deleted and banned objectionable comments and commenters as they appeared. this is either not a fact, or an ugly testament to the sort of talk he regarded as not objectionable. it’s true that little of it survives today, but this is due not to a consistent effort contemporaneous of the comments being posted, but to a hasty mass-deletion he performed the day following his “why i left the right” post.

    and, of course, unless you’re a registered user in good standing (and who wishes to remain in good standing) you cannot access any comments at johnson’s site which predate the four days before the election which delivered president obama to office. upthread here charles makes a rather implausible claim regarding this, claiming that he has restricted public viewing of those comments to prevent automated web crawlers from slowing his site down. presumably he would have us believe that this he had similar reasons for blocking google and internet archive from capturing and preserving snapshots of his site.

    one might note, however, that he adopted these extreme measures not to hide the first million comments from automated scripts, nor the first two million comments, but seemed to only develop this concern about site-crawlers eating his bandwidth after he had laid out six million comments under thirty thousand articles for them to crawl. that is actually a slight misstatement, as johnson undertook these measures after some two million more comments had accumulated on his servers.

    an effective script that would alleviate the problem of spiders crawling though a site’s backlog would set an upper boundary for the range at n posts from the most recent. tellingly, johnson chose the specific date by which he had begun to reconcile himself to the presidency of a man who he had just a day before been describing as a secret muslim socialist with “shockingly racist anti-white views” who’s constituency was a “fifth column” of antisemites, islamic radicals and communists.

    his decision to block search spiders (the primary effect of which is to block search engines) came as it did only after it was discovered that he had been quietly deleting and editing old posts of his in which he had promoted paranoid hatespeech about president obama, the “epidemic” of muslim inbreeding and a conspiracy about a secret plan to corrupt the flight 93 memorial into an “islamic victory shrine”.

    this, from a guy who continues to make much of others’ revisions, deletions, absence from web archive services, and comments sections. you may think it’s good that he’s “left the right”, but what value is that when they guy can’t even be brought to acknowledge that he was rightwing to begin with? you may even think it’s good that he’s attempted to bury his past, but how can you trust his present when he’s so dishonest in his manner and motives?

    and, all things being equal, how can you ever respect a man in his late fifties who attributes responsibility for all the things he did in his mid-fifties to “bad influences”?

    • Wow, how many posting ids do you have? I can’t believe how fixated you are but, then again, anybody on the right seems to be fixated on anybody that has “pwned” them over and over the way Charles has.


    • Hey at least Charles does homework. All the rightie blogs I go to are nothing but froth based on a distorted observation.

      See, Charles makes me THINK. Whether I agree is up to me. For you people, it’s all about this idea that somebody is wronging you. Lying and pretending it’s the truth is no way to live life son.

    • @Jummy – Correction: Johnson mistook the Ohio State Flag as Obama’s creation. As for Tennessee, it took another lizard to convince him that it was not a neonazi flag.

      Johnson also defended his inflated “views counter” fraud until one of his own pointed out that one view showed up as 5-9 views on the LGF counter for every refresh.

      If you click on his front page, the view counter on all 20 posts on that page is increased even though you only look at one. He’s honest with his advertisers who don’t know that he offers a subscription to turn off their advertisements.

      Same with his self-made “retweet counter” that counts btly clicks, not tweets. He likes to customize.

    • oh jummy, you forgot the most hilarious part of Charles’ take on the Wiener episode:

    • ——>

      Very similar to the “triskele” symbol, ya know.

    • That kicked ass. That should be a post in and of itself, it lays it out there for anyone who is confused about what the husky blogger is and was and will always be: an opportunist, who jumped on the anti-Islamist bandwagon after 9/11, then jumped back off when Obama was elected because he thought the pendulum was going to swing the other way for the next decade: too bad it only reversed course less than 2 years later when the Donks got stomped in 2010 mid-terms. Now his ass is hanging in the wind, the right laughs at him, the left still distrusts and ridicules him, he’s the quintessential traitor, hated by both sides, a man without a country nor a coherent ideology. Right now he’s tearing himself to pieces trying to take the leftist line on all things, but also trying to avoid going full-anti-semite, and he’s failing. He might as well give in and start posting how much he hates Israel, at least he’d be consistent with himself in the present. As it is, he’s in conflict with old Charles, present Charles and the ghost of future Charles.

      A pony-tailed has-been musician reduced to selling cookbooks and calendars of his lame, blurry photography to finance his bike trips around LA and keep himself in cheetos. It would be sad if he wasn’t such a fucking asshole.

  12. As usual, when someone like Bartholomew links to LGF, the same obsessed people show up, spewing the same obsessive smears they’ve been posting all over the Internet for years.

