European Christian Political Activists Hold Conferences

From the website of the European Christian Political Movement:

On 23 June, the European Christian Political Movement organizes a conference on Liberty of Faith and Conscience.

…Speaking during the 23th of June will be Andrea Williams (Christian concern for our nation, UK), Ekaterina Smyslova (Lawyer, Russia)  and Roger Kiska (Alliance Defense Fund, Slovakia). 

Kiska, who is based in Bratislava, has represented the ADF on a number of issues in Europe, including highlighting religious persecution in Belarus; Williams (whose “Christian Concern” organisation works with Nadine Dorries MP) is also close to the ADF, as I’ve blogged here. Katya Smyslova, meanwhile, has just completed a term of service as Regional Representative of the Haggai Institute in Eurasia – this organisation promotes the evangelistic leadership philosophy of a certain John Edmund Haggai, described as “a visionary, a Christian world statesman, and an evangelist and a master of the pulpit”.

A follow-up piece has further details about the ECPM event:

Last Thursday, June 23, ECPM held a symposium on ‘Liberty of Faith and Conscience’ in the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest, together with the Ecumenical Prayer Group of the Romanian Parliament. Participants from all over Europe attended the lectures that addressed the theme from theological, social and political perspectives.

The symposium was opened with a session moderated by Gheorghe David MP, Secretary of the Senate.  The Rt. Rev. Ciprian Câmpineanul, Patriarchal Vicar Bishop of the Romanian Orthodox Church, opened the session with prayer.  The symposium was greeted by Teodor Baconschi, Minister of Foreign Affairs; Peeter Võsu, President of ECPM; HE, Mgr. Francisco Javier Lozano, Apostolic Nuncio to Romania and Moldova; Dr. Theol. Adrian Lemeni, Secretary of State for Religious Denominations; Mrs Prof. Ecaterina Andronescu MP; Leo van Doesburg; Prof. Cristian Sorin Dumitrescu, President of the Ecumenical Prayer Group.

As well as directing the ECPM, Võsu is International Secretary of the Estonian Christian Democratic Party and Chairman of Estonian Christian Television. He also has roles with YWAM and with the International Christian Embassy, Jerusalem. Moving on:

…Mrs Andrea Williams of Christian Concern for our Nation (UK) discussed how freedom of religion and conscious has been infringed on by the state in recent years for example by means of legislation regarding non-discrimination and hate-speech. Williams’ examples of cases in the UK, served as a clear warning of what to expect in other countries in the near future…

I expect Williams introduced the  ragbag of causes célèbres that inspired December’s I’m Not Ashamed leaflet, which I discussed here. According to Williams’ own account (headlined “Alerting Romanian Politicians“):

…Romanian MPs were present and delegates from across Europe. My presentation caused a stir. The Romanian Minister for Foreign Affairs and the Secretary of State for Religious Denomination, Minister of Culture and National Heritage spoke to me afterwards. They do not want this to happen in Romania. They have lived under the Ceausescu regime where freedoms were curtailed and conscience coerced.

Of course, Williams doesn’t have in mind here Ceausescu’s Decree No. 770, which prohibited abortion. Rather:

…The European Union seems to be trying to foist equalities legislation and a homosexual rights agenda onto many European Countries, especially Eastern European countries. 

As I noted in October, Williams has also made links with the Latvian “New Generation” church, which is known for its aggressive anti-gay activism.

Immediately following the ECPM event, Kiska travelled to Brussels for “the first EU wide pro-life, pro-family conference, hosted by Familiokratos Coalition (Family Power Coalition)”. Also in Brussels, as God Discussion notes, was “New Jersey Republican Christopher Smith, who is on his 16th term in the House of Representatives and serves as a senior member of the Foreign Affairs Committee.” The event was hosted by Spanish MEP Jaime Mayor Oreja.

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