    I’d like to thank you poor damaged people for acting out again, because you’re reinforcing the point of my article and Barth’s article. This is what stalking looks like.

  13. lulz!

    seriously: twelve minutes.

    • Okay Gus, sure thing. Must be nice to get paid by the right to post nonsense all day long. Wish I could get paid to do such things. Problem is, I am smart and not a whore so I wouldn’t be very good at pimping a viewpoint for money.

      • I don’t get paid to post, so you must have mistaken me for someone named 802. Besides that, nobody called you a whore because you’re doing it for free.

      • “”not a whore so I wouldn’t be very good at pimping a viewpoint for money.””
        Hey The Populist,

        Check out and count the advertisements and the pop ups then go to Johnson’s site, wait five minutes for everything to load then count his.

        Now tell us who is pimping a viewpoint for money.

        The Boiler Room Crew pimps for free.

      • We enjoy doing it for free. It’s been fun ever since General Hospital got cancelled.

      • Best comebacks you can find eh? The only whoring I see is this concept that Charles Johnson is a (insert your pathetic attempts at character assasination here).

        I don’t need to whore if that is what you are implying. See, I speak from facts and the heart. You seem to be proving that hatred and misinformation are the norm for the those who come after somebody they dislike for whatever reason.

  14. If anyone is interested I wonder if they can ask Charles Johnson about a comment he made on Mon, Sep 14, 2009 3:05:50pm.

    It is hidden from view

    Charles made this comment on his article here.

    “”Monday Afternoon Lounge
    Charles Johnson
    Private • Mon Sep 14, 2009 at 12:30 pm PDT • Views: 252
    Here’s a private open thread, restricted to registered LGF users””

    I wonder what Charles Johnson said in comment 852?

    • Suddenly Charles Johnson is no longer reading this thread.

      Be a man Charles and tell us what you wrote that day in comment 852 and 858.

      Not really expecting an answer…..

  15. I was wondering why, once again, Chuck a nd his 12 cult followers refuse to answer for previous comments, other than to cry “stalkerzz!”(this coming from a guy who tolerated two of his prime followers, Killgore Trout & Hoosier Hoops, to plant fake racist comments at sites).

    But, I do find it humorous that the same Chuck who used guilt by association and “you linked to a guy who linked to a guy who linked a site I disapprove of” gets all hisssy when something probably beyond his control (beyond his weight, his addiction to cheetos, and “reusing” Mountain Dew bottles) gets pointed out to him after thousands of cases of him doing it to others.

    Oh well. I guess that’s what happens when you take the blue pill, right, Chuck?

    • You are correct. This “smear” was enacted to point out the hypocrisy of Charles Johnson and fact he has used the “guilt by association” tactic to smear his opponents on both the left and the right over the years.

      He is an Amazon associate therefore he is associated with a company that sells the Turner Diaries for a profit, therefore he is guilty by association.

      quod erat demonstrandum

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  17. btw, your assertion in the above post that chuckie ran away from the GOP because of the “rise of evangelicals” is friggin’ ridiculous. Are you trying to say they are MORE important to the party now than back in the days of Jerry Falwell and the Moral Majority and Pat Robertson etc. etc.? That’s a joke. Evangelicals are pretty much an afterthought, nowadays. The Tea Party is the new sheriff in town, and most of them are not concerned with social issues and eschew the Moral Majority way of thinking, so that lie is just bullshit.

    The thinking is, it dawned on chuckie that he was never going to get any real respect on the right, after building a huge community and fostering bloggers who WERE getting invited on Fox and getting book deals and hired to actual jobs to write. He became bitter and started accusing them of the same stuff he’d been doing since 2001, the very stuff that had built up his blog.

    This was exacerbated by an unrequited crush he had on Pam Gellar and a politely rebuffed attempt by Johnson to hit on her (or actually just ask her out)- he over-reacted, probably in the fear she’d tell people and he’d be embarrassed, so now, if you want to talk stalker, check out the deluge of posts about Pam Gellar just in the past 12 months- the guy is clearly obsessed with her, still, and still bitter about her rejection of him.

    Seriously, I would give him until the election, and we may just see the end of Leftist Green Footballs. His sycophantic commenters burn up more bandwidth than any spider or search engine, but they don’t give back in sales commissions. Something has to give, as the number of visitors dwindles, but the empty comments still pile up. I would guess the site actually costs him money, and you can only afford a vanity site if it is not costing you anything, and I would guess chuckie’s server costs are substantial.

  18. […] Amazon can be purchased through his site’s personal store prompted the late Andrew Breitbart to claim that Johnson is “PROFITING from the racist Turner Diaries”; prior to that, scepticism […]

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